• Apocalypse now: How the end times went mainstream

  • When God says yes…then no

  • Our church has banned cheesy Christian signs. There's a better way...

  • Alpha’s Leadership Conference is right to tackle Christian celebrity culture. But it’s a complicated problem

  • Rick Warren: Why I changed my mind on women in church leadership

  • Why Ramadan is a great opportunity for Christians to share their faith

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Churches are the superheroes of international development


Want to give to charitable causes overseas, but don’t know how best to do it? Invest in a local church, says Ruth Valerio. They are a powerhouse for local development - and here’s the stats to prove it


There’s no excuse for treating migrants as human cargo. We are all made in God’s image


When we fail to see people as made in God’s image, we fail them as humans, says George Pitcher. It is our ability to ‘other’ people and put them in categories that leads to the worst of human behaviour

Westminster lobby

We should be proud of our Christian heritage. It would be a disaster to lose it

2023-03-30T10:47:00+01:00By , MP for Don Valley

As a response to the declining value placed on our Christian heritage, Nick Fletcher MP has tabled a motion in parliament to discuss the value it brings to society and the hope offered in Christ


Donald Trump represents Christian extremism at its worst


Donald Trump is on the cusp of indictment and yet Christians are still flocking to his political rallies, crying “God, guns and Trump”. Jared Stacy looks at the reasons why


Pope Francis in a white puffer is fake news – but what happens when we can no longer trust what we see?


Advances in artificial intelligence mean images can be manipulated so that we can no longer trust what we see, hear or read. As the recent fake photo of Pope Francis shows, Christians must be on guard for misinformation


Hockey players say wearing Pride jerseys goes against their Christian faith. Are they heroes or homophobes?


Tensions are running high in hockey as Canadian players refuse to wear Pride-themed jerseys. But Michael Coren wonders if they've misunderstood what Pride symbolises


America’s gun culture is driven by Christians – here’s how to stop school shootings

2023-03-28T09:38:00+01:00By 2 comments

Scott Baker is a Bible teacher who lives just a mile from The Covenant Christian School, where yesterday’s shooting took place. If the US is to rid itself of this violent scourge, he says, followers of Jesus must obey his words and fight the fear that drives them to buy these deadly weapons


If we want to see revival in the UK, we need humble, undivided hearts

2023-03-27T08:16:00+01:00By , KXC

Pete Hughes has long carried a vision for revival in the UK. After experiencing the tangible presence of God at Asbury University, here’s his reflections on the outpouring there, and what we can learn if we want to see the same on our shores


Ofsted inspections are all law and no love. Ruth Perry's memory demands we do better

2023-03-24T12:39:00+00:00By , School governor and chaplain

As a school chaplain and chair of governors, Rev Charlotte Cheshire has seen the stress caused by Ofsted inspections first hand. There must be a way to maintain standards that better reflects the justice and mercy of Jesus, she says


Jesus would fight the criminalisation of LGBT people and so should we

2023-03-24T08:33:00+00:00By , Living Out

Ugandan MPs have recently passed a bill that could result in life imprisonment, or even the death penalty, for homosexual acts. Here’s why all Christians should fight against it, regardless of their views on same-sex relationships


Screenshot 2023-03-21 at 13.48.35

Rev Les Isaac: ‘I get bored if I’m in church too much. I need to be out there’


As Street Pastors celebrates its 20th anniversary, founder Rev Les Isaac OBE says it’s time for the Church to get up out of the pews and work together

thumbnail (1)

Matt Redman: ‘Reverence in worship has become my lifelong pursuit’


The writer of some of the world’s most popular worship songs explains why we need to be singing more about the holiness of God



Allelujah may be heartwarming. But it’s also a missed opportunity

2023-03-24T15:17:00+00:00By , Faith in Later Life

Heidi Thomas’ latest project asks important questions about how we care for and value older people. But jokes about bedpans risk undermining the dignity the film seeks to bring to old age, warns Andrew Wileman

Everything everywhere

Everything Everywhere All at Once may be the most Christian film you watch this year


Oscar-winning Everything Everywhere All at Once is totally bonkers, says Ben Cohen. But it is littered with Christian parallels that shine the hope of the gospel into the deepest darkness of human experience

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Cliff Festival artwork

Cliff Festival 2023: Eden Restored

By Cliff College

26-29 May at Cliff College in Derbyshire


Trapped in my emotions

By Naana Afaidze-Hayford

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Lives transformed

By World Vision

Conflict and hunger are impacting many in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). According to the World Food Programme (WFP), 26.4 million people are projected to become acutely food insecure between January - June 2023, while 5.7 million people are internally displaced. 2.8 million children are acutely malnourished.

Book Promotion photo

When Church Hurts: Colin Mason

By Colin Mason

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News Analysis



‘After years of transitioning I finally found my identity in Jesus’

Oli London first transitioned from British to South Korean and then from male to female. But now he says the multiple surgeries were a mistake and discovering Christianity has pulled him back from a lifetime of unhappiness

IMG-20230201-WA0021 copy

‘I went to Mallorca to party. But then I met Jesus’

Jonas Ris was 17 years old when his life was radically changed through an encounter with the gospel in a very unexpected location


The power of the Christian camp

Lee Musson found God on a Christian holiday as a child. Little did he know that one day he’d work for Rock UK, the organisation that owned the campsite where he first said yes to Jesus 



I’ve been researching domestic abuse in Black majority churches. Here’s what survivors have told me

Dr Ava Kanyeredzi has co-authored a new study on attitudes toward domestic abuse in Black majority churches. Her research suggests some churches tend to protect the abuser rather than the victim


‘God used furlough to reignite my dream’

When Covid-19 shattered the aviation industry, easyJet engineer Mark Draper was put on furlough. It was the start of a journey that would lead his family halfway across the globe 


The community choir leader: 'Someone became a Christian by watching how we loved one another'

The Church is made up of Christians from a myriad of different professions, and yet ‘ordinary’ tales of God at work rarely get told. In this series, we bring you stories of faith on the frontline