Don’t remove your children from school if they encounter trans pupils. It’s an opportunity to talk about difference


Equalities specialist Savitri Hensman says this Christian couple missed an opportunity to prepare their children to live in a sometimes confusing world


The IMF is clear: Kwarteng and Truss cannot serve two masters


The UK government have been warned that their economic policy favours the rich. The IMF are not divine, says George Pitcher, but their words witness to gospel values


‘Twerk & Snake Eyes’: Did you know these disciples changed their names to avoid embarassment?


In exploring why God changed the name of key biblical characters, David Instone-Brewer wonders whether it might be time for modern Christians to drop the ‘Evangelical’ label 


Thank God for this Christian couple who forced the government to review its transgender policies


The result of Nigel and Sally Rowe’s five-year legal battle on transgender ideology in schools is a win for all children, says Caroline Farrow

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Competition is a gift from God. Federer and Nadal's tears prove it

2022-09-27T16:31:00+01:00By , Christians in Sport

The image of Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal crying together is one of the most visceral images in sport you will ever see, says Jonny Reid. It shows us how God can use competition to mould us in his image


Another Christian music scandal? Here’s how we should respond

2022-09-27T10:52:00+01:00By , Rend Collective

A mature faith neither glosses over the glaring problems in our movement, nor abandons it in its time of need, says Rend Collective’s Chris Llewellyn 


Let’s pray the new Prince and Princess of Wales recognise the rich Christian heritage of our nation

2022-09-27T09:34:00+01:00By , Evangelical Alliance in Wales

The Prince and Princess of Wales are making their first visit to the nation since they were given the titles


Tax cuts for the wealthy and trickle-down economics? Jesus had plenty to say about that…

2022-09-26T16:34:00+01:00By , Church Action for Tax Justice

The biblical story of The Rich Man and Lazarus should act as a stark warning for Christians who support the Chancellor’s ‘mini-budget’, says Cat Jenkins


Feeling anxious? Focus on God’s promises


In times of great uncertainty and distress, even Christians can become anxious and disillusioned. Here’s how you can think on the right things


5 short stories that are all about God


Short stories offer an emotional punch and a quick sense of achievement, says Andy Kind. Here’s his top five picks that also point to God


The heretical beliefs of US pastors is truly shocking. We need to lament and repent

2022-09-22T11:38:00+01:00By , Affinity

From denying the trinity to affirming sex between cohabiting couples, a recent survey of 1,000 US pastors makes for concerning reading, says Graham Nicholls. Could the same be true of the UK Church?


Official mourning for the Queen is over, but her family still need our prayers


When the funeral finishes, the toughest part of the bereavement journey is often only just starting. Here’s how churches can support those struggling with grief


5 reasons to join the National Day of Prayer for Schools


Want to change a nation? Start with the children and young people, says Pete Baker. He makes an impassioned plea for Christians to prioritise prayer for their local schools


Could the Queen’s death bring revival?


Within two days, the UK had a new prime minister and a new king. As an era ends, George Pitcher is praying for winds of change to bring God’s reviving fire


What the Church can learn from the constitutional monarchy


When symbolic and governmental power is contained in one person, it is ripe for abuse, says Chris Bright. Here’s what our scandal-hit megachurches could learn from the monarchy

Jesus saves sinners graffiti (002)

Using graffiti to spread the gospel


Paul told the early Church he would use “all possible means” to reach people for Jesus. But would that include graffiti? Fiona Burt explores


9 lessons from the most watched sermon ever


It was billed by some as the biggest evangelistic opportunity of a generation and, if it isn’t already the most-viewed sermon of all time, it’s likely to become so. But what lessons can we learn from Justin Welby’s preach?


Preach it, Justin! How Welby nailed the 5 minute sermon


In a room full of the great and the good - those commonly viewed as the most important people on the planet - the Archbishop of Canterbury made a pointed statement that celebrated our equity of access to God’s grace, and challenged the watching millions to put their faith in Jesus Christ


Justin Welby: All who follow the Queen’s example can say, with her: ‘We will meet again’


Initial reactions from Christian leaders online suggest the Most Rev Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury, struck just the right chord with his short but sweet tribute to a Queen who served God and strove to point others to him. Here’s his sermon in full 


The Queen’s funeral will be the greatest evangelistic opportunity in history. Let’s pray Justin Welby delivers

2022-09-17T17:56:00+01:00By , Evangelical Alliance

The most-watched funeral in the world will take place on Monday. Phil Knox says he’s praying the Archbishop of Canterbury’s message will be Jesus-centred


David Coffey: My 3 memories of meeting the Queen

2022-09-16T10:17:00+01:00By , Former General Secretary of the Baptist Union of Great Britain

The Baptist minister recalls several meetings with the late Monarch


As the Queen’s funeral approaches, here’s why we need it


The function of the funeral is as vital to state as it is to the individual, says George Pitcher. Here’s how it helps us in our grief


Why it's healthy to look at the Queen’s coffin


It’s not strange to want to see a coffin; interacting with death physically is important, explains Lord Leslie Griffiths


Rob Parsons OBE: My meetings with the Queen

2022-09-15T09:12:00+01:00By , Care for the Family

The founder of Care for the Family recalls his meetings with the late monarch


Tears and Celebrations: Katherine Jenkins' new hymn of remembrance following the Queen's death


Christian songwriter Andy Flannagan explains how, following the death of Queen Elizabeth II, he pulled together a team to produce a new hymn of remembrance, assurance, and thanksgiving


Our nation is experiencing widespread grief, loss and ‘death denial’. Here’s how the Church can help


The Queen’s death comes during turbulent times and hard on the heels of the Covid-19 pandemic. But the Church can help society heal, says Rev Canon Yvonne Richmond-Tulloch


The Christian faith of King Charles III


Over the years there has been much speculation about the personal faith of the future king…


As the world mourns the Queen, Christians must remember there’s another family who needs our prayers


The death of Chris Kaba has been overshadowed by the passing of Queen Elizabeth II, but black lives matter – all the time, says Megan Cornwell


The Queen was anointed. You can be too

2022-09-13T14:32:00+01:00By , ReSource

Revd Dr Christopher Landau reflects on the significance of the Queen’s royal anointing, and the value it holds in the life of Christians today


Tim Farron: The Queen’s faith was a source of wisdom for all her prime ministers – she will be greatly missed


The Queen was never shy about sharing her faith, says former leader of the Liberal Democrats, Tim Farron, and this is why her wise counsel was so vital for Britain’s political leaders


‘One shouldn’t sit on someone else’s throne’

2022-09-13T11:40:00+01:00By , Justice Minister, Northern Ireland

Naomi Long MLA recalls the late Queen’s visit to the Game of Thrones set in Belfast, and reflects on the Monarch’s legacy in Northern Ireland 


MPs including Keir Starmer chose a secular oath to the King. Should Christians be concerned?


As His Majesty Charles III was proclaimed King, MPs across the parties pledged their allegiance. Several, including the Leader of the Opposition, chose not to swear on the Bible, making a secular ‘solemn affirmation’ instead, but John Stevens says this isn’t necessarily as bad as it sounds


Why did King Charles vow to protect the Church of Scotland?


Historian Martyn Whittock explains why the new King swore an oath to "maintain and preserve the Settlement of the true Protestant Religion as established by the Laws made in Scotland”


The Queen lived and died in Christian hope. We pray she will rise again in glory

2022-09-11T13:16:00+01:00By , Archbishop of York

In reflecting on the life of Queen Elizabeth II, the Archbishop of York Stephen Cottrell said it was Her Majesty's Christian faith which sustained her long reign. Here's his Sunday sermon in full


How I know the rainbows over Buckingham Palace were a gift from God


It’s funny how rainbows – a sign of God’s goodness – seem to appear when we need them most, says Megan Cornwell

MicrosoftTeams-image (3)

Bishop Michael Curry: ‘Thank God that one named Elizabeth walked among us’


We spoke to The Most Rev Michael Curry following the news of Her Majesty’s death. He talked about the Queen’s quiet, steady faith, our need to pray for our new king and how we can all look to Jesus to help us live a life of faithfulness too


As our nation mourned, God sent a rainbow to remind us of his faithfulness

2022-09-09T10:51:00+01:00By , 24-7 prayer

A double rainbow appeared over Buckingham Palace shortly before the announcement that Queen Elizabeth II had died. Pete Greig wonders if this sign in the sky was more than sheer co-incidence


The uncomplicated way the Queen spoke of her faith was an inspiration to preachers like me

2022-09-09T07:55:00+01:00By , Former President of the Methodist Conference

Lord Leslie Griffiths says preachers were inspired by the “effortless” way the Queen spoke the name of Jesus


10 brilliant things the Queen has said about God

2022-09-08T17:00:00+01:00By , London Institute of Contemporary Christianity

Queen Elizabeth II was always open about her strong Christian faith. As the world mourns the loss of the UK's longest reigning Monarch, Mark Greene presents ten significant quotes from Her Majesty's famous speeches


As Edinburgh amends street signs, Christians must own their links to slavery


George Pitcher makes an impassioned plea for all Christians to own the sins of our collective past


I stand with jailed Enoch Burke: He was right to refuse a pupil’s preferred pronouns


No school, least of all a Christian one, ought to be confirming children down the path of gender transition, says Caroline Farrow


Single-parent families need love from Christians – not judgement


A new report into family life shows one in four families are now headed by single-parents.


The Pope’s apology for past sins in the name of ‘mission’ was a good start. But evangelicals need to change too


Christians need to understand that sloganeering such as “reaching unreached people groups” is deeply problematic, says Bishop Joseph D’Souza


The first thing I am hoping for from our new Prime Minister is a deep, abiding sense of outrage

2022-09-05T12:00:00+01:00By , Jubilee+

Liz Truss has been confirmed as our new Prime Minister. Natalie Williams is looking for her to carry a ‘holy fire’ in her gut; a combination of compassion and outrage that compels change for those who need it most


Whether it was Rishi or Liz, we need a leader with moral integrity


Liz Truss has won the Tory leadership contest. Our new PM must strive to be a model of moral integrity and good character, says John Libby


Rick Warren's last sermon was a triumphant moment. My life has been changed by working with him


When Rick Warren addressed Saddleback Church for the final time, there was an enormous sense of completion says Larry Ross.  

Matt Chandler

What Matt Chandler’s confession says about women, friendship and the gospel


The pastor of The Village church, Texas, has confessed to an inappropriate online relationship with a woman, and taken an indefinite leave of absence. But the framing of their relationship suggests men cannot have healthy relationships with women, and that is not a good gospel witness, says Aimee Byrd

Marquette University

10 inspirational quotes from Mother Teresa


Today marks a quarter of a century since Saint Teresa of Kolkata died. As the world continues to celebrate her life and legacy, we present ten inspirational and challenging quotes from Mother Teresa


Church leaders are calling on governments to 'repent' for Covid ‘totalitarianism’. I won’t be joining them


Is there an emerging totalitarianism of State control over the Church? Should we fear "medical coersion"? Has the media been guilty of fear-mongering during the pandemic? "Yes", say hundreds of church leaders...


Mikhail Gorbachev: The man who unintentionally fought for religious freedom


Historian Martyn Whittock reflects on how Mikhail Gorbachev’s desire to reform the Eastern Bloc brought freedom of expression and religion to many


Some think Greenbelt festival isn’t Christian enough – I disagree


Prominent atheist Richard Dawkins was platformed along with a distinctly un-Christian comedy and music line-up


How Tolkien’s Christian faith influenced The Lord of the Rings


Reported to cost more than £350 million, Amazon’s new series Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power is the most expensive TV series ever created. Giles Gough takes a look at how J.R.R Tolkien’s Catholic faith shaped one of the best-selling books of all time


Want to reverse church decline? Feminism can help


It is ironic that feminism is contributing to the decline of Christianity when the movement can greatly enrich our understanding of Jesus’ divinity and deepen our relationship with God, argues theologian Dr Niamh M. Middleton


A winter of discontent is coming and Christians must get ready


How are you preparing for the coming recession?