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As a Christian, who should I vote for in this year’s election?


What do Christians want from the next government? Tim Wyatt takes a look at the policies, issues and concerns that are highest on your agenda 


  • Jesus let himself be interrupted. We should follow his example

  • Will I be married in heaven?

  • What would Jesus vote?

  • How to be less judgemental and more empathetic this election season



​There is a hunger for God’s presence in young people that we haven’t seen before

2024-06-24T14:46:00+01:00By Gemma Symonds

A Warwickshire youth leader explains what God is doing among Gen Z in her church


Rishi Sunak wants to show ‘no mercy’. But I think we need more


Rishi Sunak wants mercy for himself, but justice for others. He’s just like the rest of us, observes Natalie Williams