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Pulled out of the rabbit hole: Meet the conspiracy theorists who are turning to Christ


Kate Orson speaks to the converts who are leaving the truther and new age movements behind

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Hope bringers: How Compassion is changing lives


God’s name has been co-opted by many movements and in many ways over the years, but when Compassion promises to release children from poverty in the name of Jesus, Megan Cornwell says she no longer has to take it on good faith. She has seen it with her own eyes, and she believes


The NHS can try and discipline me, but I’m going to carry on sharing my faith at work


Dr Richard Scott “overstepped the boundaries” by praying with a patient, according to a tribunal. It isn’t the first time the Christian GP has faced censure, yet he is determined to continue sharing his faith at work. He explains why 


Bored with your small group? Here’s how to make it brilliant


Whether you’re a super fan or a sceptic, small groups are essential for your spiritual growth. Here’s how you can get the most out of them


How to root out narcissism from our churches


The catastrophic impact of leaders falling from grace is damaging the Church. But this isn’t just about sex scandals. In order to understand the problem we need to go much deeper


The once-supreme Marvel franchise is in trouble. Could it be a metaphor for the Church?


The Marvel Cinematic Universe is struggling to attract audiences. But what does that have to do with Christianity? More than you might think, explains Martin Saunders 

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