We live in a broken world and many of us want to try and fix it. This book by Tearfund’s Rich Gower and communications specialist Rachel Walker is a guide for those on a journey of activism – even if you’re right at the beginning.

The book highlights that Christians are instructed to be good stewards – to look after the world we live in and to be salt and light in our communities. We were made to bring changes to the world around us. As Ruth Valerio says in the foreword, this book will inspire you and remind you why activism matters for Christians. 

Contributors to the book include well-known US activist Shane Claiborne; however, it isn’t always clear which author has written which section.

Chapters cover topics such as avoiding burnout, demystifying campaigning and local initiatives. Each one is detailed, well researched and includes a reflection at the end to help us consider how we are going to put these lessons into practice – plus a list of recommended podcasts and further reading. 

Despite its depth, you’ll be left wanting even more.