Who wants to live forever? Not Christians, says new research


Only 19 per cent of UK adults would want to be immortal, and far less Christians. That’s because, in Christ, we know we have something so much better waiting, says Dr Hannah Waite


The Christian faith of Kendrick Lamar


Rap superstar Kendrick Lamar closed Glastonbury with a controversial set that saw him wear a crown of thorns and protest against the loss of abortion rights in the US. But what should Christians make of him, and his faith? Tim Bechervaise explores


I’m a pro-life Christian, but here’s why I’m not rejoicing over Roe v Wade


Not all Christians are overjoyed at last week’s US Supreme Court ruling on abortion. Here’s why Megan Cornwell is still concerned


Society has devalued children’s lives. Overturning Roe v Wade starts to right that wrong


As the US Supreme Court returned the right to decide abortion policy to individual member states this weekend, there was celebration and protest across America in equal measure. But what does the ruling really mean, and should Christians welcome it? Lois McLatchie gives her view

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A church at Glastonbury? You’d better believe it!


Some Christians view Glastonbury as the antithesis of everything holy. On the contrary, this temporary city of half a million people reflects the joy of all God’s creation, as well being as a huge opportunity to show Christ’s love


No, Mr Graham, the Church should never tell anyone to stay in an abusive marriage


Before a vicar finally called out her husband’s abuse, Anita Grant spent years believing she was to submit and forgive. Following claims i that Franklin Graham pressured a Christian woman to stay with her violent husband, Grant says the Church must do better in supporting victims


‘I bear fruit and I share fruit; that’s just what we’re meant to do.’ Read Stormzy’s faith-filled speech to students


Stormzy has been awarded an honorary degree by the University of Exeter. In his acceptance speech, the rapper encouraged students to use their God-given talents to benefit  those around them. Here’s the full transcript

Trans (1)

Speaking up on sex and gender is terrifying, but as a Christian and a woman, I can no longer keep quiet


For too long, the Church has watched in silence as high-profile women standing up for sex-based rights have been subjected to vilification by a powerful trans lobby. The fear is real, says Emma Fowle, but we must speak up


There’s no separation between faith and politics


When ministers criticise Church leaders for being too political, they are fundamentally misunderstanding the nature of politics, says Tim Farron - and the Christian faith


Michael Gove might distinguish between the deserving and undeserving poor, but Jesus doesn’t


The Levelling Up secretary recently said the government can’t help everyone struggling with the cost of living crisis. Rev George Pitcher asks: why not?


Muslim film protesters have no right to not be offended


People are perfectly within their rights to peacefully protest, but bowing to threats creates a dangerous precedent that undermines the Christian values of freedom of thought and belief, says James Mildred


Creating places of sanctuary is a biblical concept. It's time for the Church to step up


This refugee week, Rev Dr Inderjit Bhogal says now is the time for the UK Church to be a prophetic voice in expressing extravagant hospitality in the face of increasing hostility towards refugees


As the future head of the Church of England, Prince Charles was right to speak out on Rwanda


Far from being contrary to his position, speaking out about Rwanda is the future king’s moral and religious imperative, says George Pitcher. And it would be a dereliction of his Christian duty not to do so


Does allowing same-sex marriage result in church decline? Here's what the numbers show


There are no growing church denominations in the UK that don’t hold a traditional view on sexuality and marriage, according to a new report. But is it that simple? Dr Ian Paul investigates


The schools bill: This state power grab threatens home education and should be resisted by all Christians

2022-06-16T15:39:00+01:00By , Christian Home Education Support Service (CHESS)

The freedom of parents to choose how their children are educated is under threat, says Ruth Barber

Dolly P

The Christian faith of Dolly Parton

2022-06-15T15:42:00+01:00By , Singer-songwriter

A Chicago church recently devised an entire preaching series around the life and lyrics of Dolly Parton. She may be the Queen of Country, but what about her own personal faith? Philippa Hanna explores


Sending refugees to Rwanda is a cynical, callous idea. The bishops are right to oppose it


The UK’s first asylum flight to Rwanda was cancelled after intervention by the European Court of Human Rights. With every Church of England bishop, Christian charities and even the Prince of Wales decrying the policy, it’s time the government listened, says Caroline Gregory


The uncomfortable truth about Christian involvement in the Capitol riots


As the committee investigating the 6 January 2021 attack holds public hearings to announce their findings, Jared Stacy says America needs to go beyond political investigation and look at the ungodly theology which motivated the riots


Bravo to the clever courtier who made Boris read Philippians


Boris Johnson was given self-condemnatory words from the most powerful book in the world, says George Pitcher, as he suggests some other verses for former prime ministers to examine


3 things to stop doing with the Bible


Are you guilty of any of these…?


Boris says he’s ‘a very, very bad kind of Christian’ but what of our other prime ministers?

2022-06-08T10:19:00+01:00By , Author of 'God in Number 10'

There’s a widespread assumption in our society that all politicians are essentially immoral. But having spent six years researching the personal faith of all of the UK’s 20th-century prime ministers, Mark Vickers says that’s far from true. Here’s his take on the faith of our leaders, including Boris Johnson 


50 Christians have been murdered during a church service. Nigeria is failing to defeat Islamic extremists

2022-06-07T19:45:00+01:00By , Open Doors

A massacre of 50 people at a Catholic church is the latest in a string of attacks on Christians in Nigeria. 


Our politics desperately needs Christlike leadership

2022-06-07T10:24:00+01:00By , CEO, CARE

Christians long for leaders who are people of integrity and godly character, says Ross Hendry as he urges us to pray for our politicians 


‘I’m not ashamed to say I lean on Jesus Christ. And neither is Her Majesty.’ Read Archbishop of York’s sermon in full

2022-06-06T11:21:00+01:00By , Archbishop of York

The Archbishop of York Stephen Cottrell used his sermon at St Paul’s Cathedral to invite listeners to put their faith in Jesus Christ. Here’s the full transcript of what he said 


The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee points to a life of service – and to Christ, the Servant king


As we prepare to celebrate 70 years since Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II ascended to the throne, Rev George Pitcher points out the parallels between the Defender of the Faith and the King of Kings


Learning from a lifetime of service: The Queen and Brother Andrew

2022-06-01T14:18:00+01:00By , Open Doors

It has been 70 years since The Queen said “yes” to a life of service. That same year, an unknown Dutchman did the same. Both Elizabeth II and Brother Andrew have a lot to teach us says Eddie Lyle

maxresdefault (15)

Homophobia is not the problem in the gay author case. Anti-Catholic bigotry is


The Archdiocese of Southwark’s decision to cancel a talk by gay author Simon James Green at John Fisher School in Purley, and its subsequent fallout has been one of the more unedifying news stories of recent weeks. The Archdiocese shouldn’t have cancelled the visit, says Sebastian Delfs, but neither are they guilty of homophobia 


The Platinum Jubliee is an evangelist’s dream

2022-05-31T10:00:00+01:00By , author of The Queen's Way

The Queen’s faith is an example to us all. Talking to others about it this weekend is a great opportunity for Christians to celebrate Elizabeth and glorify Christ, says Mark Greene


Elim is one of the fastest growing church movements in the UK. Here’s why

2022-05-31T09:01:00+01:00By , Elim

The vast majority of UK churches are declining, with Anglican, Catholic and Methodist churches facing extinction within the next 40 years. Elim’s Director of Ministry explains why they’re bucking the trend 


Using the Bible to sell guns is never OK


When the gun company who made the weapon used to kill 21 people in a Texas school uses scripture to advertise their weapons, it’s time for Christians to speak up, says Emma Fowle


Hollywood won’t stop taking the Lord’s name in vain. It’s time Christians made them listen


Blasphemy is so endemic that even sticking to ‘U’ rated movies won’t prevent Christians from stumbling across it. It may not seem a big deal to movie makers, but Charlie Gobel says Christians shouldn’t take it lightly


The vilification of Amber Heard makes it harder for victims of domestic abuse to speak out

2022-05-27T16:33:00+01:00By ,

Christian communities often have unspoken ideas about how a domestic violence victim should present. As the Depp vs Heard trial concludes, assumptions and judgements are being amplified over social media, and this poses a real issue for victims, says Bekah Legg


Internet algorithms are shaping your faith. Here’s what you need to know


We don’t stop being Christians when we log into the internet, says Nick Mance. What we do there matters


When are we going to do something? Why America needs Christians to stand up for gun law reform


The Uvalde school massacre is the second mass shooting in America in less than two weeks. It’s time Christians recognised that the Second Amendment is not inerrant, says Rev Peter Cook. The sensible regulation of weapons is urgently needed


Political landscapes change. Only Jesus has authority that lasts forever


Australia’s recent election results are a good reminder that whatever side we’re on, Christians must respect authority while working for the common good and demanding high standards from those in leadership


Forget growth strategies and church management, theology is the beating heart of the Christian faith


Far from being boring and irrelevant, theology is how the Church finds the words to describe the treasure it has been entrusted with, says Alister McGrath. Without it, Christianity collapses


I’m deeply offended by photos of Boris Johnson at lockdown parties – and here’s the surprising reason why


Jesus drank with sinners and outcasts. The image of our Prime Minister raising a glass at a Number 10 party during the pandemic reeks of self-entitlement and worldly power, says Rev George Pitcher


Two years on from George Floyd, it’s time for the Church to stop making excuses

2022-05-24T15:38:00+01:00By , Evangelical Alliance (One People Commission)

If we want to see the transgenerational trauma of slavery and racism properly healed, the call for reparative justice cannot be ignored says Rev Dr Israel Oluwole Olofinjana


‘We tried to tell you for years and years’: How the Southern Baptist Church woefully failed abuse survivors


For decades, sexual abuse in the largest US Protestant denomination, the Southern Baptist Convention, was covered up by church leaders. Survivors, many of whom were assaulted as children, were treated appallingly, says Rachael Denhollander, who has been working to hold SBC to account


Don’t judge Kanye’s Christian faith just because he won the Billboards


Should Kanye West really have won every Christian and Gospel category at this year’s Billboard Awards? That’s the wrong question to be asking, says Tom Read


Why peacemakers in the Holy Land are called to disturb the peace

2022-05-23T19:37:00+01:00By , CEO, International Community of the Holy Sepulchre (ICoHS)

A distruption of the status quo may be required in order to allow real peace to prevail, says Anita Delhass


Our politicians are failing us on obesity. The Bible shows us another way


Food policy and Christian ministry are indistinguishable, says Rev George Pitcher. That’s why addressing the fat of the land should exercise those who follow Christ’s teaching


Is Eurovision’s Sam Ryder a man of faith?


The ears of Christians picked up when Sam Ryder compared the atmosphere at Eurovision to being in church. Is Ryder a Christian himself? Derek Walker investigates


You are not what you earn


Responding to a controversial suggestion from a government minister about how families can tackle the cost of living crisis, Tim Farron reflects on what the Bible says about our true value


Sam Ryder said ‘joyful’ Eurovision felt like church. I know exactly what he means

2022-05-17T10:59:00+01:00By , Singer-songwriter

Sam Ryder has compared performing at Eurovision to being in church "because there was so much joy". Singer-songwriter Philippa Hanna says that’s because something inherently spiritual occurs when voices unite in song

Old Lady

How renewing your mind can reduce the risk of dementia


Good emotional and mental health can help prevent dementia. That’s good news for Christians, says Louise Morse, who have the Holy Spirit to help them take control of their thoughts. But the greater hope is that God promises to be with us always


What just happened in the Northern Ireland elections and what does it mean for peace?

2022-05-12T14:45:00+01:00By , Evangelical Alliance, Head of Northern Ireland

Last week, Sinn Féin become the first Republican party to emerge top at Stormont. But what exactly does that mean? 

smaller file, Rt Revd Dr Michael Ipgrave, Rabbi Dr Jonathan Romain, Rt Revd Dr Steven Croft

Why Christians should repent of past antisemitism


The Church of England has held a special service to apologise for passing anti-Jewish laws 800 years ago that resulted in the expulsion of Jews from England. But can Christians repent of historic acts they were not personally responsible for? Dr James Patrick gives his view


​Obstructing Ukrainian refugees is a cynical political manoeuvre and our government should know better


Boris Johnson and Priti Patel are commodifying refugees for personal political survival and it’s an abomination, says Rev George Pitcher


Church leaders aren't looking for special praise...but they deserve it!

2022-05-12T10:57:00+01:00By , Archbishop of York

Clergy became essential key workers during the pandemic, tirelessly serving their communities. Now it’s over, let’s not forget that they may need supporting too, says Most Rev Stephen Cottrell, Archbishop of York


Rowan Williams is wrong. Kirill should not be kicked out of the World Council of Churches


While the Russian Orthodox Church’s endorsement of the invasion of Ukraine is abhorrent, keeping communication open has a better chance of changing hearts and minds


I don't agree with all of Bethel's theology. But I'm happy to sing their worship songs


Bethel Church has come under heavy criticism from conservative Christians. Oliver Nicolson disagrees with much of the church's teaching, but he's happy to carry on singing Bethel's popular worship song. Here's why


Men’s events with monster trucks don’t promote toxic masculinity, they’re reaching blokes with the gospel

2022-05-09T10:57:00+01:00By , Christian Vision for Men (CVM)

A US conference has come under criticism for hosting monster trucks and rodeos alongside Christian speakers. For Carl Beech, organiser of a Christian men’s event in the UK, the complaints were not new. But for him, they simply don’t stack up


Nicola Sturgeon is right: abortion clinic buffer zones would breach human rights – and reduce choice

2022-05-06T15:20:00+01:00By , ADF

If something is being hindered by human rights laws, it’s usually an indicator that it’s wrong, says Lois McLatchie