World-renowned Bible teachers, actors, pop stars, authors and journalists have all shared their stories with us in 2023. Here are our favourite interviews 

1. Tim Keller: ‘I never want to go back to the prayer life I had before cancer’


In one of the last interviews he gave before his death, Tim Keller reflected on what God had been teaching him through terminal cancer. Five months later, Tim Keller went to glory. Read our obituary here.

2. Jenn Johnson: ‘We’ve seen crazy things happen at Bethel’

JennJohnson-PRPhoto3 copy

Worship leader Jenn Johnson talks gold dust, grave sucking and supernatural healing.

3. Russell Watson: ‘My friend and I text Bible verses to each other every Sunday’


The world-renowned tenor explains how a near-death experience led him to faith.

4. Bridgerton’s Adjoa Andoh: ‘Church is the place where you can be a hot mess; you don’t have to be fine’

Adjoa Andoh 32 (1) (2)

The actor and activist on growing up in the Cotswolds, coming home to the Church and what it means to take every opportunity God gives you.

5. The ‘hated’ Peter Hitchens on pessimism, divine grace and burning his Bible


The opinionated, and often divisive, journalist on how he talked himself out of faith…and then back into it. This year’s fiercest conversation!

6. Rick Warren: ‘I’m embarrassed by a lot of things done in the name of US evangelicalism’

Rick 4

The pastor and best-selling author tells Megan Cornwell how he changed his mind on women in ministry, why he’s ashamed of American evangelicals and what convinced him that gay relationships are ‘not God’s best’.

7. Boyzone’s Shane Lynch: ‘The music industry is Satanic’


Boyzone’s Shane Lynch talks demons, deliverance and working his way back to the light 

8. Francis Spufford: ‘Christianity is for adults like me, who mess up and see no way out’


The critically acclaimed author talks about swearing, messing up his marriage and why Christian art is sometimes a little bit rubbish

9. Rev Les Isaac: ‘I get bored if I’m in church too much. I need to be out there’

Screenshot 2023-03-21 at 13.48.35

As Street Pastors celebrates its 20th anniversary, founder Rev Les Isaac OBE says it’s time for the Church to get up out of the pews and work together

10. Beth Moore on overcoming abuse, growing a worldwide ministry and leaving her beloved denomination



The Bible teacher and founder of Living Proof Ministries speaks candidly about her “knotted-up” life

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