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    Downtime: Our Christmassy recommendations


    What the Premier Christianity team are enjoying this month

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    Amazing grace - James Walvin


    There are many books on the story of the perennially favourite hymn, ‘Amazing grace’, but few are as wide-ranging as this one.

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    I am asking in the name of God - Pope Francis


    This is Pope Francis’ manifesto for divine transformation in a world that he suggests is in crisis. The tone is like that of a devoted but concerned father, passing on some of the wisdom and insights he has gathered over a long life, well lived.

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    The end of woman - Carrie Gress


    Until recently, only a few lone voices dared question whether feminism was really good for women, or society as a whole. That has changed. Unfortunately, some of the new critics are deeply misogynistic and unpleasant, such as much-discussed influencer Andrew Tate.

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    The blind seer and the gift of love - Roger Haydon Mitchell


    How often do you think about the Roman Empire? According to TikTok, if you’re a man, it’s anything from twice a week to several times a day. Whether or not there’s anything in that claim, this book makes twice a week look like rookie numbers.

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    Hopeward - Dai Hankey


    Cardiff-based pastor Dai Hankey has written a lovely little book for Christians who aren’t giving up, but are weary. The author, a former skateboarder and DJ, points us to a longer, slower, deeper faith; or as he puts it in relation to Jesus: “his invitation to the weary is to ...

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