From uplifting stories of people coming to faith, to hard hitting investigations and challenging pieces on Church and culture, Premier Christianity published a wealth of articles in 2023. Our editor chooses his favourites 

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1. ‘Falling pregnant at university made me feel like a failure. But God had a plan’


After reading this article I had an overwhelming desire to give the author a standing ovation. Emily’s story of coming to faith while navigating being a single parent student at the University of Oxford is unusual and inspiring. It’s also a tale of the Church at its very best - and worst - with challenging implications for all of us. 

2. What interviewing the world’s most famous people taught me about God


Cole Moreton is an award-winning journalist who has interviewed some of the most famous people in the world. In this article, he shares memorable encounters and reveals what they’ve taught him about the divine spark that’s present in all of us. 

3. ‘My work on earth isn’t done yet’ Two evangelists on facing serious illness, praying for healing and divine joy


Our deputy editor, Megan Cornwell, summed up this piece perfectly when she wrote, “Someone recently asked me what I look for in a feature. I talked about style, topic, tone etc. but, on reflection, what really makes an article stand out is when you sense something of the presence of God in it. This is one such piece.”

4. New atheism has collapsed. The tide is turning on belief in God


Justin Brierley’s thesis is one of the boldest of the year. A “surprising rebirth” of belief in God is taking place in the West, he says. Really? I was sceptical too. But this article (and his excellent book) convinced me. 

5. Wally & me: How writing to a stranger in prison changed my life

Walter Emmons two

 I don’t mind admitting this piece moved me to tears every time I read it! 

6. How to live for God in a secular age


You may have noticed that being a Christian today is getting more challenging. Whether it’s the arrests of Christians who pray on the streets, or just the general resistance to long held Christian beliefs in our culture, identifying with Jesus is becoming more costly. The question is, what (if anything) should we do about it? This article explores three options. 

7. Why it’s time for Christians to take UFOs seriously


No longer confined to the tin-foil-hat-wearing-brigade, the belief in alien life appeared to go mainstream in 2023. As this article explains, “a growing number of US government officials with high-level security clearance” have been saying some “rather mind-boggling things about UFOs”. Christians already believe we are “not alone” in the universe. But what would the implications be for our theology if the existence of aliens was proved?

8. Ravi Zacharias’ sins of sexual abuse went undetected for years. Here are the lessons the Church needs to learn

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Expert analysis on one of the saddest and most shocking stories the Christian community has to wrestle with in recent times. This is what happened, what went wrong, and what needs to change. 

9. A former sex coach investigates - What does the Bible really say about sex?


This is what happened when a sex coach became a Christian.  

10. Reverse mission: Why African evangelists are blessing Europe


Immigration continues to be a hot topic in the UK, and the rights and wrongs of the knotty policy issues will continue to be debated. One sometimes overlooked aspect of the debate is how immigration is enriching many of our churches. As Rev Dr Israel Olofinjana observes here, many Christians in the Global South are now viewing Europe as the mission field.

11. How Windrush changed the British Church for good


This special edition of Premier Christianity magazine was themed around “Windrush 75: Remembering the struggle, celebrating the successes and building for the future.” It was guest edited by Richard Reddie and distributed at many of the large events which marked the anniversary.  

12. Is a new move of the Holy Spirit taking place? 3 leaders weigh in

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This wasn’t the question we’d originally planned to ask our round-table contributors. I had a more negative angle in mind. It had been many years since past outpourings of the Holy Spirit, so I wanted to know, “Why aren’t we seeing more?” 

Then Asbury happened. It was billed as Generation Z’s first revival, and many British leaders travelled to Kentucky to witness the reports of salvations and the presence of God.

Pete Hughes was one of those leaders. As he says in this discussion with RT Kendall and Emma Stark, on the spiritual climate of the UK: “We’ve been in winter and now we’re entering spring.” May it be so.  

13. 30 years on from Stephen Lawrence - Guvna B on racial justice and the Church

GUVNA B001 copy

The Christian rapper Guvna B was the victim of a recent racist attack which took place just five minutes from where Stephen Lawrence was murdered. The incident, and lack of police cooperation, led him to wonder, “What’s changed?” in the 30 years since Lawrence’s death. This moving article reflects on that tragedy, plus Guvna B’s own experience and the lessons the UK Church still needs to learn.  

14. Fearfully and wonderfully made: 5 disabled Christians share their stories


This is a community who often feel overlooked, so it felt good to publish such a variety of stories. I’m also delighted that Premier Christianity magazine continues to be made accessible for blind and partially sighted people, thanks to our friends at Torch Trust. If you know someone who would benefit from an audio, Braille or large print format of the magazine please contact  

15. Wired for love: How your upbringing affects your relationship with God


A fascinating glimpse into how people’s family background affects their relationship with God. Lots to ponder on here.