Greg Downes

Greg is theologian and missioner at St Michael Le Belfrey church, York.

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    Profile: Bill Johnson


    Charismatics from around the world have been flocking to Bethel Church in Redding, California, to experience its ongoing focus on worship, miracles and revival. Greg Downes speaks to Bethel’s leader Bill Johnson about faith and doubt, hunting and healing – and his hope for revival.

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    The Bible and Homosexuality: Part Two


    Theologian in residence Greg Downes unpacks the traditional evangelical understanding of homosexuality.

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    Leadership Traps


    Even the strongest leaders aren’t immune to tripping up occasionally. Greg Downes addresses some common pitfalls. ‘Merry Christmas Maggie Thatcher, We all celebrate today, cos it’s one day closer to your death.’

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    The Intractable Issue of Syria


    As politicians globally discuss whether and how to intervene, Greg Downes seeks to bring a Christian perspective. 

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    Are we nicer than God?


    For some, the essence of Christianity consists of ‘being nice’ to everyone. But is it really a Christian virtue?

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    The puzzle of suffering


    How to reconcile a loving and powerful God with the presence of suffering on earth is an age-old apologetic puzzle with no easy answers. Greg Downes has a go at putting the pieces together.