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Our freedom of speech is under attack. But this case gives Christians hope


Edinburgh Council has admitted that they were wrong to cancel a Christian event on the basis of the beliefs of the keynote speaker


Why Edinburgh Council’s apology is a win for Christians everywhere


Discrimination against Christian organisations is on the rise, but this victory makes it easier for others to fight in the future, says Andrew Owen


Behold the Man: Why Jesus is the answer to our culture’s broken masculinity


According to a new Ofsted report, sexual harassment has become ‘normalised’ in some schools, with 9 in 10 girls reporting sexist name-calling or being sent explicit photos or videos. Alun Ebenezer is the executive headmaster of the Fulham Boys School. He believes the answer to our modern crisis of masculinity can be found in beholding Jesus, the ultimate example of what it means to be a man


As a gay Christian, here’s how I’m marking Pride


David Bennett is a celibate gay Christian and author of A War of Loves. He holds a biblically-traditional ethic and believes Pride month is an opportunity for Christians to pursue humility

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Reimagining Britain: God’s vision for a post-pandemic world

2021-04-28T14:16:00+01:00By , Archbishop of Canterbury

The Archbishop of Canterbury says we have an unprecedented opportunity to build a global community that reflects God’s heart for the poor and respects our planet. But real change will require courage – from all of us


How to thrive in adversity


Having lived with a degenerative condition for years, Patrick Regan has grappled with physical and emotional pain. Here he shares lessons in resilience he has learned personally, as well as gems shared by Anne Frank’s stepsister, Eva Schloss, former hostage Terry Waite and retired police commander John Sutherland

Drawers Doors-Cupboards

Drawers, doors and the key to a healthy marriage


Dr Gary Chapman may have written bestselling books on marriage, but the early years of his own relationship were a mess. Here he reveals how God challenged him to change his attitude towards his wife – and what a difference that made