Roger Cooke

Roger Cooke

Roger Cooke is a rector in the Church of Ireland. He is married with three children and lives on the Causeway Coast in Northern Ireland

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    Metamorphosis - Matt Hatch


    Metamorphosis sets out to help the struggling but committed believer to pursue God’s best for them. This recommended process of growth and transformation owes as much to the ancient practices of the past – particularly Ignatian spirituality – as it does to the modern-day wisdom of the author.

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    I am asking in the name of God - Pope Francis


    This is Pope Francis’ manifesto for divine transformation in a world that he suggests is in crisis. The tone is like that of a devoted but concerned father, passing on some of the wisdom and insights he has gathered over a long life, well lived.

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    Heroes or villains? - Jeannie Kendall


    When Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn famously declared: “The line separating good and evil passes not through states, nor between classes, nor between political parties…but right through every human heart”, he was reminding us that humans are complex creatures, capable of good, evil and everything in-between. When it comes to analysing what someone ...

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    Banning Conversion Therapy - Patricia Morgan


    This book insists that banning conversion therapy constitutes a serious threat to freedom speech and should be resisted at all costs, says our reviewer 

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    By bread alone - Kendall Vanderslice


    Professional baker and practical theologian Kendall Vanderslice unpacks an everyday truth: that “our spiritual lives are deeply connected to bread – the bread we break with family and friends, and the Bread that is Christ’s body”.

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    Enough - Dr Kathrine McAleese


    Dr Kathrine McAleese’s book is a word in season for those of us who are suspicious of the latest self-help guru, but nonetheless want to hit the pause button and take stock of where we’re at in life, with a view to making some big changes.


    'Magisteria' expertly demolishes lazy myths about science and religion


    Many, but perhaps not all of us, will be familiar with the 1957 big-screen portrayal of Reginald Rose’s legendary drama Twelve Angry Men.

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    A pocketful of hope - Pat Allerton


    While the dark days of Covid-19 lockdowns are becoming an increasingly distant memory, the image of a lone vicar cycling the empty streets of his London patch, stopping to pray and play a hymn to his unsuspecting parishioners is an event that many of us still recall with a great ...

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    Islam on trial - Chawkat Moucarry


    The demise of Christianity in the West has been well-documented for some time. But Syrian born, Arab-speaking academic Chawkat Moucarry argues that Islam has experienced similar tribulations as it struggles to address the challenges of this present age.