Stuart Briscoe (1930-2022): Friend, mentor and inspiration


The renowned English pastor, author and preacher Stuart Briscoe has died at his home in Wisconsin, USA. Briscoe, who led the Telling the Truth ministry with his wife Jill, was 91. His sermons are broadcast all around the world, including on Premier Christian Radio in the UK. Keith Danby pays tribute to him


Christians are losing the culture war…but so is everyone else. What would Jesus do?


In everything from trans rights to the inclusion of gay people in our churches, people on both sides of the debate believe they’re losing the argument. Jamie Cutteridge explores why

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A toxic celebrity culture has infiltrated the Church. We must root it out

2022-07-29T15:05:00+01:00By , Author of Celebrities for Jesus

The emphasis on personas, platforms and profits is damaging the ordinary witness of faithful Christians, says Katelyn Beaty


The divine mind: Does this new theory of the brain point to a creator?

2022-07-29T14:10:00+01:00By , Theos

Books on neuroscience don’t usually become bestsellers, but Iain McGilchrist’s new theory of the brain is capturing the attention of both Christians and sceptics.

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Is complementarian theology abusive?


In the wake of abuse scandals and the #MeToo movement, Megan Cornwell asks: is it time for Christians to re-evaluate Church teaching on gender roles?


'I want to love God with all my mind, but as an autistic Christian, my brain works differently to yours'


After years of feeling she didn’t fit in, an adult diagnosis of autism helped Erin Burnett understand why her brain worked differently. Here, she shares practical ways Christians can reflect the love and acceptance of Jesus to the one in 100 autistic people in our pews

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