• Pat Robertson (1930-2023): The controversial broadcaster who brought Christian TV to the mainstream

  • Phillip Schofield: Sin, power and how to resist the urge to be a Pharisee

  • For an alternative to Andrew Tate’s toxic masculinity, look to Jesus

  • Spiritual practices are the rocket fuel you need to live more like Jesus

  • From a life of crime to street evangelism

  • The Church of England's safeguarding crisis explained


How Windrush changed the British Church for good


As the UK marks the 75th anniversary of Empire Windrush, Mark Sturge unpacks the enormous impact of this generation on the British Church 

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Pat Robertson (1930-2023): The controversial broadcaster who brought Christian TV to the mainstream

2023-06-09T16:11:00+01:00By , Revelation TV

The 93 year-old founder of CBN and the 700 Club has died at his home in Virgina Beach. Gordon Pettie says he'll be remembered as a fearless Christian leader who tackled the topics many would rather avoid


Christians cannot withhold forgiveness, no matter what Phillip Schofield has done


In daytime TV, as in all aspects of our lives, we are often eager to reach a quick resolution. But sometimes, the work of forgiveness takes time, says George Pitcher. And rushing it doesn’t help anyone


Spiritual practices are the rocket fuel you need to live more like Jesus

2023-06-09T09:02:00+01:00By , London Institute for Contemporary Christianity (LICC)

Preachers have been saying it for years, but now the research is proving it too. Cultivating even the simplest of spiritual habits will make you feel closer to God and result in you loving others better, says Matt Jolley 

andrew Tate

For an alternative to Andrew Tate’s toxic masculinity, look to Jesus


Andrew Tate’s message of self-autonomy and high value is appealing to young men who see little hope elsewhere. But in Jesus’ instruction to the apostles, we see a different model of masculinity, says Mark Birkett


We urgently need to reach older adults with the gospel. I believe hymns can help

2023-06-08T11:06:00+01:00By , Holy Trinity Claygate

Pippa Cramer has always loved working with older people. But when she couldn’t find a way to share the gospel with them, she turned to their favourite hymns for help and inspiration


I was a Black child in care. Here’s why I’m passionate about fixing the system

2023-06-07T15:37:00+01:00By , Home for Good

Black children are more likely to end up in care, and less likely to be adopted. If we want to pursue God’s heart for justice, we need to address the racial inequalities that exist within our care system, says Simon Jay


Phillip Schofield: Sin, power and how to resist the urge to be a Pharisee


In the court of public opinion there is rarely room for forgiveness or redemption, observes Tim Farron MP


Christians shouldn’t be attacking Phillip Schofield. We should be praying for him

2023-06-06T20:51:00+01:00By , Christians in Media

Rather than joining the chorus of outrage, Christians should be counter cultural in showing love - even to those who have wandered far from God’s standards, says Steve Cox


3 biblical principles on freedom of speech

2023-06-01T09:02:00+01:00By , CARE

Transgender rights protesters were unsuccessful in their campaign to prevent Kathleen Stock from speaking at the Oxford Union this week. The Bible doesn’t specifically address the topic of freedom of speech, but it does provide Christians with these helpful principles, explains CARE’s Peter Ladd 

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10 tips on social media…brought to you by the Pope


The Vatican has released a dense 20-page document on how Christians should approach social media. Rev Peter Crumpler distils the highlights 



Rev Les Isaac & Jake Isaac: Faith, family and facing death


Street Pastors founder Rev Les Isaac OBE hit the headlines last year after his sermon at the parliamentary prayer breakfast prompted a string of cabinet resignations that led to Boris Johnson’s demise. He and his son, musician Jake Isaac, share their thoughts on the illness that put Les’ life at risk just months before, the impact of ministry on family life and the ongoing fight for racial justice


Nicky Gumbel: ‘If we want to see revival, we must address the sin of racism’


The rejection of the Windrush Generation was a self-inflicted wound from which the Church is still recovering, says Alpha pioneer, Nicky Gumbel

Adjoa Andoh 32 (1) (2)

Bridgerton’s Adjoa Andoh: ‘Church is the place where you can be a hot mess; you don’t have to be fine’


The actor and activist on growing up in the Cotswolds, coming home to the Church and what it means to take every opportunity God gives you


Rosemarie Mallett: ‘Jesus calls us to bring about justice. But we can’t do it without him’


The Bishop of Croydon on slavery, racism and the role of repentance



From a life of crime to street evangelism

Nigel Williams was put into care as a child and has been in 18 different prisons. But meeting Christ set him free from his addictions and self-harm, and now he loves to share the good news with everyone he meets


I was indoctrinated to despise Christians. Then I became one

How did two children raised as atheist communists in 1960s America, become Christians – thousands of miles apart – and rekindle their friendship decades later? Sy Garte shares his remarkable story

1000x1000-Bernard Suwa 4

'War made me an orphan and I tried to end my life. But God saved me'

Bernard Suwa grew up as a refugee during Sudan’s civil war. By his 16th birthday he was a homeless orphan contemplating suicide, but God had other plans. Today, Rev Suwa leads Grace Community Church in Juba supporting missionaries who are re-building his beloved country


‘After years of transitioning I finally found my identity in Jesus’

Oli London first transitioned from British to South Korean and then from male to female. But now he says the multiple surgeries were a mistake and discovering Christianity has pulled him back from a lifetime of unhappiness


Little Richard

I am Everything: Little Richard was full of contradictions. But he wanted to be remembered as a child of God


Credited with being the original father of rock and roll, Little Richard careened between religion, sex, drugs and music. Derek Walker reviews I Am Everything, the documentary which charts his complicated life and sexuality


Holy Russia, Holy War?


The Ukraine war is not only a geopolitical war with Russia, but actually a war within Orthodoxy itself. So argues Katherine Kelaidis in her new book Holy Russia? Holy War? Her rather fatalistic assessment of the situation is tinged with hope for change, says Paul Valler


Seven Psalms: Paul Simon's latest album is blatantly spiritual


The 81 year-old's latest project sees him musing on God, forgiveness and his own mortality 


How should Christians respond to the culture wars?


Ben Chang’s new book Christ and the Culture Wars aims to help Christians speak for Jesus in an increasingly divisive world. Heather Tomlinson says that although the ideas aren’t new, they may prove useful for those who are new to the subject of identity politics

David Baddiel

David Baddiel’s The God Desire is no argument for atheism

2023-04-25T09:01:00+01:00By 3 comments

Far from being a convincing argument against the existence of God, much of the comedian-cum-writer’s new book seems to find its natural fulfilment in Christian theism, says Chris Witherall


Beef’s positive portrayal of evangelical Christianity is rare and realistic


Beyond that one church worship scene that went viral on twitter, Netflix’s Beef is a profound morality tale, says Nathanael Smith. Anger can wreck our lives, but God’s amazing grace is always available, no matter how low we fall

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How do you solve a problem like poverty?

It’s an injustice that worldwide more than 356 million children live in extreme poverty. And as Christians, we have a Biblical call to care for the poor and love our neighbour.  


Explore faith through drama with Radius

By Radius

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Pastor Fred and children (1)

‘Hope-carriers assemble!’

By Leon Evans on behalf of Compassion UK

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News Analysis


_56A3407 Leroy Logan (C) Rich Barr

Leroy Logan: ‘The Lord commissioned me to join the police’

Despite his father being severely beaten by police officers in a racist attack, Leroy Logan persevered with his application to join the Met. His career has seen him valiantly fighting for change – even at significant personal cost. Now a new challenge awaits 

Garrick Wilson

The cancer specialist: 'My faith compels me to seek solutions'

The Church is made up of Christians from a myriad of different professions, and yet their ordinary tales of God at work rarely get told. In this series, we bring you stories of faith on the frontline


I was abused by a deacon in my church. God helped me forgive AND seek justice

Forgiveness was not the end of the story for Cerys Morgan. She explains how God also led her to seek justice in her abuse case 


Writing about Julian of Norwich helped me through cancer

It is 650 years since Revelations of Divine Love, the first book to be written in English by a woman, was published. As Claire Gilbert reflects on losing her mother as a child, battling cancer and living through the Covid-19 pandemic, she finds Julian’s writings are as relevant today as they were six centuries ago


‘How I prepared to bless King Charles at his coronation’

What was it like to pronounce a blessing over King Charles III in front of a global audience of millions? Bishop Mike Royal writes about the unforgettable moment inside Westminster Abbey, and how he narrowly avoided a coughing fit!


I hated the people who bullied me. When a Christian told me to forgive, it made me angry. But God had a plan

Sy Garte’s experience of childhood bullying led to him becoming a bitter, angry man. When a miraculous encounter with God replaced those emotions with a supernatural joy, it started him on a journey towards faith in Jesus

Bishop Joseph Aba pic 2

‘Civil war displaced our people. But even in the wilderness, God is there’

When civil war ravaged South Sudan and displaced his community, Rt Rev Joseph Aba, Bishop of Liwolo, followed his people into exile. He says God is powerfully at work in the Ugandan refugee camp in which he now ministers


The Invictus athlete: ‘I carry a Bible wherever I go and pray before training’

The Church is made up of Christians from a myriad of different professions, and yet their ordinary tales of God at work rarely get told. In this series, we bring you stories of faith on the frontline