When Bristol Airport unveiled its new multi-faith prayer space yesterday, it was probably hoping for a more positive response from the religious community. But the vast majority of comments from Christians have been negative - ranging from the incredulous to the downright mocking. Here’s a few of our favourites 


Bristol Airport’s new multi-faith prayer room - which does bear more than a passing resemblance to a bus shelter or smoking area  - has been generating quite the buzz on social media.

Some have taken issue with the design, others with the location. Many are incredulous that the airport authorities have been seemingly blindsided by the response to the space.

Here’s a few of our favourite responses 

1. Waiting for God

Is it really a prayer room, or a bus shelter? Maybe it can be both…

…although arguably even some bus shelters are more attractive than this prayer space

2. At the vanguard of faith

Here’s a far more generous (ironic?) take. In eschewing more luxurious surroundings and returning to the asceticism of the early Church Fathers, might the airport be prophetically calling forth spiritual renewal? It’s worth considering…

3. Away in a manger

Turning it into a nativity scene would definitely make it feel more Christmassy…but perhaps not quite so appealing to those of other faiths!

4. Praying for peace

Sometimes my own personal response to car park charges is less then godly, I must admit. Maybe they could put one in all car parks everywhere?

5. Location, location, location

Gosh, They’ve got a point. The location is incredibly convenient for jetting off on honeymoon

6. A new thing

Not everyone in the Christian community was impressed with how the ‘vibe’ of the prayer shelter fits within the historic Church tradition however

…perhaps they should have spent more time in prayer before settling on a design? Oh wait…

Or perhaps just have bought a book. Danny’s got a great recommendation:

7. The camera angle you’re missing…

Good on you Hilary for cutting them a bit of slack. Perhaps it was just the angle of the photograph and when you get inside, it’s a whole lot better than you expected. 

8. Here, there and everywhere

It’s not true. God can definitely hear you whereever you pray. But we see his point…

9. God moves in mysterious ways

Come on, let’s be hopeful people. All prayer is good prayer - perhaps it’ll have unintended consequences?

10. The gateway to heaven

For those of us not fluent in Latin, this roughly translates as: “This is the house of God and the portacabin (usually: gate) to heaven”, a play on the Latin phrase often inscribed above church doorways.

Bristol Airport say the shelter (sorry: prayer space) was built in response to feedback from customers…