Fed up of bad news? Be inspired by the difference God is making to people’s lives today, in these top 10 testimonies from Premier Christianity  magazine

1. ‘After years of transitioning I finally found my identity in Jesus’


Oli London spent thousands of pounds on surgery to change his appearance, ethnicity and gender. Nothing filled the void. Now, he says, discovering Christianity has pulled him back from a lifetime of unhappiness. 

2. ‘I went to Mallorca to party. But then I met Jesus’

IMG-20230201-WA0021 copy

Jonas Ris was 17 years old when his life was radically changed through an encounter with the gospel in a very unexpected location

3. ‘I was dabbling in paganism and taking cocaine. But then God called my name and I’ve never been the same’

Joanna Hargreaves 01

A series of miraculous interventions while at university saw Jo Hargreaves turn her back on paganism and drug taking. At the same time, hundreds of miles away, God was working in her family

4. From a life of crime to street evangelism


Nigel Williams was put into care as a child and has been in 18 different prisons. But meeting Christ set him free from his addictions and self-harm, and now he loves to share the good news with everyone he meets

5. From the worst slum to glorious salvation

20200212_Richmond Wandera_DRobson_HiRes-1

Through the generosity of a teenager thousands of miles away, Dr Richmond Wandera was lifted out of extreme poverty. He’s now a church leader committed to leading his fellow Ugandans away from the prosperity gospel and toward biblical truth

6. ‘I was a staunch atheist but reading medieval theology led me to Christ’


Charlotte Gauthier wanted to save people from believing in God. Encountering the beauty of an ancient church building unexpectedly stopped her in her tracks 

7. The delivery driver: ‘I carry Jesus’ presence to every doorstep’

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Every month we bring you uplifting stories of Christians at work in our ‘Thank God it’s Monday’ series. Delivery driver Azeem Khokhar says he’s prayed for over 50 customers and is aware he carries the presence of God into every encounter. 

8. ‘My art is a miracle - it’s inspired by the Holy Spirit’


Maxmillian Ciccone has been widely lauded for his unique style. But having had no formal training, the Italian artist insists his talent and anointing comes from the Holy Spirit. A new renaissance is coming, he says 

9. ‘A near-death experience led me to Jesus


After overdosing on cocaine, Michelle Steele’s heart stopped, and she experienced a terrifying vision of hell

10. I was indoctrinated to despise Christians. Then I became one


How did two children raised as atheist communists in 1960s America, become Christians – thousands of miles apart – and rekindle their friendship decades later? Sy Garte shares his remarkable story