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    Black Liturgies - Cole Arthur Riley


    This book has been marketed for “anyone asking what it means to be human”, but I suspect its actual audience will be more focused than that. As the author and African-American poet Cole Arthur Riley herself writes: “I was desperate for a liturgical space that could center ...

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    Reasoning in the Public Square - Graham Nicholls


    At first glance, this book appears to live up to Graham Nicholls’ intention to provide practical guidance on how Christians can publicly proclaim the gospel to non-Christians. In six short chapters, the director of Affinity addresses the challenges of spreading the word through traditional forms of media, ...

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    Yearning For the Vast and Endless Sea - Chris Russell


    Here’s a book to excite you, especially if you’ve lost your passion for the gospel message. It aims to stir the flames of a burning desire to tell others the good news. Written by the Archbishop of Canterbury’s advisor for evangelism, Chris Russell, the book comes complete ...

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    Field Notes for the Wilderness - Sarah Bessey


    Disappointed with the Church? With God? With ourselves? Many Christians find themselves in a wilderness place at some point in their lives. Sarah Bessey’s Field Notes for the Wilderness examines the reasons why this might be so, and offers suggestions for navigating a way through what can ...

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    Notes on Feminism - Lauren Windle


    Lauren Windle’s Notes on Feminism is a strikingly bold collection of notes on a theme, in which the author names some of the unspoken realities which will be familiar to many Christian women. Windle doesn’t shy away from articulating unspoken stereotypes: “Many people feel that the ...

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    Nice Churchy Patriarchy - Liz Cooledge Jenkins


    If you agree that Christian women are victims of the patriarchy and the evils of traditional gender roles, then you might value these anecdotes of a feminist navigating her way through the American Church. Otherwise, I do not find much to commend it. Liz Cooledge Jenkins recounts ...

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    Untangle Your Emotions - Jennie Allen


    In her sixth non-fiction title, BIble teacher Jennie Allen continues her journey into the world of Christian pop-psychology. Best known as the founder of global women’s ministry, IF:Gathering, Allen begun her career writing Bible studies, and became known for her chatty, personable style. Over the years, her ...

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    Acclaimed novelist Marilynne Robinson on Reading Genesis, imagining heaven and (not) insulting God


    The Pulitzer Prize-winning author says she’s proof that the world isn’t as antagonistic towards Christians as many assume 

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    Elisabeth Elliot - Lucy S R Austen


    If you are among the millions of people who’ve read Elisabeth Elliot’s bestselling book Through Gates of Splendor (Tyndale), then this biography’s subject will be familiar to you. If not, then keep reading, because evangelicalism on both sides of the Atlantic has been heavily influenced by Elliot. ...

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    When Jesus Met Hippies - Andrew Whitman


    Interested in revival, the birth of Christian rock music or charismatic renewal? Don’t miss this book, says our reviewer

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    Hearing the Message of Ecclesiastes - Christopher J H Wright


    This commentary on Ecclesiastes will make you grateful that this strange book is in your Bible, says our reviewer

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    Practicing the Way - John Mark Comer


    John Mark Comer’s latest book is a must-read, says our reviewer

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    City of Echoes - Jessica Wärnberg


    Jessica Wärnberg has a background in religious history and the history of art; she certainly brings an artistic touch to this magnificent book. Painting word pictures using shades, colour and contrast, Wärnberg demonstrates rigorous research and a deft touch in handling complex historical material. This is a ...

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    One - Clive Bowsher


    It’s always a good sign when a book makes you miss your stop on the tube. One is that kind of book; it draws you in and forces you to consider just how good the gospel really is. On the surface, One is a book about ...

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    Activating the Voice of God in Your Home - Matt Holman


    Matt Holman’s book is the product of many years honing his gift of prophecy and teaching it to others. The result is a well-constructed yet simple book, full of practical advice. Each section is themed, with a biblical base and activations. In many cases, everyday items ...

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    Covenant - Danny Kruger


    In modern British politics, discussion about Christianity and its positive contribution to society is unusual. So a book by a sitting MP, which bemoans our collective loss of Judeo-Christian ethics and argues for their reintroduction into government policy, is welcome. The Conservative MP and Christian, Danny ...

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    Consider him - Catherine Campbell


    In her second devotional, author Catherine Campbell aims to centre our hearts and minds on the essence of Christ. Guiding readers through a year-long journey, she explores the character and actions of Jesus. Each concise daily devotional incorporates a verse of scripture along with a reference to ...

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    A year with Michael Green - Stephen Poxon


    This daily devotional draws on a variety of the 70 books written by the late Rev Michael Green, apologist and Anglican priest, with each page presenting a Bible passage, quote and concluding prayer. Stephen Poxon acknowledges that his book is intended to act as a Holy Spirit-led ...

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    Fierce humility - Paul Friend


    It may feel like an oxymoron to put the words ‘fierce’ and ‘humility’ together, but Paul Friend’s choice of title is a deliberate attempt to reframe the way we view leadership. Friend’s inspiration for this is Jesus himself, who not only fiercely pursued a lifestyle of humility ...

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    Don’t fret - Don Purdey


    It’s rare to come across a foreword that so powerfully shapes how you read what follows. This one tells the story of the author, Don Purdey, passionately worshipping God, despite the slurred speech cruelly brought on by motor neurone disease. It adds that the last page of ...