How your church can discern God’s voice together


Is it really possible for churches to reach a consensus on big decisions? Yes, says Peter Wilkinson. Writing from personal experience, Peter explains how every Christian can help discern the will of God for their congregation


Seeing ‘big G generosity’ changed my views on tithing


For many years, Wendy Pawsey ticked the box of ‘Christian giving’ through tithing. But seeing sacrificial generosity in action caused her to think again


How to hear God’s voice in your marriage


Iain Dunbar looks at the tricky subject of decision-making in marriage. Here’s how couples can get better at hearing God’s voice together


‘It’s bonkers’, ‘God is blowing my mind’: Is something special happening among Gen Z?


Despite the dire statistics around church attendance in the UK, stories of God working miracles are proliferating, especially among young people. Emma Fowle is joined by four ministry leaders to discuss what’s going on


Soul Survivors: The inside story of how Mike Pilavachi's abuse was uncovered


Megan Cornwell has spent the past twelve months investigating one of the most shocking scandals to hit the UK evangelical Church in recent years. Here she explains what her reporting for Premier Christianity’s critically acclaimed podcast series has uncovered


Your body is a temple. So should you join the war on Ultra Processed Food?


A lot of our food isn’t really food at all; it’s a mix of increasingly refined and manufactured substances designed to keep costs low and shelf-lives long. As a popular new book takes aim at the food industry, Martin Saunders considers how Christians should respond

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