Roger Cooke

Roger Cooke

Roger Cooke is a rector in the Church of Ireland. He is married with three children and lives on the Causeway Coast in Northern Ireland


    'Magisteria' expertly demolishes lazy myths about science and religion


    Many, but perhaps not all of us, will be familiar with the 1957 big-screen portrayal of Reginald Rose’s legendary drama Twelve Angry Men.

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    A pocketful of hope - Pat Allerton


    While the dark days of Covid-19 lockdowns are becoming an increasingly distant memory, the image of a lone vicar cycling the empty streets of his London patch, stopping to pray and play a hymn to his unsuspecting parishioners is an event that many of us still recall with a great ...

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    Islam on trial - Chawkat Moucarry


    The demise of Christianity in the West has been well-documented for some time. But Syrian born, Arab-speaking academic Chawkat Moucarry argues that Islam has experienced similar tribulations as it struggles to address the challenges of this present age.