The Asbury revival is unique. It’s predominantly student led, there is no specific agenda or service, there’s just hungry hearts that still have not stopped worshipping, says Jessika Tate


The move of God occurring at Asbury is the fulfilment of many prophecies the Lord has released over the last few years.

We have heard that a new move of God was coming, we have heard that there would be a multi-generational revival, and we have heard that God had a unique destiny for Gen Z.

The continual statistics cited concerning Gen Z have to do with anxiety, depression, suicide, and yet Jesus’ has spoken a better word.

At Asbury we are witnessing the beginning of what God wants to do through this younger generation. In my conversations with one of the Asbury staff present in the chapel that day, he spoke of just a small amount of students who were unwilling to leave the presence of God and go to class.

These students are demonstrating what God will do when people are willing to set aside their schedules, adore him, and wait.

there have been moments of repentance, salvation, consecration, and radical generosity

Unlike many other revivals there was not a powerful service where manifestations and miracles occurred that sparked this move, there was not even one anointed minister or worship leader leading the charge. Instead there were about 20 college students who were hungry enough to stay when everyone else left. That is what catapulted Asbury on the map. 20 students who stayed.

The chaplain and dean of student ministries was my campus pastor when I was in university, and he said specifically about the first day that they just noticed something was special about the student’s hunger and God’s presence that day. In response the staff decided to let it keep going. As those students didn’t leave, neither did the presence of God. So then more students came and then more, and that more has sent out a call all over the world as people continue to arrive even a week later. It begs the question: What God might want to do in our own churches and schools if we would be willing to linger a little longer? Maybe Asbury is simply a prototype?

What is unique about Asbury is that it is predominantly student led, there is no specific agenda or service, there’s just hungry hearts that still have not stopped worshipping.

Soon after I heard about what was happening I jumped in the car with some friends and drove the three hours up to Asbury.

There was undoubtedly a strong presence of God in the room. What was interesting is God seemed to come in waves. There were moments that felt so holy that all I could do was cry and other moments that feel almost normal if it was not for the fact that there are hundreds of college students focused on worship and not their phones for hours on end.

Admittedly, you can tell that the worship is not professional or produced. This has been a point of criticism for some, but I think it is what makes it so beautiful. These are not trained revivalists, musicians, or ministers. They are simply hungry students who want to adore Jesus.

As this move continues, new stories are arising daily of students all over the world who are simply determined to worship until he comes. This generation is a Bartimaeus Generation that, “cries out all the more” (Mark 10:48) even when the world tells them to quiet down. The cry arising is one that says, “Don’t pass us by” and God is responding.

In the midst of this extended worship at Asbury there have been moments of repentance, salvation, consecration, and radical generosity. As people went up to give testimonies, the line wrapped around the sides of the chapel. Countless testimonies of the presence of God impacting their hearts to repent, to turn back to Jesus, and even many testimonies of healing.

There has been much criticism online about whether or not what is occurring at Asbury is revival. In response I would say, “does that even matter?” Instead of trying to explain it or criticise it, let us rejoice that this younger generation is paving the way for this new move of God. May we pray, support, encourage, and stay out of the way as he does beyond our wildest imagination