Caroline Newbold

Caroline Newbold

Caroline Newbold is associate minister at St Stephen’s Church, Ealing

  • Book-cover-june1

    Field Notes for the Wilderness - Sarah Bessey


    Disappointed with the Church? With God? With ourselves? Many Christians find themselves in a wilderness place at some point in their lives. Sarah Bessey’s Field Notes for the Wilderness examines the reasons why this might be so, and offers suggestions for navigating a way through what can be a profoundly ...

  • Book-cover-04

    Transforming Love - Amy Boucher Pye


    Martha and Mary are often used to represent action or contemplation, while their brother, Lazarus, appears in one of Jesus’ most spectacular miracles. But by reducing the family to stereotypes, we miss so much argues Amy Boucher Pye in Transforming Love, which sees her bring a new richness to commentary ...

  • Feb22-Review-3x2-PursuitGod

    AW Tozer’s Christian classic has had a makeover


    The Pursuit of God is now packaged as a ‘31 day experience’. Will the new look succeed in attracting a new generation to this Christian classic? Our reviewer has been taking a look

  • Jesus the troublemaker

    Jesus The Troublemaker - Rev Andy Roland


    Novel, textbook, journal and devotional – Andy Roland’s ‘exercise in historical imagination’ is hard to categorise.

  • Journey to Freedom 32

    Journey to Freedom - Sergei Ovsiannikov


    Sergei Ovsiannikov was imprisoned in Soviet Russia as young soldier and, alone in a cell, had to face fear head-on. When all other supports were stripped away, he had an encounter with a God he knew nothing of. Inspired by his experience, this book contains a series of reflections on ...