• Jennifer Hudson: ‘My Christian faith couldn’t be any stronger’

  • David Oyelowo: I have built my life on the rock that is Jesus Christ

  • Jenn Johnson: ‘We’ve seen crazy things happen at Bethel’

  • Russell Watson: ‘My friend and I text Bible verses to each other every Sunday’

  • Pastor Agu Irukwu: ‘The Black Church is a sleeping giant; if it wakes up, its influence is significant’

  • Archie Coates: Succeeding Nicky Gumbel, tackling LGBT issues and reaching the lost

  • Jennie Allen: 'If the internet cancels me, I'll be fine'

  • Francis Spufford: ‘Christianity is for adults like me, who mess up and see no way out’

  • Rick Warren: ‘I’m embarrassed by a lot of things done in the name of US evangelicalism’

  • Sir Cliff Richard: My faith has never been stronger

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