It may feel like an oxymoron to put the words ‘fierce’ and ‘humility’ together, but Paul Friend’s choice of title is a deliberate attempt to reframe the way we view leadership. Friend’s inspiration for this is Jesus himself, who not only fiercely pursued a lifestyle of humility that confounded the religious leaders of his time, but fought for it in his disciples, too. 

Friend’s chapters are based around the formation of our own characters first, followed by practical tips on how to encourage the same in those we lead. He teaches us how to humble ourselves both before God and others. Within this structure he deftly deals with tricky subjects such as relying on God and not your gifting, seeking the praise of your Father, not the crowd, releasing and not controlling others, as well as how to serve, forgive and be vulnerable as a leader.

Born out of more than 25 years of leadership experience, Friend brings a wealth of wisdom, as well as amusing anecdotes and stories. Whether you are a minister, manager, youth pastor or small group leader, you’ll find this book timely and practical.

star five