Reading John Lennox is like getting in the ring with a heavyweight boxer. Intimidating. This book is no lightweight Christian paperback but brings big challenge and muscular theology that certainly packs a punch. 

From round one, the reader is introduced to first-rate biblical scholarship and exegesis. The life of Abraham is explored in detail: his shortcomings, his journey, his dishonesty, his faith, the mercy and promises of God.

This book demands attention, concentration and intellectual rigour – because that is what has been put into its writing. Jab, jab: it is full of biblical content, followed by a surprising left hook of application; it is nothing short of breathtakingly wonderful.

You will no longer think about current advances in technology in quite the same way after reading Lennox describe the Tower of Babel and what it says to a 21st-century culture. Ouch to the solar plexus. We are all tempted to click at Sodom on our phones. Ouch again. 

If you want a light training session, don’t read this book. If you think you can handle twelve rounds with Lennox – get your gloves on and get in the ring. You won’t regret it.