6 videos you’ll want to show at church this Christmas

Katie Stock shares her favourite videos for your church to use this Christmas. 

With the availability of recording equipment and user friendly software, it is becoming increasingly easy for churches to produce their own videos and share them online. With such a wide selection there is no excuse for not using them in your Christmas services or at least sharing them on your church’s social media platforms. 

1. Christmas starts with a baby’s giggle (Christmas Starts with Christ)

A concise and creative away of sharing the crux of the Christmas message- two parents, one baby and a whole lot of love.


2. Four kinds of Christmas (Speak Life)

What kind of Christmas are you celebrating? A scrooge,  shopper, santa or stable? This video issues a hard hitting challenge while explaining the gift of the baby lying in the manager.


3. Nativity on the Overground (All Saint’s Peckham)

If you are looking something more edgy for your church service this is an ideal video. Accompanied by an indie-folk version of ‘In the bleak midwinter’, the traditional tale of the nativity is shown juxtaposed against the urban background of South-East London.


4. Loved this Christmas (

A remake of the 2015 John Lewis Christmas advert with a twist. A young girl searches for God but is he listening? Her prayers are answered as he sends the most perfect Christmas present.


5. Christmas according to kids (Southland Christian Church)

The natural humour of the children of Southland Christian Church describing the nativity story makes this an obvious video to show at your Christmas family service- Perhaps even providing the inspiration to make your own.


 6. He came down (Speak Life)

This emotionally charged video invites the viewer to consider the humanity of the baby Jesus.  Alongside a nativity scene, a mother describes how having a daughter with Down’s syndrome has affected her faith.

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