Hundreds of Christians have gathered near Birmingham to pray on the site where the Eternal Wall of Answered Prayer will be constructed. Richard Gamble believes it was a significant moment of Christian unity

Last Thursday at 12pm, Christian leaders across all denominations, gathered to bless the site in Coleshill, Birmingham where the world’s largest Christian landmark, Eternal Wall of Answered Prayer, will start construction early next year.

On this historic day we witnessed the coming together of a diverse collective of Christians, united in worship, reciting a prayer written for the event, walking from East to West to consecrate the land where the wall will be built. 

This was a unique moment where every style of Christianity, from Greek Orthodox through to Pentecostal was welcomed.

There was power in the unity of over 200 members of the broad church praying together. Many leaders observed and reported a strong presence of God on the land. In reference to Jesus’s prayer in John 17 of “let them be one”, if this project can become part of that answer, it will be something monumental indeed.

Many leaders reported a strong presence of God on the land

Bishop Mike Royal, General Secretary of Churches Together, opened the event, followed by Ness Wilson of Open Heaven Church in Loughborough and Rev Betty King of Truthvine church, London who each led prayers and reflections. Pastor Rasaq Ibrahim of Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) Erdington concluded the day with closing prayers.


This was followed by a two-day blessing, where over 150 Christians visited the site to pray.

We set up ten individual prayer stations, each one providing an overview of what the Eternal Wall will look like from that viewpoint. Each station contained the story of one answered prayer taken from the 36,419 strong database.

There was a very special moment when an adult visitor recognised himself as the infant in the answered prayer featured at one of the prayer stations. It was the miraculous story of a baby proclaimed dead by the family’s GP, only to be found alive and healthy after an evening spent praying for a miracle. 

The blessing of the site was a unique chance for supporters to experience the physicality of this project, from the newly built access road to the reality of the wall’s scale, illustrated by a drone flying at 51.5 metres above the land, representing the peak of the arch.

Looking forward, I am keen to protect the integrity of the project and the Christian values for future generations to come. Predominantly I see this as a project for colleges and schools, an inspirational site that will remain relevant to and engage with generations to come, proclaiming the message that prayer works, with Jesus as the true anchor of hope in our world of ever-increasing uncertainty.

The Eternal Wall as a monument of hope, will no doubt attract visitors from across the globe when it opens in 2026, but the stories will also live digitally in the largest ever database of answered prayer, accessible worldwide, helping move hearts to restore faith in the absolute of prayer.

Now is your chance to get involved and become a part of this legacy, simply submit your answered prayers here, from the small every-day to the larger-than-life miracles. We are seeking at least another 200,000 in advance of the site opening for visitors.