• Little Richard

    I am Everything: Little Richard was full of contradictions. But he wanted to be remembered as a child of God


    Credited with being the original father of rock and roll, Little Richard careened between religion, sex, drugs and music. Derek Walker reviews I Am Everything, the documentary which charts his complicated life and sexuality

  • Book-cover-04

    Unconventional - Sharon Dickens


    When Sharon Dickens was asked to set up a women’s ministry in her church in Glasgow, she looked for resources to help her. She found many that outlined good theological foundations, but nothing practical. After a decade of trial, error, growth and setbacks, she wrote the resource she wished she ...

  • Book-cover-05

    Talking about death: a pastoral guide by Sue Walker


    Despite the title, this is not just a book for those in pastoral ministry. All of us have to face tough questions about death, and this offering from hospice chaplain Sue Walker will help.

  • Book-cover-02

    On getting out of bed - Alan Noble


    Suffering is normal. Many of us will experience some form of mental health struggle during our lives. Depending on your own unique situation, medicine, counsellors and/or friends may help. However, when it comes to deciding to get out of bed each morning, no one else can make that choice for ...

  • Book-cover-01

    Forgive - Timothy Keller


    The latest book from prolific teacher and pastor Timothy Keller, Forgive is as good a book on the topic of forgiveness as you could hope to find.

  • _CMA0483-Edit

    CalledOut Music: My top 8 songs


    MOBO award-winning Samuel Nwachukwu, who performs under the pseudonym CalledOut Music, shares the songs on his playlist

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