The average age of Christians in the UK is going up. We must pass on the faith to younger people


According to the latest census results, Christians are getting older, with the average age now being 51. Where has it all gone wrong, asks Graham Nicholls, and what can we do about it?


Tyre Nichols’ death is a reminder that the fight against racism is not over


Reflecting on the death of Tyre Nichols at the hands of Black police officers, Natalie Zuze exhorts Christians everywhere to keep challenging the internalised anti-Blackness that allows such tragedies to occur


The forecast ahead of Synod is stormy. I pray we keep our eyes on Jesus

2023-02-03T10:53:00+00:00By , Bishop of Lancaster

Writing ahead of General Synod next week, where bishops’ proposals on blessing same-sex couples will be debated, Bishop Jill Duff says she’s praying for courage in the midst of a threatening storm 


Yes I’m a Christian. But I’m grieving the suicide attack on a Pakistani mosque

2023-02-02T09:50:00+00:00By , President, The Congress of Christian Leaders

The New Testament commands us to “mourn with those who mourn”, says religious freedom advocate Rev Johnnie Moore.

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From Madonna to Sam Smith – Why do pop stars suddenly think blasphemy is acceptable?


The cross provokes big emotions of every kind, so we shouldn’t be surprised when celebrities despise and desecrate it. But free speech is a two-way street, says Tony Wilson


200 children are missing in Britain. Where is the Christian outrage?


As the scandal of child asylum seekers disappearing from UK hotels continues to unfold, Tim Farron says Jesus doesn’t care where the missing children are from. He’s more bothered that we don’t seem to care


Tax is good and it's galling Zahawi didn’t pay it


Nadhim Zahawi’s “careless” failure to pay what he owes is yet another example of the double standards employed by those in power, says Sarah Edwards.


8 reasons why the CofE’s same-sex proposals won’t work


Sean Doherty is a same-sex attracted Christian who has been part of the Living in Love and Faith process since the beginning. He believes the CofE needs to take more time for proper discernment over the Church’s position on gay marriage


Can Chat GPT lead someone to Christ? We put the machine through its spiritual paces…


It’s the AI software everyone is talking about. It can write essays, impersonate famous people and even give you personalised poetry. But can Chat GPT offer any of its millions of users spiritual wisdom? Our editor put the machine to the test


Workers deserve a fair wage. Let's be praying for a just resolution to strike action


Whatever our views on the ongoing strikes that continue to disrupt our public services, Christians should be committed to praying for peace, justice and God’s wisdom, says Tim Farron


I escaped from North Korea. Here's why it's still the most dangerous place in the world to be a Christian


Three decades after charity Open Doors began monitoring Christian persecution around the world, North Korea is more dangerous than ever for followers of Jesus. Timothy Cho, who escaped the regime, explains why that is, and why we should still be hopeful for change


Bishops are departing from orthodox teaching. Evangelicals must stand firm and pray for the Church of England

2023-01-26T15:03:00+00:00By , CEO, Evangelical Alliance

In an open letter to fellow evangelicals, Gavin Calver issues a call to pray for the Church of England. Its leaders must reaffirm their commitment to traditional teaching on marriage, he says  

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‘Dear Justin…’ RT Kendall’s open letter to Archbishop of Canterbury on sexuality


Bible teacher RT Kendall explains why he believes the Church of England must urgently change course on last week’s decision to allow same-sex blessings


Rev Richard Coles admits he broke church rules on sex. Why won't the CofE uphold its own doctrine?

2023-01-26T12:41:00+00:00By , Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches (FIEC)

Rev Richard Coles has revealed he broke CofE rules in order to have his same-sex relationship blessed in a church. John Stevens says Coles’ actions were in direct defiance of the vows he took as a priest


Why a ban on conversion practices poses a threat to Christian freedoms

2023-01-25T08:19:00+00:00By , Evangelical Alliance

Last week, the government announced that forthcoming proposals on banning conversion therapy would now include gender identity as well as sexual orientation. Danny Webster unpicks the twists and turns along the journey so far, and explains his concerns for the Church


‘Only Jesus’: The Christian faith of Mykhaylo Mudryk


Mykhaylo Mudryk’s tattoos tell one very clear story. Chelsea’s latest signing is (literally) wearing his faith on his sleeve

Bishop Philip

Why should parishioners receive communion from female clergy when their bishop won’t?


There are still many unanswered questions in the appointment of the CofE’s first diocesan bishop who does not ordain women, says Martine Oborne. What message does it send to female clergy? And how can they be expected to flourish in an environment where institutionalised discrimination still exists?


‘We can’t bless what God curses’ and 4 other reasons why I’m opposing the CofE’s heretical same-sex blessings

2023-01-20T09:45:00+00:00By , Director, Church Society

Blessing same-sex relationships is a change in Church doctrine, says Rev Dr Lee Gatiss, no matter how hard bishops try to argue otherwise.


Whatever your views on gender and sexuality, Christians must listen to one another


Taking sides without properly listening to the arguments that don’t match our own may be the undoing of us, says George Pitcher. Stop your ears at your peril


Christians can support striking workers in good conscience


With new legislation on it’s way that would limit the rights of some workers to strike, Tony Wilson says Christians should oppose the government’s plans to crack down on industrial action

Bishop Jill Duff and Philip North

Why Bishop North’s appointment is good news

2023-01-17T12:55:00+00:00By , Bishop of Lancaster

The appointment of Rt Rev Philip North as Bishop of Blackburn was not universally welcomed last week, with some expressing concern that Bishop North doesn’t ordain female priests. But Rt Rev Jill Duff, who oversaw the consultation on his appointment, explains why, as a woman, she’s excited to work with him


The CofE’s £100m fund is a step in the right direction in making reparations for slavery

2023-01-13T13:35:00+00:00By , General Secretary, Churches Together in England

The Church of England has announced a £100m fund to compensate communities for the Church’s historical benefit from the transatlantic slave trade. It’s progress, says Mike Royal


Why the biblical story of Jacob and Esau offers hope for William and Harry


If we’re looking for hope of a royal reconciliation, it’s Jacob and Esau we must look to, not Cain and Abel, says George Pitcher


Demi Lovato’s album cover is offensive to Christians. I’m pleased the advert has been banned

2023-01-12T16:18:00+00:00By , Affinity

The singer’s blasphemy is a simply a symptom of society’s disregard for God, and the saviour he sent to give his life for ours, says Graham Nicholls

VR Church

4 tech trends that will impact your life and faith in 2023


Christians have nothing to fear and everything to gain from the latest tech, says Chris Goswami. He explores the four biggest trends and explains what they may mean for society and the Church in the year ahead


Prince Harry is hurting. Christians need to show compassion


Prince Harry has been vilified for his tell-all memoir, but Rev Canon Yvonne Richmond Tulloch says Christians should show compassion for a man processing unresolved grief


There are no spares in the Kingdom of God, just heirs


There is a special inheritance locked up in heaven that cannot fade, spoil or perish. It’s guaranteed for everyone who puts their faith in Jesus Christ, and it's far better than anything the royal family has to offer, says James Mildred


The 4 biggest issues facing the Church in 2023


Contested cultural moments can provide great opportunities for a Church that bears a message of good news, says Peter Lynas


5 ways to manage your mental health in 2023


2022 was a tough year for many, says Sharon Hastings. As a Christian who lives with schizoaffective disorder, here’s her top tips for managing mental health well this new year


Don’t focus on self-improvement this new year, just resolve to love God more


Whether looking back at fond Christmas memories, or forward to new year’s resolutions, Annette Clowes reminds us that focussing on Jesus will always bring out the best in us


Conflict within a family is hard for everyone – William and Harry are no exception


As the publication of Prince Harry’s tell-all memoir Spare continues to generate headlines, the Royal Family have thus far not spoken out. But behind the scenes, relationships must be strained. Emma Fowle offers some advice 


The true meaning of Epiphany is Christ’s call to give him everything


As Christmastide draws to an end, George Pitcher reminds us of the latent hope celebrated in the Christian festival of Epiphany, and challenges us all to bring something to the party


Pelé (1940-2022): ‘God gave me the gift of knowing how to play football’


Earlier this week, thousands of Brazilians lined the streets for the funeral of footballing legend, Pelé. His traditional Catholic send-off reflected a life of faith in God, if not a life lived perfectly, says Emma Fowle

Andrew Tate 1

Andrew Tate’s behaviour is abhorrent. But when I prayed for him, God did something surprising


When Tony Wilson first read about Andrew Tate in the newspaper, he thought he was a monster. But when he prayed about the situation, God broke his heart in surprising ways and challenged him about his own lifestyle


‘Father, into your hands we commend Pope Benedict’s spirit’ - Read Pope Francis’s funeral homily


Pope Francis paid tribute to the life and service of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI. Read the text in full here


11 ways to develop a healthy Bible reading habit in 2023


Are you yearning to make your Bible a priority this year? Here’s how you can succeed

Cliff Richard Bill Latham

Bill Latham (1938-2022): The gifted communicator who brought Cliff Richard to faith


Best known as Cliff Richard’s right hand man, Bill Latham was a phenomenal Christian communicator who brought many into God’s kingdom says Gill Snow


Most Christians don’t feel comfortable wearing a cross at work. That needs to change

2023-01-04T09:40:00+00:00By , Christian Concern

Despite Christianity being the largest religion in the UK, a recent study shows that many Christians still face discrimination in the workplace. It’s time for the Church to stand up, says Andrea Williams


More than a scholar, Pope Benedict XVI was a kind man who shaped my life

2022-12-31T18:22:00+00:00By , Archbishop of Westminster

Pope Benedict XVI has died at the age of 95. The leader of Catholics in England and Wales, Cardinal Vincent Nichols, pays tribute to him


What can Christians expect from King Charles’ first Christmas broadcast?

2022-12-20T12:42:00+00:00By , The Woolf Institute, Cambridge

Queen Elizabeth II clearly communicated her faith in her annual Christmas speech. But will King Charles? And will it give us any further insight into how he sees his role as Defender of the Faith?


Joseph's silent submission to Mary's God-given calling is real biblical manhood


Not a word in scripture is attributed to Jesus’ adoptive father. Yet in quietly caring for Mary despite the scandal that surrounded her pregnancy, he sets an example for men everywhere, says Michael Frost


Want more joy this Christmas? Follow Jesus example of service


At Christmas, we remember our Servant King, who gave up the status and privilege of heaven to take on human form. But Jesus also commands us to follow his example and serve others rather than ourselves, says Billy Hill


'It was God who made me play like this' - the Christian faith of Lionel Messi


In the days since Argentina lifted the World Cup trophy, much has been made of the spirit of Maradona guiding Messi to victory. But what of the Spirit of God, and his own personal faith? asks Tim Bechervaise


Simeon’s joy can be yours too this Christmas


When Simeon looked at the baby Jesus, he realised how significant his birth – and death – would be. It brought deep joy and peace to his heart, and it can to ours, too, says Bob Lepine


As another Christmas arrives, Hindu extremists are again targeting Indian Christians

2022-12-19T14:49:00+00:00By , Good Shepherd Church of India

World Vision India is just one of many charities to have its license to receive foreign funds suspended by the Hindu-led government. It’s another clear sign of Christian persecution, says Bishop Joseph D’Souza. What happened to peace on earth and goodwill to all people?


Are you a ‘Christmas-only Christian’? Here’s 4 ways to go deeper in your faith

2022-12-19T14:43:00+00:00By , , Eastern European Mission

Going to church once or twice a year can’t earn us our salvation. Nor will it give us the life of abundant joy that a relationship with Jesus can


In an absurd move, Brighton Uni is banning the word ‘Christmas’. It won’t stop me talking about Jesus


A university issuing guidance to avoid the word Christmas would have once provoked outrage in James Mildred. But nowadays, he’s learning to shrug his shoulders and focus on something far more important 


Only half of Christians think evangelism is important. We must equip one another to share the good news

2022-12-16T12:29:00+00:00By , Evangelical Alliance

According to a new survey, 43 per cent of UK Christians know nothing about Jesus’ Great Commission and only half think it is important to share their faith. That’s a huge missed opportunity for the Church, says Phil Knox


You should spend time with a persecuted pastor this Advent


Hannah Nation has worked with persecuted Chinese house church leaders on a new manifesto entitled Faithful Disobedience. Their moving stories are a reminder of the true meaning of Christmas, she says


Praising Jesus with 500,000 Nigerians blew me away

2022-12-16T10:41:00+00:00By , Worship leader

After witnessing half a million Christians dancing, celebrating and worshipping in Lagos, Nigeria, Tim Hughes says the worldwide body of Christ is more glorious, diverse and far reaching than we could ever dare comprehend


The Scottish conversion therapy ban would criminalise prayers and sermons. It must be dropped

2022-12-16T09:48:00+00:00By , The Christian Institute

The Scottish government’s proposed new law suggests that teaching the importance of marriage is akin to conversion therapy. It breaches multiple human rights and is simply not necessary, says Simon Calvert


Allowing same-sex marriage threatens to rob Christianity of its redemptive power

2022-12-16T09:34:00+00:00By , Trinity Church York

If Church of England bishops change course on same-sex relationships, they’ll be turning their back on Christ’s redemptive power, says Matthew Roberts

2022-12-14T153301Z_958536859_RC2R5Y9ZC1RC_RTRMADP_3_BRITAIN-CHANNEL-INCIDENT (2)

4 boys died in the frozen lake tragedy. 4 migrants died in the channel. Will Christians grieve all, or just some?


Christians must not let distance or disinterest prevent us from being the good Samaritan this Advent, says George Pitcher


The hymn says: ‘God rest ye merry gentlemen’ but what does that really mean?


Where the comma sits in ‘God rest ye merry gentleman’ has been debated by scholars for years. Bob Lepine explains why Christians should care