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    A pocketful of hope - Pat Allerton


    While the dark days of Covid-19 lockdowns are becoming an increasingly distant memory, the image of a lone vicar cycling the empty streets of his London patch, stopping to pray and play a hymn to his unsuspecting parishioners is an event that many of us still recall ...

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    Something you once knew - Joshua Luke Smith


    “The culture today tells us we can be whoever we want to be. So why do so many of us feel stuck?” asks musician, pastor and poet-turned-author, Joshua Luke Smith. Described as an invitation to rediscover “the magic, the mystery and the miracle” of everyday life, create ...

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    The unhiding of Elijah Campbell - Kelly Flanagan


    When a book is described as anything “…meets The Shack”, the bar is immediately set high. In Kelly Flanagan’s debut novel, Elijah Campbell is a successful author who is happily married to Rebecca. But when his wife leaves him, and with unmet deadlines and debts looming, the ...

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    The air we breathe - Glen Scrivener


    “Why do the nations rage?” muses the writer of Psalm 2. The answer, he explains, is that they do so to free themselves from the restraints of God’s moral law. However, as the psalmist, and the rest of the Bible, points out, when you do to that, ...

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    Braver - Deborah Jenkins


    There is a God-shaped hole at the centre of this book. Which is odd, since it is about a vicar in crisis and the neighbours she is trying to help. The novel is written by a Christian but published by a mainstream publisher, which you need to ...

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    Beyond The Collar - Rev Mark Edwards MBE


    “Can a damaged child with mental health issues, a history of self-harm and suicide attempts become a successful priest?” asks the blurb of Mark Edwards’ memoir. It’s an important, and interesting, question. The book details how Edwards navigated his first curacy, and how he deals with tensions ...

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    'Kingdom Race Theology' is a missed opportunity


    Written by the US-based pastor and author Tony Evans, Kingdom Race Theology attempts to biblically examine our ethnic identities alongside our Christ-centred identity. However, this is as deep as his theology goes. There is little consideration of the roles that experience, tradition and reason could contribute. The ...

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    A disturbing tale of how an evangelical vicar lost his faith


    If you want a nice Christian book for your mother-in-law, look somewhere else. This is a disturbing read. Within these pages is the real life account of a gifted young evangelist in his 20s who moves to a deprived housing estate to live with some of the ...

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    Need to give your pain to God? Sheila Walsh's encouraging book will help


    To be human is to want to give up when life gets too much; to be a Christian is to cling to the promises and the hand of God when life feels overwhelming. This is the encouragement of Scottish songwriter Sheila Walsh in her latest book. It ...

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    Rachel Gardner: The ‘God Sex Lady’ on why the Church needs to get better at bedroom talk


    Ahead of Valentine’s Day, Rachel Gardner says discussing sex may make us squirm, but not talking about it is far worse

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    2021: My Year In Books


    Sarah Yardley, author, speaker and mission and ministry lead at Christian festival, Creation Fest, shares the books that have been shaping her soul in 2021

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    The book that changed my life - Jeff Lucas


    Jeff’s favourite book included an inspiring passage about paperclips and mountain-moving faith. I stood outside the shop, nervous about stepping over the threshold. I’d never been in an establishment like this before. Pushing open the door, a troubling ‘ding’ announced my arrival, but my anxiety was quickly ...

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    David Walliams is mistaken. The Bible DOES have a happy ending


    The comedian’s attempt to read the Bible is admirable, says Mark Woods. But going cover to cover may not be the best approach