Mark Landreth-Smith

Mark Landreth-Smith

Mark Landreth-Smith together with his wife, Beverley, lead Bridge Church Newbury – a Commission church, part of the Newfrontiers family 

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    Friend of God - John C Lennox


    Reading John Lennox is like getting in the ring with a heavyweight boxer. Intimidating. This book is no lightweight Christian paperback but brings big challenge and muscular theology that certainly packs a punch.

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    Why less means more - Cathy Madavan


    Sometimes the title of a book or the chapter headings alone grab your attention. As a reader, you instinctively know: This book will do you good.

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    Dining with Jesus - Kate Jackson


    Kate Jackson’s brilliant book is marketed as “a seven course Bible study” – seven chapters, seven meals with Jesus. It will be well received by small group leaders everywhere. There are excellent individual and group questions, quotes from biblical scholars, useful cultural insights and thoughtful reflections from the author.

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    A Day In the Death of Charlie Vaughan - Jonathan Ford


    Have you ever wondered what heaven is like? Can you fly in the afterlife? Will you be married? Will you be able to re-visit earth? Are there animals in heaven? These are some of the questions considered in this fictional tale of Charlie Vaughan, an older gentleman who dies suddenly ...