The convener of the National Day of Prayer UK, Jonathan Oloyede wants Christians to take to the streets at 3pm on Pentecost Sunday. Here's his vision in full 


I arrived back in England, the country of my birth, in the summer of 1991. I settled into Hounslow East with my only sister, looking forward to holidaying for three months.

Thirty-two years later, I am still on my three-month holiday!

My short stay turned into a permanent mission as I received what I term my 'missionary call' that summer. It changed my life.

I experienced a culture shock after landing in the UK as I quickly realised that this was not the Mecca of Christianity that I had imagined. I’d converted from Islam five years before while at medical school in Nigeria and somehow had the impression that Britain was a Christian country.

During my initial three months, as I prayed and reflected on this spiritual state, the Lord said these words to my heart in prayer: ”You are not here by accident; you are here by my design as part of my recruitment to this part of the world in preparation for the coming of my son Jesus. Drop your agenda and pick up my program.”

Initially I struggled with this call of God as it meant a change of my plans. As the call grew within my heart, I surrendered but with one condition: that God changed the cold weather!

During my first decade, I became involved with a youth fellowship of fellow Nigerians that met in East London. When it became a church plant, the numbers exploded - conversions, baptisms, Bible study, evangelism, and prayer. I was married within three years, and had two children. I knew I was where I was meant to be.

During those early years, the Lord granted me a number of revelations and visions about a move of his Spirit among the young people and natives of the United Kingdom. Between 1999 and 2001, I began to meet and pray with white evangelical believers in East London. Then from 2006 to 2018, we mobilised tens of thousands in prayer across London and the nation.

We held our first stadium prayer meeting in 2007 at the old West Ham stadium. This was followed by subsequent stadium events at Millwall stadium, West Ham twice, Bristol stadium, Saint Helens and Wembley Stadium in 2012. Thousands upon thousands attended these events. Most notably, 30,000 gathered at Wembley stadium for a day of prayer and worship.

Recently, I sat gobsmacked as a church leader told me the story of his gangster brother who came to the Wembley stadium event, cynical, swearing and making fun of Christians at the meeting. By the end of the worship, he was on his knees crying like a baby. He became a Christian right there, turned into different person completely and is now a committed follower of Christ!

After Wembley, we were invited to start or strengthen praying churches and meetings across the whole of the British Isles. I travelled with my faithful companion Kim Dopson to over 300 locations. I even went to the Orkney Islands where rain falls not from the sky but the sea!

We believe the Lord has given instruction for this and that our token unity will trigger a greater level of unity across the land

I do not have enough space to provide the incredible testimonies of God’s grace, power, healing and salvations at these meetings.

We usually held our meetings around Pentecost as we had felt led by God to highlight the festival of the Church’s birthday! (Acts 2)

I believe we still need to return to Pentecost. We need to go back to the principles that birthed the church in power and in unity of Spirit.

So on this year’s Pentecost Sunday (28 May), we are encouraging believers everywhere to meet in a public place at 3pm and sing!

We invite you to sing 'We Seek Your Kingdom' and pray the Lord’s prayer. This will be a prophetic act and sign of unity across the Church in the whole of the UK and Ireland:

We would like to do this ‘flashmob’ style. Gather together, worship and pray briefly for about 15 minutes and then disperse.

It is a prophetic act which we believe has great power because we will all do this together. We believe the Lord has given instruction for this and that our token unity will trigger a greater level of unity and precipitate a wave of mission, evangelism across the land.

We encourage you to invite other believers to your chosen location, whether it be a town hall, a shopping mall, high street or train station. You may also want to record the event and post it online with the hashtag #BackToPentecost

May our unity trigger a wave of boldness, witness, mission and evangelism across the Church.

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