Ayaan Hirsi Ali says she “chooses to believe” in Christianity. Is it that simple?


The former Muslim turned atheist says she “chooses to believe” the claims of Christianity. Tony Wilson agrees that reason often has a part to play in a journey towards faith. But it isn’t everything.


I’m a pro-life Christian. Who should I vote for?


Tim Lewis looks at what each of the parties believe about abortion, and suggests how Christians can best use their vote


Jürgen Moltmann (1926-2024): One of the most influential theologians of our times


The renowned German professor Jürgen Moltmann, who was praised for being both innovative and traditional, has died at the age of 98. The Principal of Moorlands College, Andy du Feu, considers his legacy 


The surprisingly spiritual benefits of Mosley’s 5:2 diet


Having lost weight and discovered the advantages of feeling hungry, George Pitcher is grateful to Dr Michael Mosley for popularising the ancient spiritual practice of fasting. Just don’t be smug about it, he says

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We’re halfway through the election campaign but matters of faith are still absent


In taking stock of the campaign thus far, the Evangelical Alliance’s Danny Webster says all parties need to work harder to engage Christian voters


Rishi Sunak wants to show ‘no mercy’. But I think we need more


Rishi Sunak wants mercy for himself, but justice for others. He’s just like the rest of us, observes Natalie Williams 


‘We’re seeing people come to know Jesus more easily than we were five years ago’


God is doing something new in the UK, says Pete Greig, founder of 24-7 Prayer. Young people are more open to faith. Public intellectuals are turning to Christ. Let’s be encouraged and keep praying for revival to come


Premier CEO Peter Kerridge (1961-2024): A radio pioneer, committed to Christ


Peter Kerridge transformed a small start-up radio station into one of the most significant Christian media networks in the world. He will be remembered as a visionary leader whose drive, commitment and innovation changed the landscape of Christian broadcasting


Democracy is a gift from God. We must fight to preserve it


In the recent Indian election, prime minister Narendra Modi won a third consecutive term, but lost his majority government. It is a blow to those who wish to enshrine Hindu beliefs into Indian law, but a victory for democracy, says Bishop Joseph D’Souza

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Has anyone made more money out of God’s name than Richard Dawkins?


In his recent conversation with atheist-turned-Christian, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Richard Dawkins said he was on “Team Christianity”. But Max Avard says he’s still got some way to go in understanding the full cost-benefit of following Jesus


Let down your (inter)nets! Sharing the gospel on social media is worth the risk


‘God’s Influencer’ Carlo Acutis, is tipped to become the first millennial saint. Rev Chris Lee reflects on visiting his shrine, and why sharing the gospel online is worth navigating the pitfalls

Regent Street pride flags

It’s time for Christians to push back against the new Progress Pride flags dominating our towns and cities


Christian Concern are vowing to take Westminster Council to court over planning rules surrounding their annual display of ‘Progress Pride’ flags on London’s Regent Street. Andrea Williams explains why


No, you cannot compare Trump’s conviction to Jesus’ crucifixion


When US author and speaker Eric Metaxas recently shared a post that compared Donald Trump’s guilty verdict to Christ’s, Christians around the world were rightly horrified. It is not OK, says Dr Krish Kandiah

2017-04-21T120000Z_1011546326_14782024_RTRMADP_3_RUGBY-CHALLENGECUP-LEEDS-DONCASTER (2)

Rob Burrow may not have been religious, but his story should inspire Christians


The former Leeds Rhinos rugby star, who has been battling Motor Neurone Disease for the last five years, has died. Mark Arnold pays tribute to a man whose passion to make a difference reflects Christ’s devotion to those with disabilities

Holy Spirit Board

Wait on God, not an Ouija board


There are no shortcuts to hearing God’s voice, says Kate Orson. Even if it is meant to be tongue-in-cheek, the Holy Spirit Board is playing a dangerous game


Pete Greig: ‘We need to pray for America – and the world’


Donald Trump has been found guilty of fraud, leaving American Christians potentially more divided than ever. In the middle of crises, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, says the founder of 24-7 Prayer. Here’s why we should press in when the going gets tough - and how to do it


Justice has taken too long for those affected by the blood scandal


St Botolph’s church is home to the national memorial for those who have died as a result of receiving infected blood products. Fr David Armstrong explains what the conclusion of the inquiry means to those who have been waiting so long for justice


Young people are more open to faith than you might think. Let’s not shy away from sharing Jesus


A new study suggests faith is shaping the lives of young people more than the generations that came before them. John Reynolds says these green shoots of hope should fill us with confidence as we share our Christian beliefs


Help! I am a Christian. Is it OK not to vote?


The issues that matter to Christians do not map neatly onto one political party, according to recent research by the Evangelical Alliance. Could not voting ever be the best option for believers? Dr Pat Finlow explores

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The same God who delivered Britain from the Nazis in 1940 is at work in our lives today


When British forces were trapped by German troops on the beaches of Dunkirk in 1940 the outlook was bleak. Surrounded and vulnerable it seemed our nation would soon succumb to Nazi force. But in an hour of extraordinary need, an event unfolded that demonstrated the eternal power of prayer, says Pam Rhodes


Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs can’t use God to mend his image


A video of the rapper previously known as Puff Daddy attacking his ex-girlfriend forced the star to own the actions he’d previously denied. But by playing the ‘God card’ Giles Gough says his apology lacked conviction


Bad Faith is a must-watch for all who care about the US Church


Evangelical Christians in America have twisted the Christian story to align with partisan causes, says Jared Stacey. While a documentary can shine a spotlight on this, the only real antidote is a fresh encounter with God


6 ways Christians can help asylum seekers in their church


How can churches practically assist those in their congregations who are threatened with removal to Rwanda? David and Debbie Hawker, who work with asylum seekers, share some practical points


How should I vote as a Christian?


Does the news of a general election fill you with excitement, fear or just a sense of general apathy or confusion? James Mildred explains why Christians should be hopeful and prayerful in engaging with politics. 

Pilavachi_news 1

4 reasons why there are so many abusive leaders in the Church


From Ravi Zacharias to Mark Driscoll to Mike Pilavachi it sometimes seems that there is a fresh scandal every few weeks when it comes to the Church. Bobby Conway explores why our cherished institutions seem to be riddled with abuse and misconduct – and how Christians can respond


Christians must worship Jesus not the Bible


Is the Bible the ultimate source of authority for Christians? Chris Goswami takes a look at how different denominations understand the role of scripture - and what we can agree on


New schools sex ed guidance is good news for Christians


The new draft  government guidance on relationships, sex and health education (RHSE) in schools has now been published. Julie Maxwell explains how it came about and what it contains - as well as how Christians can continue to hold schools to account

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What Pentecost taught me about my identity in Christ


As a Black British Pentecostal Christian, Joe Aldred has never been in doubt about the power of the Holy Spirit to transform us from the inside out. It’s what allows us to be more than conquerors, he says


Starmer is right to welcome Natalie Elphicke. It’s the Christian thing to do


The Christian call to welcome does not nullify the need for justice, says George Pitcher. Whether it’s MPs, entertainers or asylum seekers, the Church’s job is not to judge. That is a matter for the judiciary


The two most misused Bible verses on mental health


The Bible doesn’t forbid Christians from grieving. Neither does it teach that you should never feel anxious, argues Rachel Newham. This mental health awareness week, she takes a fresh look at the scriptures we most often misunderstand


Church of England cowardice is hindering our evangelism


The CofE hierarchy care too much about what plays well in the liberal media - and its damaging our gospel witness, says Andy Bannister 


Bambie Thug’s Eurovision song was drenched in darkness. Stop normalising the occult


‘Doomsday Blue’ was another example of a liberal backlash against the institutional church. That’s fair enough, says Tony Wilson. But the demonic imagery was a dangerous step too far, he says


5 ways to get your church moving


As Mental Health Awareness Week begins, Sharon Hastings says churches should consider how physical fitness can help boost our mental and spiritual wellbeing


Angela Kinsey flipped the script because of her faith. Good for her


Angela Kinsey challenged the writer of The Office over a line that she felt mocked her Christian beliefs. Writer/comedian Paul Kerensa remembers a similar sit(com)uation writing for a UK TV show


Christians can’t let history repeat itself when it comes to antisemitism


Complaints of antisemitic abuse among doctors have surged since October 7, with reports of some medics “celebrating Hamas attacks” according to The Times. Following Israel’s Holocaust Remembrance Day which took place earlier this week, Rev Tim Guttman says Christians must learn from history, and redouble their efforts to stand in solidarity with Jewish people 


Rowan Williams wants to ditch ‘bland’ hymns. Do we need to rediscover the ‘great classics’?


Lord Williams of Oystermouth says many of the hymns sung at weddings and funerals, including ‘All things bright and beautiful’, are comparable to “baby food”. But hymn scholar Dr Daniel Johnson says churches should be sharing the treasures of the hymn tradition with as much joy as possible


England is worst in the world for child alcohol consumption. The Church must wake up


Children in England are more likely to have drunk alcohol than those in any other country. Emma Heath says the news should be a wake up call to churches who are contributing to an unhealthy culture around alcohol 


We don’t need another evangelistic course. We need a better vision of the good news


The key to seeing our churches full again is Christians being gripped by the good news about the good news, says the Archbishop of Canterbury’s advisor on evangelism, Chris Russell 


'Scrapping the cap' on faith schools is good news for everyone, not just Catholics


New Catholic schools in England will no longer have to offer 50 per cent of their places to children of other faiths, according to a recent government announcement. James Somerville-Meikle says the news marks "a huge moment of excitement” for Catholics, and everyone who values parent choice


Allowing assisted suicide would be like opening the door to hell


Esther Rantzen’s petition to legalise assisted dying received more than 200,000 signatories, triggering a parliamentary debate. Christian Concern’s Andrea Williams is calling on politicians to protect the sanctity of life


How the religious right became climate sceptics


Evangelicals in the USA didn’t get their environmental scepticism from the Bible. It’s come from elsewhere, explains Neall Pogue


John MacArthur’s comments on mental health are pastorally disastrous


The evangelical preacher has told a conference that recognised medical conditions such as PTSD and OCD don’t exist. It’s a depressing example of pastors speaking with absolute authority on things they know little about, says Sophie Killingley

230216-St.Pauls-046 - Large

Why the Church is failing the poor


If the poor are blessed by God, it makes sense that his mission is to be among them. Yet Church policy is just not geared that way, says Rt Rev Rob Wickham. If we want to serve our estates and low income communities well, it is going to take a radical change


Hungry for revival? Here’s where to look


Some believe the UK is on the verge of a Christian revival, but don’t be fooled, says William Wade, a move of God will be found in the most unlikely of places

Screenshot 2024-04-30 132743

Is Russell Brand a Christian?


The controversial comedian’s baptism does not change his past or exempt him from facing the consequences of his previous actions, but God only knows the sincerity of his conversion. It is not for Christians to judge, says Krish Kandiah


Christian schools in Australia are under attack


Legislators are questioning the right of faith schools in Australia to recruit staff that hold orthodox Christian views. Stephen McAlpine explains why he believes this is an attack on religious freedom


Frank Field (1942-2024): The Christian politician who put ethics above party politics


The former Labour minister Frank Field, has died aged 81. He was as passionately committed to social justice as he was the Book of Common Prayer, says the Bishop of Whitby 


Angela Rayner’s ‘pint-sized loser’ jibe was unacceptable. Christians can show a better way


When you work in Westminster, you get used to the high drama of parliamentary debate. But this should never be confused with petty name-calling and rudeness, says Sharmila Meadows. It may be culturally acceptable, but it isn’t to God


Christians can help solve Britain’s ‘boy problem’. But we need to speak the truth


As a recent The Telegraph articles announces that “Britain has a boy problem”, and statistics show men and boys lagging behind, James Mildred says one answer is for the Church to be bolder in speaking God’s truth about marriage, family and equality 


​Mandisa (1976-2024): The inspirational singer who spread God’s joy


Mandisa was open about her lowest moments in life, even writing a book about depression and comfort eating. The vulnerability and faith of the American Idol finalist made a lasting impression on all who met her, says George Luke


Why Christians need to stop backing the wrong underdog


Too many Christians are misunderstanding what’s taking place between Israel and Hamas, says Chip Kendall 


What would Jesus say about sick note culture?


The Prime Minister has vowed to tackle what he calls, “Britain’s sick note culture”. In responding, Tony Wilson says Christians are called to be compassionate to those who are sick, but argues the Bible also encourages us to work hard and be wise in not facilitating over-dependence


What the Iran-Israel conflict means for Christians


A war would have potentially devastating consequences for Christian minorities in the Middle East, warns Dr Martin Parsons


​When abortion becomes a euphemism for infanticide


As efforts continue to decriminalise abortion, Dr Kalpana Dein warns new guidance won’t protect women, but their abusers