• What is a 'naked wedding' and why should Christians have one?

  • From stress and desperation to peace and wholeness

  • Guvna B: The pioneering rapper on grief, vulnerability and what it really means to be a man

  • Reimagining Britain: God’s vision for a post-pandemic world

  • Stephen Cottrell: The Archbishop is on a mission to convert you

  • How God brought our marriage back from the brink



Every election victory is temporary, but God’s kingdom lasts forever


Tim Farron MP reflects on the results of last week’s elections 


5 ways to build a truly diverse church


UK churches are still largely segregated according to race and language, says interpretation expert Jonathan Downie. Here’s some lessons we all need to learn if we want to change that


‘I was accused of being a terrorist’ - Read the sermon that school chaplain claims lost him his job


A chaplain at a church school says he was reported as an extremist and forced out of his job after giving a sermon which addressed identity politics and LGBT issues. He’s now taking Trent College to court. Here is the full text of his sermon

Jesy Nelson Cosmo Cover

Little Mix, social media and self-worth: ‘Understanding our value in God’


As Jesy Nelson does her first interview since splitting from Little Mix five months ago, Philippa Hanna, who toured with the band in 2016, reflects on the power of influence and the pressure of social media

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Reimagining Britain: God’s vision for a post-pandemic world

2021-04-28T14:16:00+01:00By , Archbishop of Canterbury

The Archbishop of Canterbury says we have an unprecedented opportunity to build a global community that reflects God’s heart for the poor and respects our planet. But real change will require courage – from all of us


How to thrive in adversity


Having lived with a degenerative condition for years, Patrick Regan has grappled with physical and emotional pain. Here he shares lessons in resilience he has learned personally, as well as gems shared by Anne Frank’s stepsister, Eva Schloss, former hostage Terry Waite and retired police commander John Sutherland

Drawers Doors-Cupboards

Drawers, doors and the key to a healthy marriage


Dr Gary Chapman may have written bestselling books on marriage, but the early years of his own relationship were a mess. Here he reveals how God challenged him to change his attitude towards his wife – and what a difference that made