Andy Flannagan

Andy Flannagan

Andy Flannagan is a Luton-based Irish singer-songwriter and executive director of Christian in Politics

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    Church is not a safe space


    Jesus often lived a high-risk, low-security lifestyle. As Christians, we are called to follow him, says Andy Flannagan 

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    How to tell if your view of Brexit has become an idol


    Executive director of Christians in Politics, Andy Flannagan, shares his tips on identifying the counterfeit gods you could be worshipping

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    Decisions are made by those who KEEP showing up


    The message of the SHOW UP campaign earlier this year was simple but provocative. It challenged Christians and the Church not to just commentate from the side-lines but to get on the pitch of political life.

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    Jeremy Corbyn: movement or moment?


    Jeremy Corbyn's radical brand of politics could make or break the Labour Party he now leads. Andy Flannagan of Christians on the Left gives us an insider's analysis.

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    Decisions are made by those who show up


    While Christians are often on hand to deal with people in crisis, there is a lack of Christian representation upstream, in the political sphere. Andy Flannagan explains how the Show Up campaign aims to redress the balance.

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    We need an army to march on its knees


    All over the UK, people are responding to the Show Up campaign. It is genuinely exciting. Already, people are showing up by joining political parties, meeting with their MPs and councillors, and even standing for election themselves! This journey won’t be for everyone, but there is a way of showing up that surely will be for everyone: showing up in prayer.