• A toxic celebrity culture has infiltrated the Church. We must root it out

  • Christians are losing the culture war…but so is everyone else. What would Jesus do?

  • ​Why is Generation Z leaving the Church?

  • ​The inside story of how 40,000 gathered to worship Jesus at Hungary’s national stadium

  • The meaning of ‘woke’ is changing. Here’s why Christians should avoid using it

  • Should we care that only 0.2% of the country can vote for our next PM?


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After Lambeth: As a bishop with an orthodox view of marriage, I’m filled with hope for the future

2022-08-08T09:30:00+01:00By , Bishop of Lancaster

As the Lambeth Conference draws to a close, Bishop Jill Duff urges her fellow Anglicans to let go of the “spirit of religion” and instead take hold of the opportunities to share the good news of the gospel 


The Lionesses’ Euro victory was so much more than a football game


The pure joy seen in the Lionesses’ celebrations during Euro 2022 echoes the gender-equality joy that runs through the gospels, says George Pitcher - if only we are looking for it

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Chronic fatigue led to an identity crisis. But a revelation of God's love changed everything


When Jonny Gumbel contracted ME in his early 20s, he had to drop out of university and was bed ridden for a year. But wrestling with the question of who he was when everything else was taken away led to a deep understanding of God’s unconditional love


The Holy Spirit is moving powerfully at the Lambeth Conference

2022-08-03T09:26:00+01:00By , Bishop of Lancaster

God used Archbishop Justin Welby’s message to open an “umbrella of faith” yesterday, and lead the Anglican Communion into a bright new future, says Bishop Jill Duff

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‘Life is about to get harder…but God will send renewal’ Mark Sayers on Covid, war and politics


What if in the midst of political instability and rising living costs, God is up to something exciting? That’s the belief of Mark Sayers. Tim Bechervaise caught up with the Aussie church leader, podcaster and writer to find out more


Rev Richard Coles on grief, death and what heaven looks like


Having lost his husband David to alcoholic liver disease, Rev Richard Coles is set to explore grief in a new Channel 4 documentary. He tells Sam Hailes that bereavement never caused him to doubt his faith and argues it's a mistake to hold funerals that celebrate a person's life 


Alpha’s Nicky Gumbel on retiring from HTB, evangelising the world and addressing racism


As he retires from leading the largest Anglican church in England, the Alpha course pioneer and prolific church planter says he’s just getting started


William Adoasi: The faith of the entrepreneur who is making millions and funding education in Africa


The British-Ghanaian entrepreneur explains how his faith inspired him to build a £1m watch company



Thor 4: Fast, funny, forgettable...and deeply theological


Thor: Love and Thunder is all about trying to beat death in the face of an uncaring universe.


How 30 biblical women point us toward Jesus


In her new book The Seed of the Woman, Nana Dolce traces the gospel storyline through the eyes of women, from the garden of Eden to the birth of Christ


The road less travelled

The road less travelled: How to live for God alone


The temptation to seek affirmation from people rather than God will send you down an unfruitful path, warns RT Kendall

A fresh look at the Pharisees

We’ve misunderstood the Pharisees. Jesus wasn’t that critical of them


When read in their cultural contexts, Jesus’ responses to the Jewish teachers look far less harsh than what many have assumed, says Lois Tverberg 

How to raise anti-racist children and grandchildren

How to raise anti-racist children and grandchildren


It’s not good enough to be merely ‘not racist’, Christians must teach their children and grandchildren to be ‘anti-racist’, says Loretta Andrews. She unpacks the distinction and provides practical tips for acting justly when it comes to raising the next generation



From psychedelic potions to demonic deliverance

When Tony Maisey hit rock bottom, he headed to the Peruvian jungle to seek healing in an ancient tribal ceremony. Little did he know it would open him up to an evil assault

Matt Barlow

‘I was abused in church. 20 years later, I found freedom at a men’s event’

Men’s events are often criticised for being overly macho but Carl Beech, leader of The Gathering, says they’re vital safe spaces. As they gathered together for the first time in three years, he shares one remarkable testimony from this year’s event

Paul Kingsnorth

From witchcraft to Orthodoxy

The writer and environmentalist Paul Kingsnorth was attracted to nature religions, but says Jesus ‘dragged’ him out of Wicca and towards him

This is my story

From idol worship to Christian evangelist

Nia-Cerise Conteh explains how a surprise encounter with the Holy Spirit in her kitchen radically changed the trajectory of her life

Logan Walker

Why I walked away from Christianity – and why my dad stayed

A father and son share their respective reasons for staying and leaving the faith

My Story_May22

'I was suicidal. But then a Christian prayed for me and everything changed'

When Donna Sleep was invited to Creation Fest by a friend, she was depressed and suicidal. She went, intending to return home to take her own life afterwards. But instead she encountered the powerful love of Jesus


My husband’s porn addiction nearly ruined our marriage. Now I’m helping others find freedom in Christ

Cat was a drug addict who found faith in Jesus and met her husband in recovery. But Dave’s use of pornography triggered previous trauma for Cat and nearly ended their marriage