In her second devotional, author Catherine Campbell aims to centre our hearts and minds on the essence of Christ. Guiding readers through a year-long journey, she explores the character and actions of Jesus.

Each concise daily devotional incorporates a verse of scripture along with a reference to related extended reading, followed by the exposition of the Bible passages and concluding with a sentence of prayer. Through anecdotes and storytelling, Campbell extracts a message centred on Christ – capturing the past, present and the anticipation of all that is yet to unfold in the life of Jesus. 

As a proficient storyteller, Campbell engrosses her audience by recounting familiar biblical stories in novel ways, nurturing empathy for the characters and reigniting wonder for the miraculous and boundless love of Jesus. She draws on personal experiences of suffering and brokenness and highlights the transformative influence of Christ in our lives, consistently emphasising his compassion.

A considerable amount of research has enriched the composition of this devotional. It is accessible to both those newly acquainted with Jesus and those who have known him for a lifetime but yearn to rediscover the captivating essence of his love and grace.

This is an encouraging and enriching read. What better way to spend a year than to “consider him who endured from sinners such hostility against himself, so that [we] may not grow weary or faint-hearted” (Hebrews 12:3, ESV).

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