Bible Debate: Have we misread the Bible?

Watch debates between Andrew Wilson, Brian McLaren and Steve Chalke on how we should interpret scripture today, and read articles (at the bottom of the page) by all three for Premier Christianity.

The McLaren vs Wilson debates:

Emerging church leader Brian McLaren is the author of We Make the Road By Walking.  He debates whether we’ve made an idol of the Bible  and the way that Jesus read scripture with evangelical church leader Andrew Wilson, the author of Unbreakable. Their two conversations cover issues such as Old Testament law, homosexuality, contradictions, the use and abuse of scripture, the resurrection and male and female equality.

Bible Debate #6: How did Jesus read the Bible? - Wilson v.s McLaren

Bible Debate #5: Have We Made an Idol of The Bible? - Wilson v.s McLaren

The Chalke vs Wilson Debates:

In a series of four discussions Andrew Wilson engages with church leader Steve Chalke as they address issues concerning biblical infallibility, Old Testament morality, atonement and homosexuality. Read their articles on ‘Have we misread the bible?’ at the bottom of the page.

Bible Debate #4: Are same-sex relationships allowed? - Wilson v.s Chalke

Bible Debate #3: Did God punish Jesus in our place? - Wilson v.s Chalke

Bible Debate #2: Did they mishear God in the Old Testament? - Wilson v.s Chalke

Bible Debate #1: Does Scripture contain errors? - Wilson v.s Chalke

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