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    You Are a Tree - Joy Marie Clarkson


    You Are a Tree is a compilation of meditations which draw on seven metaphors contained in the scriptures. Written to “nourish life, thought and prayer”, Joy Marie Clarkson delves into the concept of being firmly grounded in a world where the current condition is one of detachment, ...

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    Urban Apologetics: Cults and cultural ideologies - Eric Mason


    Edited by Eric Mason, this book is a collection of essays written by church leaders to address the rise of modern-day cults. A useful apologetic tool, the contributors highlight issues that primarily apply in Western nations, such as the US and UK. It touches on how cults ...

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    Dancing for the Devil is a disturbing portrayal of a Christian cult


    This new Netflix documentary about a cult leader is hard viewing for Christians, but could help us identify the early warning signs of spiritual abuse, says Giles Gough

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    Black Liturgies - Cole Arthur Riley


    This book has been marketed for “anyone asking what it means to be human”, but I suspect its actual audience will be more focused than that. As the author and African-American poet Cole Arthur Riley herself writes: “I was desperate for a liturgical space that could center ...

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    Reasoning in the Public Square - Graham Nicholls


    At first glance, this book appears to live up to Graham Nicholls’ intention to provide practical guidance on how Christians can publicly proclaim the gospel to non-Christians. In six short chapters, the director of Affinity addresses the challenges of spreading the word through traditional forms of media, ...

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    Field Notes for the Wilderness - Sarah Bessey


    Disappointed with the Church? With God? With ourselves? Many Christians find themselves in a wilderness place at some point in their lives. Sarah Bessey’s Field Notes for the Wilderness examines the reasons why this might be so, and offers suggestions for navigating a way through what can ...

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    The Book of Clarence isn’t blasphemous. It’s brilliant!


    It might look like an irreverent comedy, but this film asks some big questions – and paints a picture of Jesus that’s beautifully beguiling, says Martin Saunders 

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    The Devil’s Passion: A funny and moving play about Jesus, told from Satan’s perspective


    This play which merges gospel accounts with modern espionage is Zero Dark 30 pieces of silver. It’s sophisticated, satirical and highly recommended, says Jonty Langley

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    Consider him - Catherine Campbell


    In her second devotional, author Catherine Campbell aims to centre our hearts and minds on the essence of Christ. Guiding readers through a year-long journey, she explores the character and actions of Jesus. Each concise daily devotional incorporates a verse of scripture along with a reference to ...

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    A year with Michael Green - Stephen Poxon


    This daily devotional draws on a variety of the 70 books written by the late Rev Michael Green, apologist and Anglican priest, with each page presenting a Bible passage, quote and concluding prayer. Stephen Poxon acknowledges that his book is intended to act as a Holy Spirit-led ...

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    Fierce humility - Paul Friend


    It may feel like an oxymoron to put the words ‘fierce’ and ‘humility’ together, but Paul Friend’s choice of title is a deliberate attempt to reframe the way we view leadership. Friend’s inspiration for this is Jesus himself, who not only fiercely pursued a lifestyle of humility ...

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    Journey to Bethlehem: When the Bible meets High School Musical


    This Christmas musical fails to hit the right chords, says Tim Bechervaise


    Beyond Utopia: Watch how a pastor is helping people escape from North Korea


    A new documentary tells the story of Pastor Kim, who is helping North Koreans escape the totalitarian dictatorship. Megan Titley went to see it

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    Saturated with God - Malcolm Macdonald


    You may think a book about revival is for a certain calibre of Christian. That’s not the case. This book is for every believer and, after reading it, you will feel that you have been fed an extraordinary meal. Malcolm Macdonald challenges us to consider how thirsty ...

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    Why less means more - Cathy Madavan


    Sometimes the title of a book or the chapter headings alone grab your attention. As a reader, you instinctively know: This book will do you good. Cathy Madavan does not disappoint with her latest title. Less complexity, more clarity. Less pace, more space. Less random, more rhythm. ...

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    Amy Tan: My favourite 8 songs


    Rev Amy Tan is one of the first Chinese-Malaysian woman to be ordained in the Church of England and is currently a curate at Gas Street Church, Birmingham. She previously worked as a professional musician in her home country of Malaysia 

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    Sound of Freedom: This Christian film on child trafficking has become a weapon of the culture wars


    The controversy and commentary around Sound of Freedom threatens to overshadow the important issues it raises. It’s the most perplexing cinema release of our times, says Nathanael Smith

  • The Hiding Place

    The Hiding Place: A poignant film threaded with God’s grace in adversity


    Corrie Ten Boom’s story of rescuing Jews during the Holocaust may be well known, but this new theatrical film portrays a relatable hero who still causes us all to ask questions about our response to suffering, says Emma Hide

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    Barbenheimer: Two brilliant films Christians need to be engaging with


    Barbenheimer is a cinematic phenomenon. Jonty Langley has watched both Barbie and Oppenheimer, and reckons they each have something profound to say, both to the Church and to our searching culture

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    Haydon Spenceley: My top 8 songs


    The chaplain of Northampton Town Football Club and director of vocations and formation for the diocese of Peterborough shares his top tunes