• Pastor Yonggi Cho (1936-2021): Leader of the ‘world’s biggest church’

  • Colin Urquhart (1940-2021): The Kingdom Faith revivalist whose passion for Jesus never faltered

  • Choirs help us connect with God. Let’s bring them back to our churches

  • Jennifer Hudson: ‘My Christian faith couldn’t be any stronger’

  • What TV show Married at First Sight teaches us about Christian love


Neymar Bandana

Neymar was offered €500,000 to shut up about Jesus. What would be your price?

2021-09-17T10:35:00+01:00By , Evangelical Alliance

Neymar is reportedly paid €500,000  a month to not talk about Jesus. What would be your price?


Choirs help us connect with God. Let’s bring them back to our churches

2021-09-16T13:19:00+01:00By , Composer and PhD researcher

Many charismatic evangelical churches haven’t had a choir in years. But research suggests they aid our worship, and might even work alongside your existing worship band, says Calum Carswell


Our withdrawal from Afghanistan is shameful. The least we can do is welcome refugees to Britain


Whatever you think of the original war, the way we pulled out was wrong, says Tim Farron MP


Cricket matches and Christ: 3 lessons I’ve learnt from welcoming Afghan refugees


The church in Milton Keynes hit the headlines last weekend when they organised a cricket match to welcome refugees fleeing the Taliban. Minister Steve Woods reflects on what God has been teaching him

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Why be a Christian_Hero

RT Kendall answers: What’s the point in being a Christian?


Following Jesus means walking a narrow road, filled with difficulty and suffering. But we persevere because of the promise of heaven, says RT Kendall


Does the Church still care about abortion?


Activists say most churches are silent on pro-life issues. Heather Tomlinson asks if Christians are avoiding the subject and, if so, why?


Our society is more divided than ever. Here’s how Christians can help fix it


I bring good news and bad news. The good news is that the people of Britain are right about something. The bad news is that they are right about how awful something is. Half of our fellow citizens tell pollsters that our country is “more divided than ever before”. Following ...