Our freedom of speech is under attack. But this case gives Christians hope


Edinburgh Council has admitted that they were wrong to cancel a Christian event on the basis of the beliefs of the keynote speaker


Why Edinburgh Council’s apology is a win for Christians everywhere


Discrimination against Christian organisations is on the rise, but this victory makes it easier for others to fight in the future, says Andrew Owen


Behold the Man: Why Jesus is the answer to our culture’s broken masculinity


According to a new Ofsted report, sexual harassment has become ‘normalised’ in some schools, with 9 in 10 girls reporting sexist name-calling or being sent explicit photos or videos. Alun Ebenezer is the executive headmaster of the Fulham Boys School. He believes the answer to our modern crisis of masculinity can be found in beholding Jesus, the ultimate example of what it means to be a man


As a gay Christian, here’s how I’m marking Pride


David Bennett is a celibate gay Christian and author of A War of Loves. He holds a biblically-traditional ethic and believes Pride month is an opportunity for Christians to pursue humility

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Let's pray that politicians vote with their conscience on foreign aid cuts


Politicians need to know what their Christian constituents think as they debate foreign aid cuts, says Tim Farron MP


3 reasons why you need to watch Anthony Hopkins in The Father


Everyone should watch this film, says Krish Kandiah


Why Christian teenagers are writing to G7 leaders this week


As some of the world’s most powerful leaders arrive in Cornwall, Christian teens are urging them to take action on climate change


The UK’s cut to foreign aid means children around the world will face a bleak future

2021-06-07T09:27:00+01:00By , CEO of World Vision UK

The Government is coming under increasing pressure to drop plans to cut the foreign aid budget. As the only G7 country currently planning to do so, here’s why Mark Sheard believes the move will result in a major spike in the number of children experiencing violence around the world


Catholic doctor should not have been banned from saving unborn babies


Medical authorities have turned ethical codes upside down by banning Dr Kearney from administering an anti-abortion pill to women who change their minds, say Christian Concern 


Jesus wasn’t a diva and neither is Osaka: Why prioritising mental health should always be OK


The tennis star Naomi Osaka has been criticised for not speaking to the media this week. But when it comes to our mental health, boundaries are vital, argues Lauren Windle


Call the Midwife usually helps us see God in all of life. But the writers got it wrong on abortion


Call the Midwife never shies away from the big issues, says Jennie Pollock. But in this case, does the Christian viewpoint have to look like the less compassionate option?

Jane’alem Sheikh_image 6_Compassion UK

I grew up in an Indian slum. Now, thanks to God, I’m helping others


This World Hunger Day, there are more people than ever trapped in food poverty. Read one man’s story of finding hope in Christ and why he thinks education, as well as food, is essential in breaking the cycle.

Marcus Rashford

I’m pleased Marcus Rashford says his good works are inspired by his faith. But I still have questions


As Christians, doing good works is critical, but so is being clear about why we do them, says evangelist Ben Jack


Think before you speak. God loves the person you’re disagreeing with


Following the shooting of Black Lives Matter activist Sasha Johnson, the former leader of the Liberal Democrats Tim Farron urges Christians to lead the way in modelling what it means to disagree well


One year since George Floyd: 3 things the Church can do next


Today marks one year since George Floyd was murdered by a police officer in Minneapolis


Covid has led to a rise of interest in contacting the dead. Here’s why its so dangerous


Rev Jayne Irlam from the Baptist Deliverance Study Group shares her experiences of ministering to people previously involved in occult practices


Martin Bashir was always a controversial choice for religious correspondent


The fallout from the Martin Bashir scandal should be a moment for the BBC to rethink its commitment to religious reporting, argues Catherine Pepinster


Prince Harry masked his pain with drink and drugs - so did I but God saved me


Drinking to cover up my pain would have killed me if I hadn’t found Jesus, says Emma Heath


Martin Bashir, the BBC and the Diana interview: Why as Christians we should always strive for honesty and integrity


The BBC and Bashir were wrong, but scapegoating them won’t help says Paul Kerensa


3 ways Pentecost speaks to our post-pandemic world


Here’s why Pentecost is more relevant than ever says Ryan Diaz


The CofE’s school hymns guidance panders to populism


Church schools have a duty to be distinctive and offer parents and pupils real choice, says headteacher Alun Ebenezer


What is Pentecost?


Worship leader, Pete James, explains what Pentecost means to him and why we must continue to celebrate it


God loves Israelis and Palestinians. Here’s how we can be praying for them


We might not all agree on the politics, but we should all cry out to God for peace in the Middle East

Alisson Becker

'I’m still speechless to describe Jesus’ love!' - The faith of Alisson Becker


When Alisson scored Liverpool’s winning goal at the weekend, he gave God all the glory


As violence in Israel continues, we all need to pray for peace


Distrust and anger stokes the fire that is consuming Jerusalem, says Angleena Keizer, and everyone suffers because of it


Every election victory is temporary, but God’s kingdom lasts forever


Tim Farron MP reflects on the results of last week’s elections 


5 ways to build a truly diverse church


UK churches are still largely segregated according to race and language, says interpretation expert Jonathan Downie. Here’s some lessons we all need to learn if we want to change that


‘I was accused of being a terrorist’ - Read the sermon that school chaplain claims lost him his job


A chaplain at a church school says he was reported as an extremist and forced out of his job after giving a sermon which addressed identity politics and LGBT issues. He’s now taking Trent College to court. Here is the full text of his sermon

Jesy Nelson Cosmo Cover

Little Mix, social media and self-worth: ‘Understanding our value in God’


As Jesy Nelson does her first interview since splitting from Little Mix five months ago, Philippa Hanna, who toured with the band in 2016, reflects on the power of influence and the pressure of social media


3 reasons why you should get off the sofa and go back to physical church


As lockdown eases, many churches are preparing to open their doors. But after more than a year of Zoom, many Christians wonder if regular Sunday worship is worth the effort


Remember when Christians took over Wembley? This meeting will be even bigger

2021-05-05T15:31:00+01:00By , National Day of Prayer

Almost ten years on from the National Day of Prayer and Worship at Wembley Stadium, Dr Jonathan Oloyede is planning an even larger gathering


Matt Hancock wants another debate on assisted dying. Christians need to be prepared


Matt Hancock has opened the door to changing the law on assisted suicide, says CARE’s James Mildred, as he urges Christians to oppose the move


Why Christians should vote this Thursday


Christians have good biblical reasons for voting in the biggest set of elections for decades, says Tim Farron MP 


‘The pain is overwhelming’ As India’s Covid crisis deepens, we need Christians to act


As coronavirus cases in India pass 20 million and oxygen shortages push the healthcare system to the brink of collapse, Indian church leader Bishop Joseph D’Souza, issues an urgent plea to Christians around the world


Line of Duty may have felt underwhelming. But its commentary on the nature of evil was spot on


Viewers didn’t get the supervillain they wanted. But Jed Mercurio was making an important theological point, argues Rev Jules Middleton


Should Christians join the social media boycott this weekend?


Sport will go silent on social media this bank holiday weekend after platforms fail to address the issues of online abuse. Here’s why Christians should get involved, says David Chawner of Sports Chaplaincy UK

We seek your kingdom image

New worship song aims to help Christians make a difference, wherever they are


A new worship song has been released that encourages Christians to reimagine how God can bring his kingdom in every sphere of life. It makes a change from singing about ourselves, says Derek Walker. 


Interest in global mission is dwindling. We need to look to the Lord of the Harvest

2021-04-29T19:10:00+01:00By , CEO of Operation Mobilisation UK

Operation Mobilisation’s Matthew Skirton reveals engagement with international mission is falling, and explains how every Christian in the UK can help make a difference


What Call The Midwife teaches us about doubt and faith


The experience of Call the Midwife’s Sister Monica Joan is much more common than we think, says Tony Horsfall. Here’s why we shouldn’t be afraid of our doubts and why they can be good for our faith 


MPs say China’s treatment of Uighurs is genocide. I couldn’t be prouder of them


As accusations of sleaze and political scandal continue to do the rounds, it is easy to become cynical. But when MPs stand up for persecuted people, we should be proud of them, says David Landrum.


The fight for racial justice is tiring. Let this vision of the future spur you on


As the Church of England’s Anti-Racism Taskforce publishes its report this Stephen Lawrence Day, and the world continues to respond to the conviction of Geoge Floyd’s murderer, Ryan Diaz urges Christians to persevere in the fight for justice


The guilty verdict in the George Floyd case is the beginning, not the end of the fight for racial justice


Last night’s verdict was a pivotal moment in a historical struggle. But there is still much work to be done says Bishop Dr Joe Aldred


Beth Moore is right. Complementarianism is not a doctrine to die for


The popular American preacher Beth Moore has asked forgiveness for treating complementarianism as “a litmus test”. But Sarah Yardley says Christians should be careful to distinguish between apologising for harmful practices and shifting our theology.

Rev David Peterson

As the Church of England’s youngest black priest, I have often felt alienated because of my skin colour


Despite last year’s apology from the Archbishop of Canterbury for the ways in which the Church was institutionally racist, last night’s BBC Panorama report was damning in its indictment on progress made. Reverend David Peterson, the youngest black priest in the Church of England, shares his response to the programme


I’m gay and I love the Bible’s teaching on marriage


The traditional biblical view of marriage is good news for everyone, says Andrew Bunt


‘Whoever loves money never has enough’ - Why Christians should oppose the Super League


New proposals from super rich football clubs have been widely condemned, especially by fans. Andy Peck explains what has happened, and why Christians should care


Why churches must never require Covid passports


Jesus did not put requirements on coming into his presence, and neither should we, argues Rev Dr Matthew Roberts, one of over 1,000 church leaders to have signed an open letter to parliament in opposition to vaccine passports

Prime Minister David Cameron, April 2014

David Cameron was wrong to misuse his influence for Greensill Capital


Integrity is important for us all – but especially for those in positions of leadership, says Tim Farron MP


Fear and fantasy are creating a new generation of celibate young men – but is that a good thing?


Young men in Western societies are having less sex than previous generations. But as Christians, should this be a cause for celebration or concern? It depends on the reasons, says Graham Nicholls.


Prince Philip (1921-2021): An outstanding example of Christian service


The Queen’s faith is well known and well documented. But Prince Philip also exemplified a life of Christian service, says Catherine Butcher

Prince Philip

Statement by the Archbishop of Canterbury on the Death of HRH The Duke of Edinburgh


The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, said today: 

Lament Garden Bowls

Why our church has created a Garden of Lament


Rev Caroline Taylor from St John’s Hoxton explains why the oft-forgotten practice of lament is so important


Freedom: Justin Bieber’s Gospel EP is all about grace


Pop superstar Justin Bieber has released a surprise EP. And many of the lyrics position Christianity as a transformative grace, says our reviewer