Brian Mountford

Brian Mountford

Brian Mountford is the author of Religion and Generation Z (John Hunt Publishing) Church Going Gone (Christian Alternative). He grew up in London, studied theology in Newcastle and Cambridge, before being ordained into the Church of England at St Paul's Cathedral in 1968. He is the former vicar of the University Church, Oxford (1986-2016) and is Supernumerary Fellow St Hilda’s College, Oxford, retaining an ecclesiastical title as Canon Emeritus of Christ Church Cathedral, Oxford. Brian is also Publisher at Large, responsible for the 'Christian Alternative' imprint, at John Hunt Publishing, In 2016 he was awarded an MBE 'for services to ecclesiastical heritage'. 


    ​Why is Generation Z leaving the Church?


    Gen Z is made up of people aged 10-25. The vast majority of 'Zoomers' say they have 'no religion'. Brian Mountford has been researching why they typically reject Christian faith. Here's what he's discovered