Paul Valler

Paul Valler

Paul Valler is chair of The London Institute for Contemporary Christianity and a mentor, author and speaker

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    The sound of musings - Bryony Wood


    If you like The Sound of Music, then you will love this book. Bryony Wood connects many aspects of the life of faith to the famous narrative of Maria, the would-be nun who became the governess of the von Trapp children and, eventually, their stepmother, and wife of Georg von ...

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    Holy Russia, Holy War?


    The Ukraine war is not only a geopolitical war with Russia, but actually a war within Orthodoxy itself. So argues Katherine Kelaidis in her new book Holy Russia? Holy War? Her rather fatalistic assessment of the situation is tinged with hope for change, says Paul Valler

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    The Word - John Barton


    John Barton’s understanding of the nuances of Bible translation flow from a lifetime of study. In The Word he shows how it has been key at critical junctures in history.

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    Ruler of kings: A full frontal-attack on secularism


    Joseph Boot gives the proverbial boot to secular humanism in the public square

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    Repackaging Christianity: How Alpha conquered the world


    A new book charts the unexpected growth of the Alpha Course from humble beginnings in one London church to a worldwide phenomenon. Here's our 5/5 review

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    A Burning In My Bones - Winn Collier


    The authenticity of Eugene Peterson’s walk with God is what makes this book so compelling. He had all the struggles and temptations common to man, yet an inner, burning desire for God and a long obedience to him. Winn Collier was given free access to Peterson’s prayer journals and I ...