• Is Christianity declining in England and Wales?

  • Advent isn’t about chocolate calendars. It’s about the return of Jesus Christ

  • A preacher has claimed Jesus had a ‘trans body’. But I’m not offended

  • 'I hold onto God's promises' - the Christian faith of Bukayo Saka

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Why every Christmas film points to Jesus

2022-11-25T13:27:00+00:00By Matt Lillicrap and Peter Dray

From Home Alone to The Polar Express, every tale we tell points back to the greatest story ever told


Why doesn’t life make sense?


Looking for answers? Draw near to the one who gives life it’s meaning, suggests David Instone-Brewer, as he takes a closer look at the book of Ecclesiastes 


God and suffering: My quest for answers after the Boxing Day Tsunami


When almost a quarter of a million people died in the 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami, it set Dominican friar-turned journalist, Mark Dowd, on a journey to find out why God didn’t stop the suffering


How can the Church reach a spiritually curious generation? Two social media influencers explain


Many younger people are put off by organised religion. Justin Brierley speaks to two social media influencers, Mikhaila Peterson and Jon McCray, about their conversion stories and how Christians can better reach millennials and Gen Z 

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Charging for carol services is performance-driven Christianity at its worst

Hillsong London is charging £10 for an adult ticket to their carol concert. But Carl Beech says the policy excludes those who can’t afford to pay - and that’s the antithesis of Christmas


Other Christians are sending me hateful messages after my comments on GB News. What happened to love?

Writing from the midst of a Twitter storm, Michael Coren warns the reputation of our faith is being damaged by Christians who engage in venomous attacks against their fellow believers

tiard-schulz-vsixvofa1C4-unsplash (1)

Exploring Christmas markets in Canada with an eTA

Canada hosts some of the most unique Christmas markets in the world. With an eTA, it’s easier than ever to enjoy Canada’s Christmas spirit.


I used to look down on Advent. But this year I need it more than ever

Mary and Joseph sought sanctuary in Bethlehem and then Egypt, but also welcomed strangers to their home. Even when times are tough, we can find sanctuary in Christ this Christmas, and extend that hope to others, says Krish Kandiah


Advent isn’t about chocolate calendars. It’s about the return of Jesus Christ

Advent is a time for reflecting on the return of Jesus Christ. But such a tricky task requires imagination, not logic, says Graham Tomlin


From Messi to Neymar: 7 World Cup footballers with a Christian faith

The Ecuador team are not the only players praising Jesus in Qatar. Tim Bechervaise highlights the world’s top footballers who have made their Christian beliefs public


A preacher has claimed Jesus had a ‘trans body’. But I’m not offended

When a research fellow preached an Evensong sermon at Trinity College Cambridge that claimed Jesus has a “trans body”, congregants were outraged. But Christ doesn’t need us to be offended on his behalf, argues George Pitcher


The Census proves the UK Church must change. Here are 7 suggestions

The fact that less than 50% of the population identifies as Christian, should be a wake up call to all of us, argues William Wade


Betting on the World Cup is not harmless fun. I lost everything to gambling – until God rescued me

Research by Public Health England estimates that 246,000 adults have some form of gambling addiction. Justyn Rees Larcombe was one of them, until God answered his cry for help. As the World Cup gets underway, he warns others of the dangers of sports betting


Think the Census results are bad news for Christians? Think again

With the number of people identifying as Christians continuing to plummet, you might think the latest census is bad news for the Church. But Peter Lynas has a different perspective on the figures



‘I would love to be out of a job’ Investigative reporter Julie Roys on uncovering Church scandals


Julie Roys explains why she’s determined to expose abuse and misconduct in the Church


Pastor Mick Fleming: ‘An angel told me to forgive the man who abused me’


Pastor Mick Flemming’s Church on the Street hit the headlines during Covid-19. He speaks about his own abuse and drug addiction, doing church differently and becoming a spokesperson for the poor and marginalised


maxresdefault (2)

Cliff's new record puts Jesus at the heart of Christmas


Sir Cliff has grabbed the opportunity to celebrate Jesus as the true meaning of Christmas, says our reviewer 


Smyrna: This shocking history lesson is hard to watch. But it’s important


This portrayal of the horrors of war and inter-religious violence, makes for difficult viewing says Krish Kandiah

maxresdefault (1)

Bono’s emotive memoir lets you into his soul - and it’s full of God too


Steve Stockman, who himself authored a book on the faith of U2, says Surrender: 40 Songs, One Story provides further evidence of the depth and devotion of Bono’s Christian faith


Highway 35: A heartwrenching tale of life-changing injuries, and a God who was always there


This memoir took ten years in the writing and is not for the faint hearted. It’s a roller coaster of emotion and horror, and a story of faith in the midst of suffering, says Jane Hepburn




From domestic abuse to new creation


Autumn Miles was trapped in an abusive relationship, until a powerful encounter with God during the depth of her despair set her on a path to freedom

Patrick on Sanctuary

‘God used donkeys to rescue me from addiction’


After leaving the army, Patrick Barrett turned to alcohol to cope with trauma, but God called him back to his childhood faith using the most unlikely means


From breakdown to born again


When a series of challenging situations led to a breakdown, it was a friend’s invitation to church that finally put Tom Stevens on the long road to recovery


Evil spirits used to terrorise me. I know what Halloween is really all about

2022-10-30T15:00:00+00:00By , Former Spiritualist

Laura Maxwell shares her testimony and explains why Halloween is best avoided


The Profile: In-depth interviews with hundreds of inspiring Christians

Find out what makes influential Christian leaders tick!

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