Here’s our pick of the best new courses for your small group or community outreach


Talking Jesus

What’s it all about? Based on Evangelical Alliance research, this six-week, video-based course is designed to help you share your faith naturally with friends, family and colleagues. How much: There’s a £20 charge for all the videos and the workbooks cost £1.50 each. There’s lots of free online resources and bonus content. Find out more:


Big Yes, Little Yes, Healthy Maybe

What’s it all about? Billed as a “new framework for evangelism”, this book and accompanying small group study guide argues we need to look again at how a person comes to faith: “A person’s conversion is often marked not just by a big yes but by many little yeses, and even some healthy maybes along the way.” Who’s behind it? Mark Greenwood, head of evangelism for Elim Churches UK. Find out more:

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321 Course

What’s it all about? An interactive, video-based course that invites you to see life the way Jesus does. Eight 20-minute sessions that cover all the basics of faith: who Jesus is, why we need him and why Christianity is, fundamentally, good news for all humankind. Who’s behind it? Author, evangelist and apologist Glen Scrivener and his organisation, Speak Life. Expect well-crafted arguments and relevant cultural commentary that will appeal to thinkers, seekers and sceptics. How much: Free. Find out more:


The Word One-to-One

What’s it all about? An opportunity to explore the Bible with a non-Christian friend. How does it work? Grab a friend, and work your way through John’s Gospel one verse at a time using the book, app or online plan. How much: The app and online resources are free. Prices of the book vary depending on number purchased. Find out more:

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What’s it all about? A new video series that explores the life-changing meetings people had with Jesus soon after he rose from the dead, and what relevance they have for us today. Who’s behind it? Kingsgate Community Church, Peterborough, Hope Together and Bible Society Find out more: The course launches this month.


Growing faith

What’s it all about? A suite of courses from the Church Army that can be used by all Christians everywhere to grow in faith and share the gospel with others. What to expect: Faith Pictures, Faith Shared, Faith Questions and Faith Empowered are six-session courses that include a video, activity, questions and prayer resources designed to equip and inspire Christians to share their faith effectively. How much: Free. Find out more at:


Practicing the Way

What’s it all about? A new discipleship programme from popular author John Mark Comer. The materials unpack nine spiritual practices, including Sabbath, fasting, generosity, scripture and solitude. How it works: Create an online group, and meet together to watch the videos, working through the practices and reflecting on your journey. Each module can be standalone or used as a set. A book and podcast accompany the series. How much: Free. Find out more at:


The Romans Course

What’s it all about? Explore Paul’s letter to the Romans with Bible Society’s Andrew Ollerton. The ten video sessions, set against the stunning backdrop of Rome, and accompanying guide are designed to take you on a journey to discover your place in God’s plan. How much: First session free, then pay what you can. Find out more at:


The Difference Course

What’s it all about? Developed by the Archbishop of Canterbury’s reconciliation ministry, Difference is a five-part course that explores following Jesus in a complex and divided world, and includes sessions on navigating disagreement and practising forgiveness. Who’s it for? Both large and small groups, online or in-person. It has been run in churches, home groups, pubs and even prisons. How much: Free. Find out more at:


The Unity Course

What’s it all about? The Unity Course enables you to reflect on the place of disagreement within the Christian life. Each of the five sessions come with a range of online resources including scripture references, reflective questions and prayers.  Who’s behind it? Christopher Landau who wrote the book Loving Disagreement How much: All online resources are free. Find out more at:


The Wellbeing Journey

What’s it all about? A holistic eight-part wellness series that helps churches and communities look after their mind, body and spirit. It’s fronted by TV presenters Simon Thomas and Joanna Adeyinka-Burford. Who is it for? Not just for churches, this course is designed to be used with both Christians and non-Christians. There’s also youth, kids and schools’ versions available. How much: Various licensing options ranging from £5 to £325, depending on your size and setting.  Find out more at:


Gospel Entrepreneurs

Who’s it for? A new five-part series to equip, inspire and energise entrepreneurship in the local church. For anyone who wishes to take a strong Christian lead in church, ministry or business. Can be done alone or in a group. Who’s behind it? Roy Crowne, The Gregory Centre for Church Multiplication and a whole host of industry experts. How much: £24.99 for the five-part video series and workbook. Find out more at: