You Are a Tree is a compilation of meditations which draw on seven metaphors contained in the scriptures. Written to “nourish life, thought and prayer”, Joy Marie Clarkson delves into the concept of being firmly grounded in a world where the current condition is one of detachment, a conflicted sense of purpose and a lack of meaningful relationships or a sense of belonging. In today’s fast-paced society Clarkson helps Christians find true rest in God. Her book is a reminder of our true identity as a child of God, created and known by him. 

The book is well structured, with chapters devoted to each of the seven metaphors, which serve as a commentary on the fragility of the human condition. Drawing on personal experience as well as a wealth of philosophers and theologians, Clarkson offers rich insights into the strength we find in God.

Each chapter ends with a ‘living metaphor’. This provides the reader with an activity, such as picking a tree you see every day and observing how it responds to seasons and weather. The metaphor is followed by a prompt such as: “What season do you find yourself in? Where do you draw nourishment from?” 

Each chapter can be read independently, and so there is no need to read the book in order or all in one go. This makes it the perfect book to pick up if you have a spare half hour.

Amid the ‘hustle culture’ of the 21st century, You Are a Tree allows the reader to see what English poet,  Gerard Manley Hopkins, once observed: “The world is charged with the grandeur of God.”