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    Kanye struggles with unanswered prayer - so do I


    Struggling with unanswered prayer can paralyse us. But Jesus is with us in the pain, says Josh Green, and he’ll never leave our side

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    Saturated with God - Malcolm Macdonald


    You may think a book about revival is for a certain calibre of Christian. That’s not the case. This book is for every believer and, after reading it, you will feel that you have been fed an extraordinary meal. Malcolm Macdonald challenges us to consider how thirsty ...

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    The prayer meeting that brought down a government?


    Reflecting on the unexpected impact of the recent Parliamentary Prayer Breakfast, Andy Flannagan says the event should remind Christians that when it comes to politics, integrity and character really do matter. And we all have a part to play

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    ‘God’s presence was irresistible’ - Andy Flannagan on the 'holy moments' at Parliament prayer breakfast


    Hours after Andy Flannagan led parliamentarians in singing about integrity, truth and justice, a spate of government ministerial resignations took place, with Sajid Javid referencing the prayer breakfast in his speech. As Boris Johnson confirms he will stand down this autumn, Sam Hailes speaks to Flannagan, who also heads Christians in Politics, to ask what we should make of claims that a prayer meeting led to the highest number of ministerial resignations in history.