• How should I vote as a Christian?

  • The two most misused Bible verses on mental health

  • 4 reasons why there are so many abusive leaders in the Church

  • Christians must worship Jesus not the Bible

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The same God who delivered Britain from the Nazis in 1940 is at work in our lives today


When British forces were trapped by German troops on the beaches of Dunkirk in 1940 the outlook was bleak. Surrounded and vulnerable it seemed our nation would soon succumb to Nazi force. But in an hour of extraordinary need, an event unfolded that demonstrated the eternal power of prayer, says Pam Rhodes


Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs can’t use God to mend his image


A video of the rapper previously known as Puff Daddy attacking his ex-girlfriend forced the star to own the actions he’d previously denied. But by playing the ‘God card’ Giles Gough says his apology lacked conviction


Bad Faith is a must-watch for all who care about the US Church


Evangelical Christians in America have twisted the Christian story to align with partisan causes, says Jared Stacey. While a documentary can shine a spotlight on this, the only real antidote is a fresh encounter with God


6 ways Christians can help asylum seekers in their church

2024-05-23T05:18:00+01:00By 1 comments

How can churches practically assist those in their congregations who are threatened with removal to Rwanda? David and Debbie Hawker, who work with asylum seekers, share some practical points


How should I vote as a Christian?

2024-05-22T18:23:00+01:00By 2 comments

Does the news of a general election fill you with excitement, fear or just a sense of general apathy or confusion? James Mildred explains why Christians should be hopeful and prayerful in engaging with politics. 

Pilavachi_news 1

4 reasons why there are so many abusive leaders in the Church


From Ravi Zacharias to Mark Driscoll to Mike Pilavachi it sometimes seems that there is a fresh scandal every few weeks when it comes to the Church. Bobby Conway explores why our cherished institutions seem to be riddled with abuse and misconduct – and how Christians can respond


Christians must worship Jesus not the Bible

2024-05-20T14:12:00+01:00By 6 comments

Is the Bible the ultimate source of authority for Christians? Chris Goswami takes a look at how different denominations understand the role of scripture - and what we can agree on


New schools sex ed guidance is good news for Christians

2024-05-17T12:41:00+01:00By 1 comments

The new draft  government guidance on relationships, sex and health education (RHSE) in schools has now been published. Julie Maxwell explains how it came about and what it contains - as well as how Christians can continue to hold schools to account


Scott Morrison: 'God provided the headspace for me to lead through those very difficult days and we were able to save a lot of lives'

2024-05-22T09:44:00+01:00By and 2 comments

The former Australian prime minister on the importance of finding your identity in Christ and why he doesn’t care about his political legacy

Patrick Headshot-04

Patrick Regan: ‘I’ve never felt God so close as when I was with a bunch of homeless guys’


The charity founder on mediating between Jamaican gang leaders, facing criticism from fellow Christians, and why the Bible is full of wisdom on mental health


‘Evangelism is the reason for the Church’s existence’ says Pope Francis in new memoir

2024-05-07T14:09:00+01:00By 2 comments

Pope Francis’ latest book gives readers an insight into how major historical events have shaped and influenced the pontiff, says Catherine Pepinster 

Michael Palin in Nigeria

Michael Palin’s Nigeria documentary ignores the persecution of Christians


Palin’s fast-paced tour of Nigeria highlights the contrasts and contradictions of the ‘giant of Africa’. But in one of the most dangerous countries in the world to be a Christian, it deserves a deeper look, says Emma Worrall


Netflix’s Testament shines a new light on the life of Moses


The new series on the Israelite’s escape from Egypt is not perfect, says Tim Bechervaise. But it did inspire him to take a closer look at a Bible story many of us are overly familiar with. And that can only be a good thing


Civil war is a prophetic warning: Christians must fight for peace

2024-04-18T14:49:00+01:00By 2 comments

Western democracies must not be complacent, says Krish Kandiah. Civil War is an uncomfortable watch, but it may be the wake-up call we need


Sport is massive

By Christians In Sport

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Faith Seeking Understanding_promo

Worship in a Digital Age

By Mark J. Cartledge, London School of Theology

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Technovation 4

How Five Girls From Kenya Invented an App to Fight FGM

By Compassion UK

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CAW24 - Premier Banner Image – 651x291

How will you push back against the inhumanity of poverty?

By Christian Aid

Christian Aid Week 2024 is just around the corner. During 12-18 May, Christians will come together to fundraise, act and pray to push back against poverty.


‘Football was my god – until I found Jesus’

When Wycombe Wanderers’ Jason McCarthy became a Christian, his family, fiancée and teammates thought he’d lost the plot. But thanks to a miraculous goal and a crazy dream, things soon changed

TIMS Camping Creation Fest Monday 1st August 2022 - 18

'I googled "Christian festivals" and discovered the love of Jesus'

Sean O’Farrell stumbled across Creation Fest on the internet. By the end of the weekend, he’d found the truth he was searching for 


The architect: 'There are lots of changes happening since the Grenfell Tower fire'

The Church is made up of Christians from a myriad of different professions, and yet their ordinary tales of God at work rarely get told. In this series, we bring you stories of faith on the frontline 


A pilgrimage like no other

Kate Orson says following in the footsteps of the Waldensians in Italy made her grateful for freedom and challenged her to start memorising scripture 


‘I’ll never stop working for peace and justice’

It is 20 years since Rev Inderjit Bhogal OBE launched the first City of Sanctuary in his home town of Sheffield. But the work of welcome, hospitality and reconciliation is more vital now than ever, he says


The domestic violence advisor: ‘God breaks my heart with what breaks his’

Faith on the frontline: Here’s what life’s like for one Christian working with domestic violence survivors


‘Deaths by despair’ are common in Blackpool. But we’re seeing Jesus changing lives


A recent study found Blackpool had the highest rate of deaths linked to alcohol, drug abuse and suicide in England – dubbed “deaths by despair”. Meet one church leader bringing the hope of Jesus


‘We wanted to make the resurrection come alive for our children’

Jono and Lucy started cooking meals from around the world and praying for other countries with their kids. Now, they’ve developed The Fisherman’s Meal, a way to experience the Easter story as a family together