Rob Brett is done with the political status quo. He explains why he’ll be voting for a return to “British values” this general election. And no, that doesn’t make him a racist, he explains



The image of a wet-through Rishi Sunak calling the general election on the 22 May 2024 seemed to sum up the state of politics in our country.

Our ‘leader’ (unelected of course) couldn’t even stand up against his so-called advisors and suggest that calling the election while looking like he has been through a car wash was unlikely to fill voters with confidence.

It didn’t take me long to realise that I was going to struggle to find someone to vote for. There has been a lot of talk (and a small mountain of literature through my letter box) telling me to vote strategically to stop this party or that party from gaining a seat.

I want to vote for something, not against something. It seems likely that Labour will win the election because so many British people have had enough of the Conservatives, rather than because they want what Labour has to offer.

Fresh vision

Proverbs 29:18 says: “Where there is no vision, the people perish”. The definition of perish is “to become destroyed or ruined, cease to exist.”

Sound familiar?

Is Britain perishing?

It seems to me that it is. You may not agree but it is clear that Britain is broken. Where is the vision for our country?

So many people feel betrayed by our politicians, and this is because they have betrayed British values. British values that are, essentially, Christian values. Values including freedom of speech, the importance of the family unit and local community; bringing people together rather than driving them apart.

Where is the party that will stand for Britain and British values?

So, as it seemed that I had no one to vote for, was my only choice to spoil my ballot paper – a protest vote?

It was Alexander Hamilton, one of the founding fathers of the United States who said: “those who stand for nothing fall for anything”. This has never been truer.

The Conservative leader is a damp (pardon the pun) squib that couldn’t stand up against his advisors; the Labour leader seems to change his mind every other day and puts the wants of the World Economic Forum above those of his country, and the leader of the Liberal Democrat party stated on a radio show that women can “quite clearly have a penis”.

What a mess!

Common sense

So often over the last four or five years, I have cried out: “make it make sense!” Where has common sense gone, let alone our British values? Where is the party that stands for freedom of speech? Where is the party that stands for the family and knows that children do best when they have a mother and a father?

So many people feel betrayed by politicians who have betrayed British values

Where is the party that stands on the truth that there are only two genders and that women cannot have a penis? (I can’t quite believe I am having to write these words!) Where is the party that will ensure that children are educated how to think and not what to think? Education rather than indoctrination.

Where is the party of common sense?

Where is the party that will stand for Britain and British values?

In the 16th century, there was a movement of reformers who sought to purify the Church and return to the original teachings of Christianity. How we need this in the Church today!

Something needs to change. This direction of travel cannot continue. Our country is almost unrecognisable to that which I grew up in, and it is not the country I want for my children and, God willing, my grandchildren.

Looking for change

Thankfully, there is now a party that is all about change. A party that is a breath of fresh air and a large dose of common sense. A party that will reform the country and the political landscape.

But aren’t they the racist party? Don’t they hate immigrants?

Well, their main funder is a British Muslim whose family were immigrants to Britain in the 1980s so whatever the mainstream media may yell, this doesn’t appear to be the case.

Britain needs to return to British values.

Britain needs to repent. We need leaders who have sorrow and regret for what has happened and will turn the country in a different direction.

Britain needs reform.

Our country is broken. Our communities are divided. Our children are indoctrinated.

Britain needs Reform UK.