I was a Black child in care. Here’s why I’m passionate about fixing the system

2023-06-07T15:37:00+01:00By , Home for Good

Black children are more likely to end up in care, and less likely to be adopted. If we want to pursue God’s heart for justice, we need to address the racial inequalities that exist within our care system, says Simon Jay


Phillip Schofield: Sin, power and how to resist the urge to be a Pharisee


In the court of public opinion there is rarely room for forgiveness or redemption, observes Tim Farron MP


Christians shouldn’t be attacking Phillip Schofield. We should be praying for him

2023-06-06T20:51:00+01:00By , Christians in Media

Rather than joining the chorus of outrage, Christians should be counter cultural in showing love - even to those who have wandered far from God’s standards, says Steve Cox


3 biblical principles on freedom of speech

2023-06-01T09:02:00+01:00By , CARE

Transgender rights protesters were unsuccessful in their campaign to prevent Kathleen Stock from speaking at the Oxford Union this week. The Bible doesn’t specifically address the topic of freedom of speech, but it does provide Christians with these helpful principles, explains CARE’s Peter Ladd 

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10 tips on social media…brought to you by the Pope


The Vatican has released a dense 20-page document on how Christians should approach social media. Rev Peter Crumpler distils the highlights 

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‘Our first loyalty is to God’s purposes’ Why Quakers are protesting outside courts

2023-05-31T15:28:00+01:00By , Quakers in Britain

The right of juries to exercise their moral common sense is being eroded, says Paul Parker.


Enough of the culture wars. We need Christian peacemakers


The National Conservative Conference may have featured Christian voices, but it nevertheless stoked societal divisions, argues Savitri Hensman. She believes the Bible calls us to lay down our weapons and instead pursue peace 


If God answered Luton’s prayers, does that mean he loves them more than Coventry?

2023-05-30T08:50:00+01:00By , Christians in Sport

Much has been made of the winners this past weekend. But what would God say to the sportspeople nursing big losses? Jonny Reid gives his view


Here's what the Bible actually says about masculinity (it's different to what you've heard from some Christians)

2023-05-26T13:00:00+01:00By , Mentoring Advocacy Network

As mental health awareness month draws to a close, Lau Ciocan makes the case for why churches should lead the way in addressing the crisis in male suicide and toxic masculinity


Thousands of Christian teachers are at risk of losing their jobs for holding biblical views on trans

2023-05-26T12:43:00+01:00By , Association of Christian Teachers

For every one teacher such as Joshua Sutcliffe, there will be thousands of other Christian teachers who hold to the same biblical beliefs about gender and sexuality. And though they may not communicate these beliefs in precisely the same way, each of them, sooner or later, may have to make costly decisions, whether the repercussions are minor or major. That’s the view of Lizzie Harewood from the Association of Christian Teachers. What do you think? 


5 ways ordinary Christians can show extraordinary hospitality


Hospitality is not about our cooking or entertaining skills, but learning to welcome the people God has put in our lives, says Carolyn Lacey. Here’s her top five tips for not letting the call to care for others overwhelm or intimate us

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Braverman and Welby were caught speeding. So what?


Good law should protect most of the people, for most of the time, says George Pitcher. He won’t condemn the Archbishop of Canterbury or the Home Secretary for speeding, but he does expect them to face the consequences honourably


4 ways to tackle Church decline


If we do what we’ve always done, we’ll get what we’ve always got, says Rick Hill. It’s time to dream again, and let God reignite a vision for the evangelisation of the nation in each and every one of our hearts


I don’t care about Suella Braverman’s driving, but I do care about her politics


Getting upset about the Home Secretary’s speed awareness course is missing the point, says Jonty Langley. Christians should be more concerned about unjust systems and the policies that create them 


Cancel culture needs a new type of Christian apologetics


In our postmodern culture, lived experience and personal conviction trump evidence, reason and appeal to authority. Benjamin Chang suggests that instead of arguing and reasoning, Christians need to tell a better story 


Hatun Tash's evangelism to Muslims nearly cost her life. Are you too polite to face persecution?

2023-05-22T16:23:00+01:00By , Christian Concern

If we are never offending people, then it is highly unlikely that we are preaching the gospel, argues Tim Dieppe


Tim Keller (1950-2023): The evangelical statesman was a pastor first


Tim Keller had a soft spot for the UK, notes Krish Kandiah. The pastor, theologian and best-selling author exerted a worldwide influence while maintaining a humble spirit and modelling generosity towards those he disagreed with


NatCon is correct. Our nation will not last without humility and gratitude before God


Parts of the media has grossly misrepresented the aims of the National Conservative Conference, says Rhys Laverty. Having attending the event, Rhys believes it could result in conservatives putting God back into their politics


Why are hundreds of churches being destroyed in Manipur, India?

2023-05-19T12:08:00+01:00By , Open Doors

At least 64 Christians have been killed, thousands displaced and entire villages razed to the ground in Manipur. While reports from the region vary, Ben Cohen from Open Doors says the extent of the violence has dramatically increased in recent weeks. He unpacks the factors driving it 


God help conservatives – heaven knows we need it

2023-05-19T10:29:00+01:00By , ADF UK

Pro-life campaigner Lois McLatchie gave an impassioned defence of Christianity’s role in the conservative movement during a speech at the National Conservative Conference entitled ‘On Fighting Lost Causes’. Here it is in full  


This article won’t change your mind


Your mind is tricking you, making you blind to truth, explains Chris Goswami. But it is possible to think more clearly about God, theology and the Bible. Here's how


What is Ascension Day and why do Christians celebrate it?


The marking of Jesus’ ascent into heaven is a profound celebration of his triumph over death, says Rev Dr K Augustine Tanner-Ihm. Here’s why we celebrate it, and what it means for Christians of all denominations


Paul Burbridge (1953-2023): The theatre pioneer who enabled audiences to hear the gospel gladly

2023-05-16T14:02:00+01:00By , Riding Lights Theatre Company

The Riding Lights Theatre Group has become well known in the UK Church for their faith-influenced productions. Bridget Foreman pays tribute to the organisation's co-founder Paul Burbridge, who has died aged 69


So you've 'cast your cares upon God' but still feeling anxious? These 5 insights from psychology might help


As Mental Health Awareness Week begins, Sharon Hastings shares her top tips on how to combat anxiety 

Soul Survivor

Poor reporting on Soul Survivor is damaging for everyone - alleged victims included


Media coverage of Mike Pilavachi and Soul Survivor has lumped serious safeguarding allegations together with vague and nonsensical claims about the festival in general. It distracts from the allegations and does any potential victims no favours, says Tim Wyatt


Our society wants justice. But God’s justice doesn’t always seem fair


God’s justice isn’t the same as ours, explains George Pitcher

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Ant & Dec were among thousands who received a gospel tract at the coronation. I'm praying for them

2023-05-10T09:08:00+01:00By , 10ofthose

A quarter of a million gospel tracts were printed and distributed over the coronation weekend. Author Jonathan Carswell says although the campaign was a drop in the ocean, early reports suggest it may already be bearing fruit


Christians can learn from Queen Camilla’s refusal to fight back


Once described as “the most hated woman in Britain”, Camilla Rosemary Shand is now Queen. Chris Goswami argues that there is much Christians can learn from her quiet resolve to turn the other cheek


Justin Welby: ‘Jesus put aside all privilege. He gave his life for us’

2023-05-06T10:54:00+01:00By , Archbishop of Canterbury

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Most Rev Justin Welby used his coronation sermon to speak about the nature of service and invite those listening to “choose God’s way today”. Here’s his message in full


Charles will be hoping the coronation is free from these amusing mishaps


From sleeping monarchs to rancid anointing oil, past coronations have not always been straightforward. Ian Bradley looks back at a litany of errors


When leaders fail, it makes me want to leave the church. Here’s why I’m still clinging on


Recent years have seen a number of prominent evangelical leaders fall from their pedestals. Jacinta Read says although such revelations have made her want to walk away from the church, she’s choosing to stay in the hope of rebuilding on more solid foundations


Anyone can be anointed by God, not just King Charles


God’s anointing is not just for kings. The gift of the Holy Spirit means all believers are part of the royal priesthood, with all the authority that brings. Let’s use it well, says Andy Flannagan


Christians should only swear allegiance to Jesus. The coronation oath is not OK


In introducing an oath of allegiance into the coronation service, the Church of England has forced Christians – even those who support the monarchy – into a difficult position. We have only one King, says George Pitcher, and his name is Jesus


Ofsted’s problems are theological: here’s how to fix them


Nick Megoran has interviewed dozens of teachers and church leaders in order to understand how we can better manage and motivate people in the workplace. As the suicide of head teacher, Ruth Perry, continues to cast a spotlight on Ofsted inspections, Nick argues that our theology of success needs to change


The Green Man might be pagan. But for Christians, he’s still useful


Some Christians are concerned about the pagan overtones of the Green Man positioned at the foot of the King’s coronation invites, but let’s not be scornful of this symbol, it might just open up a fruitful evangelistic discussion, says Tony Wilson


A worship flashmob is happening this Pentecost. Here's how you can join in

2023-05-02T13:12:00+01:00By , National Day of Prayer and Worship

The convener of the National Day of Prayer UK, Jonathan Oloyede wants Christians to take to the streets at 3pm on Pentecost Sunday. Here's his vision in full 


Was the Bloom review worth waiting for? The jury’s out

2023-04-28T15:19:00+01:00By , Evangelical Alliance

Nearly four years in the making, the Bloom Review attempts to answer the question: “Does government ‘do’ God?” The answer is yes, but not always as well as it could, says Danny Webster. If they want to improve, they need to action the findings - and quickly


The Bloom report says faith has value - but Christians in the UK are more marginalised than ever

2023-04-28T12:49:00+01:00By , Chief Executive, Christian Concern

More than half of adults believe freedom of religion is under threat in the UK, according to the Bloom report. Valuing faith means accepting that holiness and adherence to scripture are not optional for Christians - even when it doesn’t fit with popular opinion


War in Sudan puts Christians in mortal danger. We must pray


Fierce fighting has rocked Sudan in recent weeks as two rival factions vie for control. Caroline Duffield explains what is happening inside the tenth most dangerous country in the world to be a Christian, and how we can pray for those still trapped there


Faith is a force for good. The government must engage better with it


A landmark review into faith engagement has found the government needs to recognise faith groups as a force for good. Much more must be done to improve religious literacy, as well as tackling harms such as extremism, says it’s author, Colin Bloom


The coronation should be a Christian event say one third of Brits

2023-04-27T10:31:00+01:00By , Bible Society

What do a funeral and a coronation tell us about Christian Britain? A lot, as it turns out, says Bible Society’s Mark Woods. He unpacks their latest research


The Archbishop’s report on families is a capitulation to our times


The CofE’s Love Matters departs from the traditional Christian view on marriage, and fails to examine the evidence for why it is still the most secure structure within which to raise children and protect long term relationships, says Harry Benson


Diane Abbott was wrong to claim a hierarchy for racism


In looking to the Bible’s example of humility, we can all learn something about empathising with others, rather than fighting our own causes, suggests George Pitcher

diane final

Don’t let Diane Abbott’s experience shut down the conversation on racism

2023-04-26T12:10:00+01:00By , Bishop of Croydon

Hackney MP Diane Abbott has been suspended from the Labour party for comments about racism. Rt Rev Dr Rosemarie Mallett, Bishop of Croydon, says we need to talk about how racism impacts different groups, even if Abbott’s words – for which she has since apologised – should have been wiser  


GAFCON has called on the CofE to repent over same-sex marriage – here’s what it means for the Church


Many Anglicans around the world say CofE proposals to bless gay relationships are at odds with the views of the global majority. As the rift in the Anglican Communion deepens, Gerald Bray explains what it’s all about


Forget the national emergency alert, Christians need to sound the alarm for God’s coming judgement


The government’s new emergency system is a reminder that Christians should be a clarion call for a lost world. There will be no second chances to escape judgement when Jesus returns, says John Stevens


Lord Sentamu tried to deliver this letter - before the Met police were called


This weekend, the former Archbishop of York tried to deliver an open letter to petrol giant Shell. But security staff at their London headquarters refused him entry and later police were called to intervene. Read the full text below

AI vicar 01

AI will probably preach the best sermon you’ve ever heard


Artificial Intelligence is here to stay, says Andy du Feu. The onus is on us, as Christians, to get to grips with the moral, ethical and spiritual implications. Here’s his top three tips for engaging in this brave new world


Raab was right to resign over bullying claims

2023-04-21T13:56:00+01:00By , CEO, CARE

Bullying occurs in the boardroom, the classroom and even in government, says Ross Hendry. As Christians, we should be thankful that the standards and values in public life, rooted so much in the Bible, have been upheld


Dr Charles Stanley (1932-2023): Faithful and true to the word of God

2023-04-21T13:09:00+01:00By , President, Billy Graham Evangelistic Association

The internationally renowned pastor Dr Charles Stanley has died at the age of 90. In a world where many try to be politically correct, Dr Stanley stood firm on the gospel, says Franklin Graham


7 lessons for the Church on the 30th anniversary of the Stephen Lawrence murder

2023-04-21T10:32:00+01:00By , Director of Justice and Inclusion, Churches Together

As Britain marks 30 years since the racist killing of Stephen Lawrence, Richard Reddie highlights seven key points in continuing the fight for racial justice in our Church and in society


Britain has become the defender of all faiths but one


As King Charles ascends the throne, one of the first laws he may rubber stamp is the new Public Order Bill. Lois Mclatchie asks: Could it signal the death of Christian Britain?


The Archbishop of Canterbury must repent for abandoning biblical truth on sex

2023-04-20T15:25:00+01:00By , Chair, Global Anglican Futures Conference (GAFCON)

In his opening address to the Global Anglican Futures Conference (GAFCON), Most Rev Foley Beach had stern words for the leader of the Church of England. Here’s his speech in full


King Charles has been given fragments of the True Cross. But are they real?


A new Cross of Wales incorporates a relic of the True Cross, a personal gift of Pope Francis to the King to mark the upcoming coronation. The relic is made up of two small wooden shards said to be taken from the cross on which Jesus was crucified. But is there any evidence to suggest these fragments are genuine? Chris Sinkinson investigates