Lucinda van der Hart

Lucinda van der Hart

Lucinda van der Hart is a freelance writer and social media manager. Follow her on Twitter @Lucindavdh

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    Christina Dean: The ethical fashion pioneer on a mission to change the way you shop


    Searching through refuse tips for thrown away clothes may not sound very fashionable, but Christina Dean isn’t your average designer

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    Transgenderism: Born with the wrong body?


    With an increasing number of high-profile individuals coming out as transgender or ‘gender fluid’, Lucinda van der Hart explores how we can begin to formulate a biblical response to transgenderism

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    What colour animal are you? How personality profiling could transform your ministry


    Leaders need the right team around them. Lucinda van der Hart investigates whether personality profiling tools can help

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    Holy Places


    Six Christians talk about the sacred spaces in which they experience the presence and holiness of God

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    Gavin and Anne Calver


    The Evangelical Alliance director for mission England, Gavin Calver, and his wife, Anne, a trainee Baptist minister, are the theme leaders for this year’s Spring Harvest. Lucinda van der Hart meets them   

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    Locked-in but not Abandoned


    At the age of 33, Andy Davies experienced a stroke, leaving him with Locked-in syndrome. He and his wife Emmashare how their entire world has been turned upside down – and yet somehow, they have held on to faith in a healing God 

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    Conversion, miracles and hope at the church for refugees


    Lebanese church leaders Camille and Stefan are seeing hundreds of Syrian refugees arrive destitute on their church doorstep, turn to Christ, experience miraculous healings and even express gratitude for their trauma – because it has enabled them to discover a God of love

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    Held hostage for a purpose


    When Ashley Smith was taken hostage by multiple murderer Brian Nichols, she thought her life was over. But during her 24 hours in captivity, she was able to read to him from the Bible, and Rick Warren’s The Purpose Driven Life. What happened next is the subject of Hollywood film Captive.

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    Held captive: for a purpose


    When Ashley Smith was taken hostage by multiple murderer Brian Nichols, she thought her life was over. But during her 24 hours in captivity, she was able to read to him from the Bible, and Rick Warren’s The Purpose Driven Life. What happened next is the subject of Hollywood film Captive.

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    Hallelujah! A Christian film that's actually quite good


    Lucinda van der Hart shocks herself by waxing lyrical about Hollywood’s latest Christian offering, Captive

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    Profile: Joyce Meyer on passion, preaching & prosperity


    Thousands listen to her upbeat talks every week. But TV preacher Joyce Meyer has plenty of critics too. Premier Christianity met her to find out who she is off-screen.

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    Yes you are beach body ready


    Lucinda van der Hart reflects on what we can learn from what may have been 2015’s most hated advert.

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    Profile: Joanna Jepson


    Lucinda van der Hart chats to Rev Joanna Jepson who set up the first chaplaincy to the London College of Fashion, has raised a legal case against the abortion of a cleft palate baby and once lived in a Welsh convent with 13 nuns and monks.

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    Q&A: William Morris


    Rev William Morris is director of Global Tax Policy at General Electric and a priest in the Church of England. He talks to Lucinda van der Hart about his new book Where is God at Work?.

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    Leadership Conference Day 1: Nicky Gumbel & Joyce Meyer on unity


    Premier Christianity's Lucinda van der Hart is at the HTB Leadership Conference 2015. She shares highlights from day 1.

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    Girl interrupted


    Having struggled with depression from childhood, Laura Miles became dependent on self-harm. Reaching rock bottom in her early 20s, she formed detailed plans to take her own life, but God had other ideas.

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    God moved my family to the slum


    As teenagers, Dr Ash Barker and his wife Anji felt a call to bring Christ to the world’s poorest people. Twenty-five years on, their journey has taken them to live among the urban poor in Melbourne, Australia, and to the heart of a Bangkok slum.

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    Our top ten female-focussed articles


    In celebration of International Women’s Day 2015, here’s a glance at ten of our favourite Premier Christianity magazine articles on Christian women.

  • REX/Paul Grover

    The Archbishop of Canterbury's top ten tips for evangelism


    Last night the Most Revd Justin Welby shared his wisdom on evangelism with our team here at Premier. Here’s his top ten on sharing Christ with those around you…

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    May we introduce you to…a Godpreneur


    After a dramatic conversion to Christianity, former hedge fund manager Martin Zuch changed career direction, launching two banana farm projects in the African bush. His latest project enables a community in Malawi to support itself through a beekeeping enterprise. He shared his story of faith-fuelled entrepreneurship with Lucinda van der Hart.

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