Rob Parsons

Rob Parsons

Rob Parsons OBE is founding chairman of Christian charity Care for the Family.

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    Rob Parsons OBE: My meetings with the Queen


    The founder of Care for the Family recalls his meetings with the late monarch

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    Destructive criticism


    Bestselling author Rob Parsons believes Christians are increasingly violating the Church community’s standards with waspish critique and verbal attacks. He explains why we must be wise in how we handle the power of the tongue

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    Let me tell you a story


    According to leading business magazine Forbes, the world of commerce has just discovered a new tool to enable companies to better engage with customers and employees: stories.

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    Teach us to pray


    When I was a young Christian, a man came to our church and gave a talk on prayer. He said, ‘Why do you find it hard to spend ten minutes talking with God? You can easily spend an hour talking to your girlfriend.

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    Character Crisis


    How do you judge a speaker at a large Christian festival? Is it by their expository skill, their brilliance at telling stories, their grasp of theology, their wit or their wisdom?

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    The room next door


    On one occasion when I was speaking at a Christian festival, I asked: ‘Who’s looking forward to going to heaven?’ All around the vast arena, thousands of hands went up. I then asked another question: ‘Who’d like to go today?’ I have never seen hands descend so quickly!

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    Ordinary people


    Lewis Smedes was an academic, author and pastor – his teaching changed the lives of people across the world. I was intrigued to read about the day he left seminary to take up his first job as the pastor of a small church. Just before he got into his car he spotted one of his teachers nearby and called out, ‘Professor, do you have any last words of advice for me?’

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    Between you and God


    In the script for hit musical Blood Brothers, the narrator notices some carefree young children playing and says: ‘And who’d dare tell the lambs in spring what fate the later seasons bring?’

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    Judge not lest ...


    I made a bad mistake. I realise that this in itself isn’t earth-shattering news, but this was a really bad mistake. And I didn’t realise I had made it for more than a week.

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    Held by God


    A month ago, my daughter Katie went into hospital for a routine operation. The next day she experienced complications, and over the following two weeks she had two further major operations, a blood transfusion and a suspected heart attack.

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    Give me Wisdom


    A friend of mine is a politician. He tells the story that one year in mid-December a journalist from the local newspaper rang him and asked: ‘What would you like for Christmas?’

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    At least...


    My friend lost a child. It wasn’t after a long illness and there was no chance to say goodbye or to whisper a final ‘I love you’. It was a car accident that took just 30 seconds from beginning to end, and changed the lives of a family forever.

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    Nasty Christians


    Why are we Christians often so nasty to each other? Imagine there is some friction in your local church. Typically it will be about the style of leadership, the music, the new building project or the youth work.

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    Rob Parsons: Do you really believe God Loves You?


    Do you ever wonder what people think of you? A friend gave me a simple test to find out: ask yourself what you think of them and it will mirror what they think of you. Do you find your friend funny, generous or loyal? Well, that’s how they perceive you. Is your work colleague difficult, moody or disloyal? Well... you get the idea.

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    Rob Parsons: Just Do It


    I had been complaining to a friend about an aspect of my life that I wished was different. To be honest, I can’t really remember what it was; it might have been my prayer life, my waistline, or my attitude to somebody whom I found difficult.

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    Rob Parsons: Some of us have spent our whole lives trying to sing somebody else’s song


    I’m not sure what made me do it. One minute I was at a wedding reception sitting quietly at a table, the next I was on stage in front of a karaoke machine belting out ‘Suspicious Minds’.

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    Rob Parsons: Do you dare to be vulnerable?


    Somebody once said that with regard to our children’s lives, ‘The days are long, but the years are short.’ That has certainly been true in my experience, but as we celebrate our 25th anniversary at Care for the Family I believe it is also true in respect of those years of ministry.

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    When the Marriage Seems to Be Over


    The bleak statistics about one in three marriages ending in divorce give the impression that the trend is all one way. But Rob Parsons, Executive Director of Care for the Family reflects on marriages that have come through the tough times and are strong today.

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    Rob Parsons: Disappointed with God


    Can I go on following a God who allows me to go through difficult things? Have you ever thought you might stop following Jesus? This experience isn’t a new one for Christians and it isn’t new to Jesus