• Carl Beech: 'There is endemic alcohol dependency in the Church'

  • How Jesus rescued me from a life in porn

  • We used to hate the cringey gospel appeal. But now Rend Collective does it at every show

  • Jeff Lucas on the day his house nearly burned down

  • I would be imprisoned if I spoke about Jesus in Iran. Thank you for welcoming me to the UK

  • Franklin Graham is back. But does the UK want him?

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A debt crisis is coming. But Christians Against Poverty is here to help you

2021-11-30T12:31:00+00:00By , Christians Against Poverty (CAP)

The number of households on low incomes in arrears has tripled since the pandemic began. But Christians are on the front line in helping families get back in the black


Why Christians should oppose a ‘gay conversion therapy’ ban

2021-11-29T10:45:00+00:00By , Christian Concern

Pastoral ministry is a private consensual conversation, but activists are seeking to criminalise it, says the chief executive of Christian Concern


Campaigners want to ban 'non-affirming' prayers for gay people. Here's why that would be disastrous for Christian freedom

2021-11-26T11:10:00+00:00By , Christian Institute

If prayer is banned, the Christian Institute say they’ll take the Government to court. 

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Can fashion be sustainable, ethical and affordable? Oh yes, say these Christian entrepreneurs


Meet the Christians who are determined to prove that affordable fashion doesn’t have to cost the earth

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Jesus wept. But his followers don’t


There are eleven different types of tears in the Bible. But today’s Christians often minimise the importance of lament. Do we need to think again? 


This documentary contains evidence for healing miracles. So we asked an agnostic to watch it

2021-11-12T16:33:00+00:00By , Agnostic

Does God heal today? We asked a former Christian to watch a new film which examines the evidence. Here's what he made of it


Another In the Fire: The meaning behind the worship song that's getting Chris Pratt through


Actor Chris Pratt recently took to Instagram to thank God for helping him through tough times, saying the Hillsong United anthem had deeply impacted him. But what was the inspiration behind the song? Music journalist Tony Cummings explores


What the Bieber’s marriage podcast teaches us about the importance of Christian community


They may be mega stars, but Justin and Hailey Bieber need the support of their church family as much as the next couple, says Philippa Hanna 



Inside the Christian campaign to end homelessness


During the first lockdown, thousands of rough sleepers were housed by a government scheme. But 20 months later, homelessness is back to pre-pandemic levels. We speak to the Christian charities who are working to end homelessness once and for all 


Losing faith in the BBC: Why the corporation’s religious coverage is coming under fire


A third of millennials have never even heard of Songs of Praise. And with the BBC still yet to appoint a new religion editor, many are wondering if the corporation has grown stale when it comes to Christianity…


Jesus was a troll


Now, what kind of a statement is that? You are probably already wary of this title, assuming the headline is clickbait to catch your eye and hook you in. That’s what clickbait does to you. It piques your interest. But once you’ve clicked and read, it turns out to be ...


Louise grey

‘Losing my husband to cancer led to us both finding Jesus’


Louise Blyth was just 33 when her husband, George, died of bowel cancer. For many people, experiencing such a tragedy would cause them to question the existence of a good and loving God. But for Louise and George, it was the beginning of a miraculous journey to faith

Brittni De La Mora

How Jesus rescued me from a life in porn

2021-11-26T15:30:00+00:00By , Former porn star

Brittni De La Mora was one of the porn industry’s biggest stars. Through a series of divine events, she began to encounter the love of God and now leads a ministry to the sex industry


I was a Muslim, but Jesus woke me from a coma and healed me. Now my whole family believes


A record number of Muslims are converting to Christianity across the Middle East. Jamila tells her story of meeting Jesus while paralysed in a Syrian hospital

Chaz Image

I was a heroin addict but Jesus turned my life around. Now I'm helping others make a fresh start


Chaz was sexually abused as a child, addicted to heroin and has spent twelve years in prison. Yet thanks to a fresh start at a Christian housing project, he has turned his life around. Now, he’s doing the same for others


Thomas Johnson: How a slave became the first Black student at Spurgeon’s College

2021-10-20T15:04:00+01:00By , Principal, Spurgeon's College

Thomas Johnson was a slave who became one of the first Black men to study at Spurgeon’s College. This is his amazing story


‘The only thing I wanted to do with this fight is to give praise to Jesus Christ.’ The Christian faith of Alexander Usyk


The new world champion’s unashamed declaration of his love for God is an inspiration, says Arthur White