Ross Hendry

Ross Hendry

Ross Hendry is CEO of Christian Action Research and Education (CARE)

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    5 reasons why this Welsh Christian admires the Lionesses


    England have stormed into their first ever Women’s World Cup final. And despite usually cheering for “anyone but England”, Ross Hendry will be backing the Lionesses in Sunday’s game against Spain. He believes the team are exhibiting values that Christians should be inspired by

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    Raab was right to resign over bullying claims


    Bullying occurs in the boardroom, the classroom and even in government, says Ross Hendry. As Christians, we should be thankful that the standards and values in public life, rooted so much in the Bible, have been upheld


    Our politics desperately needs Christlike leadership


    Christians long for leaders who are people of integrity and godly character, says Ross Hendry as he urges us to pray for our politicians