• EY03T7

    Jeff Lucas on the day his house nearly burned down


    A couple of weeks ago, two nice chaps stopped by our home and promptly set fire to it. Which was rude.

  • reading-main

    5 reasons why you need to read more Christian books


    Reading has been in decline for decades, with social media, Netflix and video games competing for our attention. There’s also a gender divide. The Telegraph recently reported that men are twice as likely not to read books at all. Krish Kandiah explains why he believes reading good books should be a priority for every Christian

  • Nov-Review-3x2-FivePhasesLeadership

    I find most Christian leadership books dull. But this one won me over


    We review Justyn Terry’s ‘The Five Phases of Leadership’

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    This powerful book is forcing the Church to re-think what the Bible says about women


    The Making of Biblical Womanhood argues that Christians have distorted key verses and even written women out of Bible translations to justify their position

  • TenMinute-Hartley

    The Christian entrepreneur behind the UK’s favourite jam


    It’s 150 years since William Hartley established a brand of jam that is still the market leader in the UK today

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    The Christian faith of Mumsnet co-founder Carrie Longton

    2021-08-02T12:30:00+01:00By ,

    The co-founder of Mumsnet shares her insights on faith, leadership and work-life balance

  • Mayor Marvin Rees 6 - BDesign 2019

    ‘I used to be quite literal about my faith. It’s much messier now’ - Marvin Rees, Mayor of Bristol


    The Mayor of Bristol tells Sam Hailes how the parable of the talents is inspiring him to fight poverty, and why he no longer views doubt as a dirty word

  • DirectAction-Hero

    Direct Action: Is it ever OK for a Christian to break the law?


    Hundreds of Glaswegians surround an immigration enforcement van, defying the authorities, demanding that the people inside be allowed to return to their homes. The crowd chants: “These are our neighbours!”

  • Where have All the Young Gone - CHAIR

    The Church is losing an entire generation. Here’s what you can do about it


    Even prior to Covid-19, the number of children and teenagers attending church services in the UK was in steep decline. But after a year like no other, is the answer going back to the way we’ve always done things, or is it time for a fresh approach?

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    5 ways to build a truly diverse church


    UK churches are still largely segregated according to race and language, says interpretation expert Jonathan Downie. Here’s some lessons we all need to learn if we want to change that

  • Prophets-photos2

    When prophets fail

    2021-05-04T14:09:00+01:00By Dave Roberts

    Respected leaders in the American Church were convinced God had told them Donald Trump would be re-elected president. Dave Roberts analyses why so many got it wrong, and seeks trusted voices to help us understand the role of the prophetic today

  • Drawers Doors-Cupboards

    Drawers, doors and the key to a healthy marriage


    Dr Gary Chapman may have written bestselling books on marriage, but the early years of his own relationship were a mess. Here he reveals how God challenged him to change his attitude towards his wife – and what a difference that made

  • burn-out-main

    5 ways to (not) burn out your pastor


    Christopher Ash gives five ways that congregations can protect their pastor from burning out

  • leaders-fall-main

    What to do if your church leader has a 'moral failure'


    How should we respond when our pastors 'fall from grace'? Heather Tomlinson investigates 

  • future-church-main

    Does the future have a Church?


    In the first of a two-part series, futurologist Tom Sine explains why the UK Church needs to prioritise engagement with young millennials    

  • july-cover-main

    A Time to Plant: How the Anglican Church is rising again in urban areas


    Have reports of the Church of England’s imminent death been greatly exaggerated? Sam Hailes investigates the successes of church plants in urban areas  

  • opinion-main

    Catholics And Protestants Have Much To Learn From Each Other


    If we viewed the Church as a family tree, we might experience a new unity, says Dave Nevins 

  • Women on the Platform


    The lack of female speakers at Christian events is evidence of gender injustice in the Church says Natalie Collins

  • animal-colour-main

    What colour animal are you? How personality profiling could transform your ministry


    Leaders need the right team around them. Lucinda van der Hart investigates whether personality profiling tools can help

  • joel-edwards-main

    The letter of Joel Edwards to the UK Church


    We invited the former director of the Evangelical Alliance to pen our second open letter to the UK Church. He urges Christians to undertake a new work of ‘translation’ today.

  • bible-college-main

    Bible College: Yesterday, today and forever


    UK theological education has undergone a raft of changes in the past century. But if our Bible colleges are to continue to win, train and send out the church leaders of tomorrow, there will be more change ahead.

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    Ten ways to grow your church in 2015


    We’re all familiar with statistics that decry the declining UK Church, but many local churches are bucking the trend. Justin Brierley investigates what has made the difference for those whose churches are bursting at the seams.

  • accountability-main

    Has accountability had its day?


    Accountability seems to have gone out of fashion in church circles. Claire Musters explores whether the practice has become obsolete.

  • Pope Francis in prayer

    Is the Pope a charismatic?


    A year on from his inauguration, Pope Francis is showing signs of being the most charismatic Pope we’ve seen yet. What impact is he having on the UK’s Catholic charismatic movement?

  • leadership trap herding sheep

    Leadership Traps


    Even the strongest leaders aren’t immune to tripping up occasionally. Greg Downes addresses some common pitfalls. ‘Merry Christmas Maggie Thatcher, We all celebrate today, cos it’s one day closer to your death.’

  • puppetmaster_main

    Divisive Bible Doctrines: Church Leadership


    How should a church be governed? We examine how churches across the denominations resolve this issue. 

  • The 'A Problem Shared' panel

    A Problem Shared: Has our elder been breaking the law?


    The husband of one of our senior elders has been arrested for high-level business fraud. The local papers ran the story and pointed out that his lifestyle was well above his apparent pay grade. The insinuation is that his family must have realised that something illegal was going on. When I challenged the elder on this, she denied all knowledge of his wrongdoing. But people in the church are unconvinced by her protestations of innocence. What should I do?

  • Building a Platform

    Building a Platform


    The dream of many is celebrity. But is the lure of fame and fortune winning out over kingdom-building and serving God? On Sunday 23 June, a previously unknown Anglican priest ended an otherwise normal wedding by instigating an upbeat dancing flashmob. The video went viral, topping the ‘most watched’ video charts and Kate Bottley briefly became a ‘name’, in some households at least.

  • Spiritual Abuse


    In the second part of our series looking at money, sex and power abuses in the UK Church, we investigate the prevalence of spiritual abuse...

  • Hope for the C of E?


    Is there a future for the Anglican Church based on the training of those who will lead her? Sally Hitchiner, currently training for ordination, investigates.

  • Does multi-site mean McChurch?


    John Allan unpacks the pros and cons of adopting a multi-site church model.

  • What the mega church can teach you


    Some look at them longingly, others write them off and most assume they are out of their league, but Andy Peck discovers that the mega church has much to teach us, whether our church is 40 or 400-strong.

  • A Conservative Revival


    Clover Creek Bible Fellowship was once a conservative evangelical church in which solid biblical teaching was the bedrock of the ministry. So how did pastor Mike Riches cope when his congregation suddenly started reporting miraculous healings, prophetic words and angelic visitations?

  • The Electronic Church


    If Moses were alive today would he use stone tablets or a PDA? Bradley Mason looks at how technology can help or hinder your church ministry.

  • The Black Church in the UK


    In London the majority of church attenders are black. Jonathan Oloyede examines the growing impact that Black Majority Churches (BMC's) are making around the UK.

  • The Black And White Gap


    Black church leaders attend one conference, white church leaders a different one - not good. Jonathan Oloyede challenges the status quo and suggests practical ways bridges can be built between majority black and white congregations and leaders.

  • Who Are The New Missionary Giants


    A century ago the UK was one of the biggest missionary sending nations. Andy Peck introduces us to the new missionary giants such as the Philippines, where a small army of Christian chambermaids use every opportunity to share their faith in the Middle East.

  • Sunday School In The 21st Century


    Sunday Schools have been around for hundreds of years – but are we teaching 21st century children with 19th century methods and curriculum? John Buckeridge investigates.

  • Emerging Options


    A growing range of ministries claim to be 'emerging church' including: youth church, prayer monasteries, church in an office, pub or coffee shop. Some argue that emerging church is just the latest evangelical obsession. We've had cells, seeker friendly services, gold teeth – is emerging church another passing trend or might it help turn the tide on church decline? Steve Adams investigates.

  • Emerging Church: Insights and Concerns


    Some believe them to be the greatest challenge to mainstream churches, since the birth of the Charismatic movement. But do the writers and thinkers behind emerging church have things to teach us? Or should we be wary of their approach? Andy Peck investigates.

  • penitent_main

    Spiritual Abuse


    How do you recognise spiritual abuse? What are the causes and effects, and what practical steps can a victim take?

  • Are The New Church Streams Stagnating?


    They are the most successful part of the UK church in the last generation, but are the New Church streams flowing to stagnant pools or refreshing rivers? Andy Peck talks to those inside and outside the New Church movement about what the future holds.

  • Billy Graham: his impact on Britain


    He's probably the best-loved evangelist to visit our shores, certainly the most famous. As Billy Graham hands over the leadership of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association to his son Franklin, Andy Peck asks how he will be remembered.