Roger Harper

Roger Harper

Roger Harper has worked for over 30 years in Anglican ministry. He is a full time Prison Chaplain and the author of A British Crash and The Lie of Hell. He blogs at

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    Greg Boyd: The progressive preacher on spiritual gifts, racism and Covid prophecy


    Three years before the pandemic struck, Greg Boyd received an unusual prophetic word, which prompted him to move his church’s material online. We asked him about this seemingly unique warning about Covid-19, and how he feels about being labelled both ‘charismatic’ and ‘progressive’

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    Beyond Order: 12 more rules for life - Jordan B. Peterson


    After the runaway success of 12 Rules For Life, Canadian psychologist Jordan B. Peterson is back with…more rules. Those already familiar with Peterson’s writings will recognise these, restated here: Accept that life is difficult. Adopt personal responsibility for improving your life and others’ lives. Tell the truth. Cherish ancient religious ...

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    David's Tent: A critical review


    6,000 charismatic Christians recently took part in a 72 hour non-stop worship service in Sussex. Roger Harper reports from his first visit to David's Tent 

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    God behind bars: faith stories in an immigration removal centre


    The treatment of immigration detainees has made TV headlines recently. Chaplain Rev Roger Harper shares the stories of those he has prayed with behind the barbed wire fences of a removal centre

  • lgbtchurch

    2 questions on gay marriage which Church of England bishops are ignoring


    This week, members of General Synod voted to reject the Bishop's report on sexuality. Roger Harper explains why he believes the Church of England should settle the issue another way

  • CarolAblog

    20 years on from Toronto, the Blessing continues in the UK


    Contrary to popular belief, the Toronto Blessing is continuing. Roger Harper reports on the movement's latest European conference 

  • Jesus Galiazzo

    Why Jesus is more popular than ever at Edinburgh Fringe


    Roger Harper visits the world's largest cultural festival and discovers that many of the performances are inspired by the life of Christ

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    Mending the tear in the fabric


    Roger Harper looks at what led up to the Anglican Communion’s Primates’ meeting and examines the way ahead

  • Adolfo Lujan

    'We shall not be moved' must be our defiant cry in the aftermath of Paris Attacks


    Giving in to fear is exactly what the terrorists want, Roger Harper argues.

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    In the Power of the Spirit


    She’s well known for her life-changing work with drug addicts in Hong Kong and she’s seen thousands of lives changed. But Jackie Pullinger-To shuns evangelistic strategies and has few resources. So how exactly does she do it? Roger Harper finds out.

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    Can God really speak to us while we are sleeping?

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    The Real Angels


    Angels at Christmas might conjure up pictures of children dressed up or fluffy toys on top of trees, but the Bible tells a very different story about these ‘celestial terminators’...

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    Deliver us from evil


    Unclean spirits can be removed by the loving power of the Holy Spirit and the authority of Jesus, working through His people. Roger Harper explains why deliverance prayer is biblical, surprisingly undramatic and yet can be wonderfully effective.

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    Four steps to hearing God


    Many people would love God to speak directly to them, but end up frustrated and disappointed when He seems to be silent. In the second of a two-part series on prophecy, Roger Harper evaluates the teaching of Mark Virkler, who highlights four keys to hearing God’s voice.

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    Healing Tools


    Roger Harper examines three popular approaches to dealing with unresolved hurts and issues from the past.

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    Mad, bad or the truth?


    How can we discern the voice of God in our nation today? In the first of a two-part series, Roger Harper considers fulfilled and unfulfilled prophetic words and the way we respond to them.

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    Confess outside the box


    Should open confession, traditionally regarded as a Roman Catholic practice, have more of a place in the evangelical world, or is sin something private between you and God?

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    Profile: Fay Weldon


    Celebrated author and outspoken feminist Fay Weldon reflects on what has changed since her encounter with God, and what has stayed the same...

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    Soaking Prayer


    Looking for a greater sense of the presence of God? Christians both sides of the Atlantic are finding that 'soaking prayer' is leading to a greater openness to God and his felt presence. Roger Harper investigates.

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    Terminal Care


    The medical profession aims to help those who are dying to do so as painlessly as possible. As a hospice chaplain, Roger Harper believes that God has higher goals as he cares for those nearing life's end.