Fortnite: A guide for Christian parents


As the school summer holidays commence, many parents worry about how to manage the time their children spend gaming. But should Christians even let their children play games such as Fortnite? Gaming expert, Andy Robertson, gives his view


Priti Patel’s new immigration bill is morally wrong. Any Christian who believes in ‘love your neighbour’ must stand against it


Jesus cared for the least and the lost, and we should be free to do the same. But the government’s new bill may criminalise anyone helping refugees, even if they’re drowning in our seas, says Caroline Gregory

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Christians like me are being silenced in our universities. Freedom of speech must be restored

2021-07-21T12:05:00+01:00By , Prime Minister’s Special Envoy for Freedom of Religion

Universities should be environments of open debate. Instead, Christian academics fear their careers will be adversely affected if they speak about their faith, reports Fiona Bruce MP


Nicky Gumbel: Coming out of the pandemic there's nothing I want more than to hear the roar of Jesus

2021-07-20T11:18:00+01:00By , Pioneer of the Alpha course

After the last pandemic, the West experienced a period of economic prosperity and innovation. What will follow Covid-19? Nicky Gumbel is longing to hear the roar of the Lion of the tribe of Judah

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Why I don’t believe mask wearing is a ‘moral duty’ for Christians


Now ‘Freedom Day’ has arrived in England, the government says masks only need to be worn in crowded public places - but should that include churches? Graham Nicholls argues not, and that Christians need to be wary of turning mask wearing into a legalistic, loveless debate


The Church is failing single people - here’s 3 things we can do about it


Paul wasn’t married and neither was Jesus, so why do two thirds of Christians say they feel getting married is expected of them? And what can we do about it?


5 ways to help your kids love the Bible


If we want our children to understand why scripture is relevant to their lives, we need to stop dumbing it down, says Krish Kandiah

As a Christian MP I had to vote against Rishi Sunak’s proposal to cut foreign aid


Despite near-universal opposition from Christian charities and politicians, the Chancellor confirmed the Government would be cutting foreign aid by £4bn. After a heated debate, during which Sunak appeared to quote from the Bible, Stephen Timms MP asks why the government didn’t listen


What’s the meaning of life? 4 reasons why belief in God makes sense


Simon Edwards presents four big questions that point towards the existence of God

Please use face coverings sign

Please don’t throw away your mask. Wearing it is the Christ-like thing to do


Tim Farron MP explains why he believes we should continue to wear masks - even after July 19

Rashford Mural

Being anti-racist is not a ‘woke’ side issue. It is part of our Christian faith


For those who thought the fight against racism in football was over, the behaviour of some England fans after the Euro 2020 final has proved it is not. Being anti-racist is not a side-issue for Christians, says Tim Farron, it lies at the heart of our beliefs


Boris Johnson says he’s a ‘very very bad Christian’. Here’s how he can be a better one


Dave Tomlinson, the author of How to be a Bad Christian, responds to Boris Johnson’s latest statement on faith


Racism, rioting and rubbish: When the beautiful game brings out the ugliness of sin, Christians must respond


The young English squad did their nation proud, says Emma Fowle. Shame about the fans though


'I hold onto God's promises' - the Christian faith of Bukayo Saka


Ahead of the Euro 2020 final on Sunday, we take a look at the Christian faith of Bukayo Saka, one of the new breed of England players better known for their hard work and decency than off-the-pitch antics


You don't have to choose between onsite and online. The Church's future is hybrid


As lockdown eases, and onsite church services return, leaders have every reason to carry on investing in digital, says Dr Pete Phillips as he launches Premier's new Hybrid Church Charter 

Same sex wedding

The Methodist Church has agreed to allow same-sex weddings - so what happens now?


The UK Methodist Church has voted to allow same-sex marriage. But what happens now? Will all Methodist churches allow gay weddings? And what about those - including ministers - who disagree? Tim Wyatt explains all:

Bible Wedding Rings Image

Does the Bible prohibit sex before marriage?


Last week the Methodist Church affirmed the status of cohabitation. Many Christians have assumed the Bible forbids sex outside of marriage. But what do the texts actually say? 


Freedom Sunday? Church leaders are facing tough decisions on singing and masks


Restrictions may be coming to an end but 66 per cent of British people still think masks should be worn indoors. And while some Christians are celebrating a return to congregational singing from Sunday 25 July, others are more cautious. As church leaders face tough decisions on what to allow in their services, Liam Thatcher explains why ‘personal choice’ is a double-edged sword 


Why both sides of the abortion debate are guilty of dehumanising someone


Following yesterday’s House of Commons debate on the divisive issue of abortion, Tim Farron MP says we need to remember the humanity of all involved


David Walliams is mistaken. The Bible DOES have a happy ending


The comedian’s attempt to read the Bible is admirable, says Mark Woods. But going cover to cover may not be the best approach 


From applauding key workers to slamming Hancock’s rule-breaking…Covid has changed our values


On NHS Day, Patrick Regan says Covid has changed what our society values. Is it time for the Church to do the same? 

Skinner and Baddiel England vs Germany Euro 2020

“It’s coming home!” God’s place in England’s dressing room is another reason to get excited during Euro 2020


Is there a growing influence of faith in the England dressing room, asks Tim Bechervaise? And if so, where and who is it coming from?


Christians in India are being raped and murdered for their faith. The world must act now


Christian and Muslims in India are being systematically raped and murdered by Hindu extremists, according to a shocking new report from Open Doors and the London School of Economics 


How the Methodist Church changed its mind on online communion

2021-07-01T09:04:00+01:00By , Premier's Head of Digital Theology

The Methodist Church has overwhelmingly voted to overturn its ban on online communion. Dr Pete Phillips, who believes online church is just as ‘real’ as meeting in buildings, and has pioneered the term ‘hybrid church’, welcomes the news


Church leaders should not be partisan but they must be political


The Bishop of St David’s ‘Never trust a Tory’ tweet has re-ignited a debate about the ‘politicisation’ of the clergy. But church leaders should not be muted when it comes to public life, argues Tim Farron. They should speak graciously, but they should speak


Even our bishops aren’t bothered by Hancock’s infidelity. Whatever happened to Christian morality?


The Bishop of Manchester says he’s more worried about Matt Hancock breaking the Covid rules than him having “a bit of a fling”, but Christians should care about the personal lives of their politicians, and they shouldn’t be afraid to say so, says Emma Fowle


From caring to killing: As an NHS doctor, I could never support assisted dying


New bills to legalise assisted dying have been lodged in both Holyrood and Westminster, while in Jersey a citizens’ jury has already voted in favour of changing the law. But Dr Kalpana Dein, a Christian and Consultant Forensic Psychiatrist, believes such a move would bring about devastating consequences 


Drop the labels: Talking about ‘white privilege’ won’t solve inequality in schools


Children from many ethnic communities largely do as well as or better than white pupils, according to a new report. Alun Ebenezer is the headteacher of a Christian school. He explains why he agrees with the chair of the education committee, that the concept of ‘white privilege’ is damaging and should be dropped. 


Matt Hancock has apologised for breaking Covid rules, but not for cheating on his wife. Should Christians care?


Sex scandals rarely end a political career these days, says James Mildred. But how concerned with the morality of our political leaders should Christians be?

Becky Murray at USA Conference at Church of the King

‘I was heckled in church for being a woman, but I didn’t let it stop me’


When 12-year old Becky Murray read from the Bible in her church, a man stormed out. Decades later, despite speaking to politicians and at conferences around the world, she still says it’s a man’s world


Some Catholics want to exclude Joe Biden from receiving communion. Here’s why that would be a mistake


The US President could be denied communion in the Catholic church because of his liberal stance on abortion. The story raises important questions about which issues Christians should divide over, says Chris Goswami


The world is changing. But Christians have the resources to cope


Our post-Covid world may never be the same, says Tim Farron


This bishop’s ‘Never trust a Tory’ tweet was wrong. But so are the calls for her to resign


When it comes to social media, we should all tweet each other as we’d like to be tweeted, says Paul Kerensa


Don’t cancel Enid Blyton


English Heritage caused a media storm last week after stating that Enid Blyton’s books contain racist material. Some have suggested her books are no longer suitable for modern audiences, but Calvin Robinson says we should be contextualise people and stories, not ban them


Has Zoom turned us into pyjama Christians?


In the rush to get back to in-person gatherings, let’s not forget the opportunities that have come from online church, says Martin Erwin


Distracted to death: why screens are harming your faith


We spend two and a half hours on social media and more than three hours watching TV every day. We need to fight the distractions if we want to follow Jesus, says Rick Hill


Enough is enough. It’s time to let Christians sing again


Following the success of the vaccine role out, it’s time for churches to open up the doors and let the music play, says Sam Hailes


The 5 most surprising lines in the Bible


What’s the most surprising line you’ve ever seen in the Bible?


Angry about the lockdown? Here’s what you can do about it


We’re all frustrated by the delay to easing lockdown, says Tim Farron MP. But it’s how we respond that sets us apart as Christians


The G7 summit was all talk and not much action: Christians need to keep praying for more


Tearfund’s Ruth Valerio says the G7 leaders have failed to deliver financial support for less wealthy nations 


Our freedom of speech is under attack. But this case gives Christians hope


Edinburgh Council has admitted that they were wrong to cancel a Christian event on the basis of the beliefs of the keynote speaker


Why Edinburgh Council’s apology is a win for Christians everywhere


Discrimination against Christian organisations is on the rise, but this victory makes it easier for others to fight in the future, says Andrew Owen


Behold the Man: Why Jesus is the answer to our culture’s broken masculinity


According to a new Ofsted report, sexual harassment has become ‘normalised’ in some schools, with 9 in 10 girls reporting sexist name-calling or being sent explicit photos or videos. Alun Ebenezer is the executive headmaster of the Fulham Boys School. He believes the answer to our modern crisis of masculinity can be found in beholding Jesus, the ultimate example of what it means to be a man


As a gay Christian, here’s how I’m marking Pride


David Bennett is a celibate gay Christian and author of A War of Loves. He holds a biblically-traditional ethic and believes Pride month is an opportunity for Christians to pursue humility


Let's pray that politicians vote with their conscience on foreign aid cuts


Politicians need to know what their Christian constituents think as they debate foreign aid cuts, says Tim Farron MP


3 reasons why you need to watch Anthony Hopkins in The Father


Everyone should watch this film, says Krish Kandiah


Why Christian teenagers are writing to G7 leaders this week


As some of the world’s most powerful leaders arrive in Cornwall, Christian teens are urging them to take action on climate change


The UK’s cut to foreign aid means children around the world will face a bleak future

2021-06-07T09:27:00+01:00By , CEO of World Vision UK

The Government is coming under increasing pressure to drop plans to cut the foreign aid budget. As the only G7 country currently planning to do so, here’s why Mark Sheard believes the move will result in a major spike in the number of children experiencing violence around the world


Catholic doctor should not have been banned from saving unborn babies


Medical authorities have turned ethical codes upside down by banning Dr Kearney from administering an anti-abortion pill to women who change their minds, say Christian Concern 


Jesus wasn’t a diva and neither is Osaka: Why prioritising mental health should always be OK


The tennis star Naomi Osaka has been criticised for not speaking to the media this week. But when it comes to our mental health, boundaries are vital, argues Lauren Windle


Call the Midwife usually helps us see God in all of life. But the writers got it wrong on abortion


Call the Midwife never shies away from the big issues, says Jennie Pollock. But in this case, does the Christian viewpoint have to look like the less compassionate option?

Jane’alem Sheikh_image 6_Compassion UK

I grew up in an Indian slum. Now, thanks to God, I’m helping others


This World Hunger Day, there are more people than ever trapped in food poverty. Read one man’s story of finding hope in Christ and why he thinks education, as well as food, is essential in breaking the cycle.

Marcus Rashford

I’m pleased Marcus Rashford says his good works are inspired by his faith. But I still have questions


As Christians, doing good works is critical, but so is being clear about why we do them, says evangelist Ben Jack


Think before you speak. God loves the person you’re disagreeing with


Following the shooting of Black Lives Matter activist Sasha Johnson, the former leader of the Liberal Democrats Tim Farron urges Christians to lead the way in modelling what it means to disagree well