Why ‘A Christmas Carol’ is shot through with Gospel truth


At the heart of Dickens’ festive classic is a powerful redemption story. No wonder it’s one of the most adapted works of fiction ever written


What retracing Jesus’ desert trek taught me about the kindness of strangers

2021-11-26T16:05:00+00:00By , Travel writer

After Jesus’ birth came a dramatic journey through a hostile wilderness. As Dan Morrice follows in Christ’s footsteps he considers how the lessons Jesus learned in the Negev desert shaped the man he became

Mercy Ships

Exclusive preview: Inside the world’s largest civilian hospital ship


The Global Mercy will offer lifesaving surgery to some of the world’s poorest communities and state of the art training for underprivileged doctors. And it’s doing it in the name of Jesus


Finding the missing pieces of the Christmas puzzle


If you read the Christmas story in isolation, you will miss the beauty of the Bible’s bigger picture, says Jo Swinney


The surprise of Christmas


Into the darkness of Galilee a great light came. RT Kendall wonders if we could be on the cusp of our own revival this Christmas

tradition 02

Despite everything, Christmas endures. But don’t take this tradition for granted. Christians must live it out


The Christmas message of hope is more relevant today than ever, and the Church should not be afraid of proclaiming it, says Tim Stanley

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