• Did you know Big Ben's chimes are calling the nation to prayer?

  • The delivery driver: ‘I carry Jesus’ presence to every doorstep’

  • Investigation finds Mike Pilavachi 'used spiritual authority to control people'. What happens now?

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3 ways to prevent burnout and focus on Jesus


The best way to thrive in an age of overwhelm is not by planning expensive spa days or exotic holidays, but incorporating everyday spiritual practices that slow us down. It’s not a luxury, but a discipleship issue, says Janice McWilliams

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Did you know Big Ben's chimes are calling the nation to prayer?


The lyrics written to accompany Big Ben's bongs are little known, even by Christians. When the worship leader Chip Kendall discovered the world's most famous clock was issuing an hourly call to prayer, he couldn't keep the news to himself. Here's what happened next


What Christians need to know about Yom Kippur

2023-09-22T13:54:00+01:00By , CEO, International Mission to Jewish People

Yom Kippur, the holiest day in the Jewish calendar, begins this weekend, Joseph Steinberg explains what the celebration means for followers of Jesus


Rolling back on green pledges is unchristian and unfair

2023-09-22T09:11:00+01:00By 3 comments

The government’s U-turn on environmental policies will negatively impact the poorest in our society, both here and abroad, says Holly-Anna Petersen. It is not what God would have us do

Appla ad

Apple’s pagan advert is offensive to Christians

2023-09-21T09:44:00+01:00By 2 comments

Apple’s latest advert sees Mother Nature assessing the tech giant’s green credentials. But Apple would never dare depict Christian faith, says Kate Orson. Why are they willing to dabble with paganism? 


Russell Brand pushed society to ‘peak promiscuity’. Christian teaching on sex looks more appealing than ever

2023-09-20T10:55:00+01:00By 2 comments

With allegations of sexual assault and rape against comedian Russell Brand dominating news headlines, Dominic Hewitson asks whether his downfall will mark the end of the Sexual Revolution’s cultural reign – and where we go from here


The silence from Christian leaders on Mike Pilavachi is hurting victims

2023-09-18T09:42:00+01:00By , Survivors Voices3 comments

11 days on from the investigation that concluded Mike Pilavachi “used his spiritual authority to control people”, many of his colleagues in ministry have remained silent - or tried to minimise their connection with him. Jane Chevous says the Church must do better


Should Christians in the UK be worried about the prosperity gospel?


Over half of American churchgoers now believe God will bless them if they give more. Is the increase due to more people getting their teaching via the internet and TV? And if so, what could it mean for orthodox Christian beliefs in the UK? Peter Ould interrogates the data and makes a plea for better British surveys


What Christians need to know about Rosh Hashanah

2023-09-14T10:47:00+01:00By , CEO, International Mission to Jewish People

Rosh Hashanah, or Jewish New Year, begins this week. But what is it, and how can Christians speak to their Jewish friends and neighbours about the festival? Joseph Steinberg explains


‘Woke’ and the problem with ‘that’s not in the Bible’ arguments


There are a great many things not specifically mentioned in scripture, says Jonty Langley. So using it as a defence against any idea you don’t like may leave you on shaky ground

Ruth Wilson

The Woman in the Wall is a harrowing reminder of how not to do religion

2023-09-25T11:37:00+01:00By , Minister and Clergy Sexual Abuse Survivors (MACSAS)

The gripping BBC series may have added elements of gothic horror to the reality of life in Ireland’s Magdalene Laundries, but it tells a vital story that we must not forget, says David Greenwood


Surprised by Oxford: A great love story, but where’s the God plot gone?


Carolyn Webber’s memoir, Surprised by Oxford, is a modern-day conversion story, says Jacinta Read. But its film adaptation is more of a love story with a side of Christianity. How it lands with audiences is yet to be seen

At home with the Furys

At Home With The Furys is a missed opportunity to explore the boxer’s Christian faith


Tyson Fury is a world champion boxer and an outspoken - if often controversial - Christian. So Tim Bechervaise was keen to see how his faith would be portrayed in the new Netflix docuseries that follows the family in the aftermath of Fury’s retirement from professional sport


Sound of Freedom: This Christian film on child trafficking has become a weapon of the culture wars

2023-08-15T06:29:00+01:00By 1 comments

The controversy and commentary around Sound of Freedom threatens to overshadow the important issues it raises. It’s the most perplexing cinema release of our times, says Nathanael Smith


Boyzone’s Shane Lynch: ‘The music industry is Satanic’


Boyzone’s Shane Lynch talks demons, deliverance and working his way back to the light 


Dr Sharon James on challenging radical feminism and critical race theory


Cancel culture and woke activism are being driven by a dangerous anti-Christian ideology sweeping across the West. That’s according to the Christian Institute’s social policy analyst, whose new book on critical theory promises to help believers discern the truth

Mike at CTE Forum 2022 close up

Mike Royal: 'There is too much cult of personality in the Church'


He prayed for King Charles at the coronation and has been called a “Christian man of influence”, but Bishop Mike Royal is far more interested in how the Church works together for the good of society than how others see him

JennJohnson-PRPhoto3 copy

Jenn Johnson: ‘We’ve seen crazy things happen at Bethel’


Worship leader Jenn Johnson talks gold dust, grave sucking and supernatural healing with Megan Cornwell

  • DTISATURDAY2018-191

    Investigation finds Mike Pilavachi 'used spiritual authority to control people'. What happens now?


    The Church of England’s National Safeguarding Team has said Mike Pilavachi used his spiritual authority to “control” people, and this led to inappropriate relationships, including “massaging of young male interns”. But questions remain, and more investigations are set to take place. Megan Cornwell reports on what’s likely to happen next

  • 2K45W9T

    Is it possible to end poverty?

    2023-09-18T18:59:00+01:00By 1 comments

    After decades of progress in the fight against extreme poverty, experts are now warning the United Nations will miss its goal of ending poverty by 2030. Tim Wyatt speaks to practitioners and theologians to find out what’s going wrong, and what Jesus meant when he said, “the poor you will always have with you.” 

  • mike+2+(SF)

    Update: CofE substantiates allegations in Mike Pilavachi investigation


    The Church of England's National Safeguarding Team has released its initial findings into allegations against Mike Pilavachi


Acts 435 - helping donors step into the gap for those with nowhere else to turn

Acts 435 is an online giving charity that enables individuals to donate directly to the specific needs of those in local communities around the UK, through a network of local churches and charities.

Getting some practice in

Kids Matter joins London’s Great River Race

By Kids Matter

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Tanzania - MAF's air ambulance saved Leonard's life-2

A Flight For Life: How MAF Saved Leonard Bura


In a remarkable story of hope and survival, Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) played a crucial role in saving the life of Leonard Bura, a long-serving nurse from Tanzania.

9780564082476 GNB Children's Rainbow Edition (1)

Presenting the best full-text Bible for Children

By Bible Society

Good News Bible – Children’s Rainbow Edition


From dead man walking to alive in Christ

Michael Corcoran was drinking himself to death, but an encounter with a Christian changed the trajectory of his life


'I was a staunch atheist but reading medieval theology led me to Christ'


Charlotte Gauthier wanted to save people from believing in God. Encountering the beauty of an ancient church building unexpectedly stopped her in her tracks 


‘God healed me of my adoption trauma’

Being adopted left Fiona Myles with pain that led her down a dark path, but God rescued her, brought a precious daughter into her life and now she helps others find healing

TGIM thumbnail_IMG_0686

The delivery driver: ‘I carry Jesus’ presence to every doorstep’

The Church is made up of Christians from a myriad of different professions, and yet their ordinary tales of God at work rarely get told. In this series, we bring you stories of faith on the frontline 


‘Not having children makes me a misfit at church’

As part of world childless week, Catherine Disher reflects on her own journey, and what she wishes other Christians knew about not having children


‘Jesus set me free from self-harm to travel and tell others about his love’

Iggie Clark was always destined to be an evangelist. She grew up reading tales about missionaries, but struggles with mental health in her teens nearly derailed her dreams 

Vince at Chula Vista Fire Department

'God rescued my son from a coma and healed him of brain injuries'


After being knocked off his motorcycle on a Californian motorway, Vincent was airlifted to a Christian hospital. His mother mobilised thousands to pray, and jumped on a flight from Wales to the USA. This is what happened next

Naomi 2

‘People in church see my wheelchair before they see my gifts’

Disabled Christians are not there to be ‘cured’, cared for or pushed to the margins, argues Naomi Lawson Jacobs, who issues a clarion call for creating an accessible church culture and a community of justice