You may think a book about revival is for a certain calibre of Christian. That’s not the case. This book is for every believer and, after reading it, you will feel that you have been fed an extraordinary meal.

Malcolm Macdonald challenges us to consider how thirsty we are for God, and reminds us that we need to drink of him every day. A longing for God and dependence on him will lead us to the place where we want to his Church revived.  

Macdonald suggests that we are part of a dehydrated Church in a parched land. His language is strong and challenging, suggesting that, in some places, the Church is impotent. We have become oversensitised to our culture and not to God’s Spirit. We are self-reliant and compromise our faith. His challenge is: Don’t waste time. 

You may think this is too challenging, but Malcolm writes in a sensitive and hopeful way. He has yearned for revival since he was a teen in the early 1980s, and believes it’s the answer to a thirsty world. His heart is for, as Duncan Campbell says, “a community saturated with God”.