This is an invaluable resource for anyone wanting to properly investigate the government’s proposals to restrict individuals from seeking therapy for unwanted sexual attraction, or any attempt to “change, modify or suppress a person’s sexual orientation or gender identity”.

Morgan argues that some of the legislation currently under consideration could criminalise certain types of prayer and counselling, teaching based on traditional Christian doctrine or even critical discussion about sexual orientation or gender identity. She suggests this would amount to a serious attack on freedom of inquiry, freedom of speech, and the rights and responsibilities of parents.

She robustly challenges the “overwhelmingly affirming” way of proceeding (anything goes as long as you don’t hurt anyone), suggesting this has become pervasive within many institutions. She concludes that this stance has been adopted for reasons of ease and expediency, with little or no critique: “Unless you want trouble, do not challenge the narrative of unquestioning ‘affirmation’ for every child who claims to be trans – no matter the age, context or lack of responsible medical oversight provided to the family”, she says.

The book ends with an unambiguous insistence that the proposed legislation banning conversion therapy, as outlined in the Queen’s Speech of 2022, is a serious threat to freedom of choice and speech and should be resisted at all costs.