• Bowel cancer led my husband to Jesus. I pray it does for Dame Debs too

  • How to fix a problem like Hillsong

  • Why some Christians are worried Disney is no longer ‘family-friendly’

  • End times theology: Why Russia's invasion of Ukraine is significant

  • Destructive criticism

  • I don't agree with all of Bethel's theology. But I'm happy to sing their worship songs



Our politicians are failing us on obesity. The Bible shows us another way


Food policy and Christian ministry are indistinguishable, says Rev George Pitcher. That’s why addressing the fat of the land should exercise those who follow Christ’s teaching


Is Eurovision’s Sam Ryder a man of faith?


The ears of Christians picked up when Sam Ryder compared the atmosphere at Eurovision to being in church. Is Ryder a Christian himself? Derek Walker investigates


You are not what you earn


Responding to a controversial suggestion from a government minister about how families can tackle the cost of living crisis, Tim Farron reflects on what the Bible says about our true value


Sam Ryder said ‘joyful’ Eurovision felt like church. I know exactly what he means

2022-05-17T10:59:00+01:00By , Singer-songwriter

Sam Ryder has compared performing at Eurovision to being in church "because there was so much joy". Singer-songwriter Philippa Hanna says that’s because something inherently spiritual occurs when voices unite in song

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Peter Hitchens: 'When I was an atheist I was even more selfish than I am now'


The controversial commentator speaks to Tim Farron about his journey from atheism to Christianity, and why Christian politicians should expect to be reviled by their colleagues 


Maverick City’s Dante Bowe: ‘Being famous for being a Christian is ridiculous’


Ahead of his UK debut at Big Church Day Out, the trailblazing worship leader and fashion model talks to us about breaking boundaries, hearing from God and why he’s ‘traumatised’ by the thought of being a Christian celebrity


Archbishop Angaelos: ‘The world needs the Church more than ever’


The world needs the Church in all its breadth and diversity, says the first-ever Coptic Archbishop of London.


CBBC’s Rhys Stephenson: ‘God has always opened doors for me’


The children’s TV presenter and Strictly star says he’ll never be ashamed to talk about his Christian faith


The Split

The Split: There isn’t much sex in the BBC show, but that doesn’t make it good Christian viewing


As series three of The Split concludes, Rosie Ruth reflects on what the popular TV drama says about society’s attitudes to marriage and infidelity. And it isn’t good


The Northman: A bleak and barbaric reminder of the sin we’ve been saved from


Robert Eggers’ new movie is graphic and brutal. But in it, Nick Mance found a strong reminder of the grace of being saved


The Kardashians: The Christian faith of the world’s most famous family


As a new series of The Kardashians begins, Megan Cornwell wonders what Jesus would say to Kim, Khloé, Kris and co


The air we breathe - Glen Scrivener

2022-05-03T09:00:00+01:00By , Open Doors

“Why do the nations rage?” muses the writer of Psalm 2. The answer, he explains, is that they do so to free themselves from the restraints of God’s moral law. However, as the psalmist, and the rest of the Bible, points out, when you do to that, there is a ...



Burnout: Has the pandemic pushed pastors to the point of no return?


A record number of church leaders are thinking about quitting ministry. Megan Cornwell speaks to the pastors experiencing burnout to find out why the spiritual health of the Church is under attack

Hear God-Pete Greig

How to hear God’s voice in troubled times


The bewildered founder of the 24-7 Prayer movement shares what he has learned through years of trying – and sometimes failing – to listen to the still, small voice


Why believing conspiracy theories corrupts your Christian witness


Christians have a dual responsibility to question conspiracy theories and show compassion to those who believe them, says Jared Stacy


Logan Walker

Why I walked away from Christianity – and why my dad stayed

A father and son share their respective reasons for staying and leaving the faith

My Story_May22

'I was suicidal. But then a Christian prayed for me and everything changed'

When Donna Sleep was invited to Creation Fest by a friend, she was depressed and suicidal. She went, intending to return home to take her own life afterwards. But instead she encountered the powerful love of Jesus


My husband’s porn addiction nearly ruined our marriage. Now I’m helping others find freedom in Christ

Cat was a drug addict who found faith in Jesus and met her husband in recovery. But Dave’s use of pornography triggered previous trauma for Cat and nearly ended their marriage


From drug-addicted bouncer to Jesus-loving youth worker

This self-described “tattooed freak” was addicted to cocaine and working as a nightclub bouncer when God kept putting Christians in his path…

Fr Foley (2)

From rock musician to orthodox priest

Part of American rock band, Luxury, Chris Foley was a Christian musician who struggled to reconcile his faith with his creativity – until he discovered Eastern Orthodoxy. He tells his story of how he became an Orthodox priest


From satanism to saving grace

George Bearwood was immersed in the punk rock scene before getting caught up in satanism and becoming addicted to drink and drugs. A brush with death led to him getting clean before, one night, the voice of God called out to him

Louise grey

‘Losing my husband to cancer led to us both finding Jesus’

Louise Blyth was just 33 when her husband, George, died of bowel cancer. For many people, experiencing such a tragedy would cause them to question the existence of a good and loving God. But for Louise and George, it was the beginning of a miraculous journey to faith