Evangelism is for everyone, not just the professionals

2022-01-21T11:37:00+00:00By , London City Mission

After his atheist Dad was miraculously saved, Efrem Buckle was convinced that anyone could be. Cutting his teeth in Peckham pubs, he now helps lead London City Mission – and they’re on a mission to equip us all


Christians are ready to ditch online events in favour of face-to-face gatherings

2022-01-21T10:50:00+00:00By , Christian Conferences Trust

With Christian Conference Trust reporting they’re on track for a record-breaking 2022, it seems many Christians are ready to stop holding online events, and instead return to in person conferences


I strongly disagree with the Christians who are refusing to sell their house to a gay couple


Christians, we are not called to judge the world, but to love it, says Annie Carter


This Christian tweeted a Bible verse. Now they’re on trial for ‘hate speech’

2022-01-20T14:35:00+00:00By , ADF International

The Finnish politician Päivi Räsänen is facing a criminal trial and could be imprisoned after she voiced her Christian beliefs about marriage and sexuality

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Feb 22


5 better sermon illustrations than spitting in someone’s face

2022-01-20T09:42:00+00:00By , Preacher and comedian (Promedian)

US pastor Mike Todd has apologised after he received backlash for rubbing saliva in his brother’s eyes during a sermon. The preacher was trying to make the story of Christ healing a blind man "come alive”, but Andy Kind says there are better ways of getting your point across


Afghanistan is the deadliest place in the world to follow Jesus. Why is the media silent?

2022-01-20T09:15:00+00:00By , Open Doors

Since the creation of the World Watch List 30 years ago, North Korea has consistently topped the charts as the most dangerous country to be a Christian. But now it’s been overtaken by Afghanistan. And that is having repercussions around the globe, says Ben Cohen


10 brilliant things Bono has said about God


The name U2 makes me cringe, and so does my voice. That's according to the band's frontman, Bono, who made the surprising admission to the Awards Chatter podcast this week. Opinions may be mixed on U2's music, but Bono has always been upfront about his faith in Jesus. Here are some of our favourite Bono quotes


Christians should care about politics. Here are 4 ways you can make a difference


Be willing to get your hands dirty and your heart broken, says Tim Farron MP


Wrestling with biblical teaching on gender inspired my award-winning photograph

2022-01-19T09:27:00+00:00By , Artist

‘Wonder Boy’ has just been nominated for the prestigious Portrait of Britain award.


What your church can learn from Wetherspoons


How the popular pub chain will inspire your church to better reach your community  


Loneliness is worse than ever. It’s time for Christians to build ageless friendships

2022-01-17T11:19:00+00:00By , Pilgrims' Friend Society

People who go to Church can feel just as isolated as those who don’t.But intergenerational relationships can help, says Alexandra Davis


If you're upset by Partygate, it's Christian outrage you're feeling


The most extraordinary thing about the hypocrisy of Boris Johnson is the fact we find it extraordinary, says Glen Scrivener. And it’s all because of Jesus


Christians cannot stand for the erosion of truth. Boris Johnson will have to go

2022-01-13T16:09:00+00:00By , Evangelical Alliance

Boris Johnson’s apology was “half-hearted” says the Evangelical Alliance’s head of advocacy.

DTI21 [Grant Ritchie]—8

Summer festivals can be life changing. Now is the time to book in

2022-01-13T11:00:00+00:00By ,

Will 2022 be the year of the resurgence of Christian festivals? With some people questioning the safety - and value - of large events, a youth leader and festival organiser give their view


India is cracking down on Christian charities just when they are needed most

2022-01-12T13:34:00+00:00By , Archbishop of the Good Shepherd Church of India

Mother Teresa’s Missionaries of Charity have had their licence renewed thanks to international pressure. But many more are still in limbo


2022 tech trends: what Christians need to know


From the growing influence of tech giants to our over-reliance on an always-on world wide web of entertainment, information and consumer options


No matter what Colston has done, Christians must not support criminal damage


The case of the Colston Four was a political victory that undermines democracy, says Calvin Robinson. Tthe Church should be opposing violent behaviour 


8 ways to improve your preaching in 2022


Baptist preacher Jonathan Edwards shares some top tips


Djokovic and Macron: What would Paul say about the vaccination divide?


Novak Djokovic faces deportation from Australia and President Macron vows clam down on the unvaccinated. But how should Christians respond?


Colston Four: Why Christians should celebrate the 'not guilty' verdict


The statue topplers were right – and now they are free, says Jonty Langley


Sins as old as time: one year on from the Capitol riots


Protestors remade God in their own image, says Ryan Diaz. But we all need to re-examine our allegiance to the Jesus of the Gospels

Gay Cake

Thank God there’s still a legal right to express belief in orthodox, Christian teaching in the UK


The ‘gay cake’ row is finally over, and a nurse sacked for wearing a cross has been vindicated. We should thank God for these victories, which should give Christians courage


Rejoice! Archbishop Welby has found his prophetic voice


In his ITV interview over the Christmas period, Justin Welby spoke with a prophetic voice, writes George Pitcher. And, in doing so, he found his moral authority


Exorcisms are on the rise. Here’s what happens during one


More and more people are seeking exorcisms. But what exactly does the ministry of deliverance entail? Matthew Arnold explains


Why your church leader needs support and encouragement, not criticism


Record numbers of church leaders are considering quitting. When we’re tempted to complain, here’s some things to try and avoid

Aleem Maqbool

Christians are too critical of the BBC. I think we should be praying for their new religion editor

2021-12-21T14:35:00+00:00By , Christians in Media

As the BBC appoints Aleem Maqbool to be its new religion editor, Steve Cox issues a rallying cry to the Church to tell the story of Christ’s transforming love well


‘We can’t protect you’ - Why Christians in India have been warned to cancel Christmas

2021-12-21T13:02:00+00:00By , Open Doors

Amid growing hostility and proposed changes to the law, police have warned Indian Christians that they cannot protect them against violent attacks


Does the Bible really claim that Mary was a virgin?


The virgin birth is one of Christianity’s wildest – and most disputed claims. But was it just a case of misinterpretation?


Is Christmas a pagan festival?


Is Jesus’ birth really the reason for the season? Or did early Christians simply steal a much older, pagan festival and parachute Christ in? Karen Murdarasi explains


The party is over, Boris. It isn’t just Christians who want integrity. The voters do too


Are the public are finally tiring of politician’s lies? It’s time for Christians to stand up for integrity and honesty in public life


Citizenship-stripping goes against God’s command to welcome those in need


Six million people could lose their British citizenship under new government proposals. But God tells us to welcome others

Climate action

Standing up for creation is a sacred sacrifice. My Christian friends came close to prison this week


Those in power want to clamp down on our right to peaceful protest. If it happens, it will seriously undermine our democratic freedoms

PJSmyth1 (1)

PJ Smyth is a victim of trauma. He deserves our support, not our condemnation

2021-12-16T11:17:00+00:00By , Author of Bleeding for Jesus

PJ Smyth has been forced to step down as the leader of a US church movement affiliated to Newfrontiers, after a report concluded he did not disclose important information about his father’s abuses. But Andrew Graystone, who wrote a book on the John Smyth case, says PJ was his father’s first and most damaged victim.


Feeling anxious about Christmas? Here's how you can slow down and regain control


The founder of Christian mental well-being charity Kintsugi Hope, Patrick Regan, explains how he's fighting against perfectionism, anxiety and stress this Christmas 


Natural disasters: can we still trust the sovereignty of God?


The tornados in Kentucky remind us that life is fragile. But we can still trust God, says RT Kendall 


Gracious in defeat: the Christian faith of Lewis Hamilton


The F1 superstar handled defeat with grace and perspective, says Tim Bechervaise. As Christians, we can all learn lessons from that


Carols need a Christmas miracle. Christians must fight to keep them alive


If carols and nativity plays die out, so does the story that goes with it. And we can’t let that happen


What Home Alone teaches us about the comfort of Christ


The comfort of Christ is the best Christmas gift. But it comes in unexpected ways, says Tim Farron


The government lies for power, but Christianity speaks truth to power


Government ministers are occupying positions that make no sense, such as claiming that they weren’t at a party that didn’t happen, says George Pitcher


What’s the problem with banning conversion therapy?

2021-12-07T23:29:00+00:00By , UK Director, Evangelical Alliance

Praying for a gay Christian teenager who says they do not want to engage in sexual activity, could become a crime if some definitions of conversion therapy are adopted by the government, says the Evangelical Alliance’s Peter Lynas


​I think Christians should have the jab. But it bothers me how governments are forcing their citizens into it

2021-12-07T19:47:00+00:00By , Affinity

Nations in Europe are establishing a dangerous precedent that allows governments to prosecute those who refuse to take certain medicines, says Graham Nicholls


Why ‘sorcery’ was the most searched-for Bible term in 2021

2021-12-06T16:46:00+00:00By , Head of Digital Theology at Premier

Online searches for “pharmakeia” in the Bible increased almost 200 per cent increase in 2021. But why? 


The Christian faith of Michael Bublé


Michael Bublé has invested in and publicly endorsed Christian app Glorify. But what do we know of his relationship with Jesus?


Don't be offended by the M&S 'pigmas' cards. Get on with proclaiming the good news instead

2021-12-03T17:04:00+00:00By , CARE

We shouldn’t be taken aback that Christ is being airbrished out of Christmas, says James Mildred. But the future of Christianity is God’s business


People who don’t believe in God are tithing. That’s good news for the gospel


Society is turning to religious practices to help them deal with the pressures of modern life. Christians should see this as a great opportunity


God hasn’t promised to save you from Omicron. There’s something far better on offer instead


Opinions on the new Covid variant may leave us feeling anxious, angry or just plain weary. But we must do all we can to keep loving our neighbour, says Tim Farron


I’m a gay Christian. Here’s why banning conversion therapy won’t protect LGBT people

2021-12-02T17:26:00+00:00By , Living Out

Changing the law will remove support for those who wish to live out the traditional Christian understanding of sexuality and marriage, says’ Andrew Bunt


Hoarding vaccines is not loving our neighbour. Christians must do more to ensure vaccine equity


Just seven per cent of the population of Africa have been vaccinated against Covid-19. The inaction of developed countries shows black lives do not matter, and will ultimately prevent us beating the virus, says Chine McDonald


A debt crisis is coming. But Christians Against Poverty is here to help you

2021-11-30T12:31:00+00:00By , Christians Against Poverty (CAP)

The number of households on low incomes in arrears has tripled since the pandemic began. But Christians are on the front line in helping families get back in the black


Why Christians should oppose a ‘gay conversion therapy’ ban

2021-11-29T10:45:00+00:00By , Christian Concern

Pastoral ministry is a private consensual conversation, but activists are seeking to criminalise it, says the chief executive of Christian Concern


Campaigners want to ban ‘non-affirming’ prayers for gay people. Here’s why that would be disastrous for Christian freedom

2021-11-26T11:10:00+00:00By , Christian Institute

If prayer is banned, the Christian Institute say they’ll take the Government to court. 

yes friends

Can fashion be sustainable, ethical and affordable? Oh yes, say these Christian entrepreneurs


Meet the Christians who are determined to prove that affordable fashion doesn’t have to cost the earth


Priti Patel is wrong. The Church must keep sharing the good news with refugees


The Home Office’s criticism of the Church welcoming refugees is racist and religiously illiterate, says Tim Farron


3 ways Harry Potter echoes the gospel


The first Harry Potter film has just turned 20 years old. But did you know one of the most important lines in the entire series is actually a quote from the Bible?