Have you ever disagreed with another Christian? Do you have questions about the bounds of Church unity, or wonder at what point you should leave a church or recognise a state of disunity? Writing from an Anglican perspective, Christopher Landau’s new book aims to tackle these questions.

Unfortunately, the book fails to give clear answers on the big questions vexing many churches today. Disagreements over sexuality or women in leadership are ignored in favour of a disagreement over replacing pews with chairs. 

That caveat aside, this is a good book about becoming more Christ-like in disagreement. The two sections focus on listening, which considers principles from the New Testament, and responding, where readers are invited to think and pray about how they tackle disagreements. The book contains a good balance of Bible explanation alongside encouragement to seek the help of the Holy Spirit – both activities being deeply necessary.

Loving Disagreement may not tackle the burning issues, but it will help Christians consider how to be Christ-like when faced with disagreements.