• Dante Bowe has been dropped by Maverick City. Here’s what we know so far

  • The heretical beliefs of US pastors is truly shocking. We need to lament and repent

  • Thank God for this Christian couple who forced the government to review its transgender policies

  • Jesus Christ Superstar: Offensive blasphemy or evangelistic tool?

  • Will King Charles III defend the faith?

  • Why the Queen was Britain’s best evangelist

  • Could the Queen’s death bring revival?

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mind altering

Getting high with the Most High


A growing number of Christians are experimenting with psychedelic drugs to heal past trauma and find God. But it’s akin to spiritual Russian roulette, says Carrie Lloyd


‘As a vicar whose son took his life, I’m still learning to live with unanswered questions’


Writing one year on since her son, Leo, took his life, Rev Sharon Grenham-Thompson explains how she’s gradually moving from asking ‘Why God?’ to ‘What now, God?’


Why I left evangelicalism behind to become a Roman Catholic


Tony Wilson spent 30 years in the evangelical Church before converting to Catholicism. He describes his extraordinary journey


How the Queen’s death is revealing ‘latent spirituality’ in the UK

2022-09-16T14:44:00+01:00By , Centre for Cultural Witness

As a nation mourns, deeply Christian longings are coming to the surface. Perhaps our country isn’t as secular as we’ve assumed, wonders Bishop Graham Tomlin

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Don’t remove your children from school if they encounter trans pupils. It’s an opportunity to talk about difference

Equalities specialist Savitri Hensman says this Christian couple missed an opportunity to prepare their children to live in a sometimes confusing world


The IMF is clear: Kwarteng and Truss cannot serve two masters

The UK government have been warned that their economic policy favours the rich. The IMF are not divine, says George Pitcher, but their words witness to gospel values


‘Twerk & Snake Eyes’: Did you know these disciples changed their names to avoid embarassment?

In exploring why God changed the name of key biblical characters, David Instone-Brewer wonders whether it might be time for modern Christians to drop the ‘Evangelical’ label 


Thank God for this Christian couple who forced the government to review its transgender policies

The result of Nigel and Sally Rowe’s five-year legal battle on transgender ideology in schools is a win for all children, says Caroline Farrow


Competition is a gift from God. Federer and Nadal's tears prove it

The image of Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal crying together is one of the most visceral images in sport you will ever see, says Jonny Reid. It shows us how God can use competition to mould us in his image


Another Christian music scandal? Here’s how we should respond

A mature faith neither glosses over the glaring problems in our movement, nor abandons it in its time of need, says Rend Collective’s Chris Llewellyn 


Let’s pray the new Prince and Princess of Wales recognise the rich Christian heritage of our nation

The Prince and Princess of Wales are making their first visit to the nation since they were given the titles


Tax cuts for the wealthy and trickle-down economics? Jesus had plenty to say about that…

The biblical story of The Rich Man and Lazarus should act as a stark warning for Christians who support the Chancellor’s ‘mini-budget’, says Cat Jenkins


Feeling anxious? Focus on God’s promises

In times of great uncertainty and distress, even Christians can become anxious and disillusioned. Here’s how you can think on the right things


5 short stories that are all about God

Short stories offer an emotional punch and a quick sense of achievement, says Andy Kind. Here’s his top five picks that also point to God


The heretical beliefs of US pastors is truly shocking. We need to lament and repent

From denying the trinity to affirming sex between cohabiting couples, a recent survey of 1,000 US pastors makes for concerning reading, says Graham Nicholls. Could the same be true of the UK Church?


Official mourning for the Queen is over, but her family still need our prayers

When the funeral finishes, the toughest part of the bereavement journey is often only just starting. Here’s how churches can support those struggling with grief


5 reasons to join the National Day of Prayer for Schools

Want to change a nation? Start with the children and young people, says Pete Baker. He makes an impassioned plea for Christians to prioritise prayer for their local schools


Could the Queen’s death bring revival?

Within two days, the UK had a new prime minister and a new king. As an era ends, George Pitcher is praying for winds of change to bring God’s reviving fire



Archie Coates: Succeeding Nicky Gumbel, tackling LGBT issues and reaching the lost


The new leader of HTB reveals his future plans for the largest Anglican church in England


Evangelist Michael Youssef: ‘I want to see a million souls saved'


As he celebrates 20 years of his ministry, Leading the Way, the forthright evangelist shares his passion for proclaiming the gospel


Untitled design - 2022-08-22T215438.756.png.gallery

This England: Branagh’s Boris shows little Christian integrity. But tell us something we didn’t know


This England follows Boris Johnson’s tumultuous first months as Prime Minister, tracing the impact of the first wave of the Coronavirus pandemic. But what does it tell us about godly leadership, asks Giles Gough?


Man of God: this real-life story of a literal saint is a little too holy


Starring Mickey Rourke, Man of God tells the true story of Saint Nektarios of Aegina, exiled unjustly, convicted without trial and slandered without cause. The film is a fascinating insight into the Greek Orthodox Church, says Giles Gough, even if the dialogue could do with some work




From attempted suicide to saving souls


Jay Lowder was seconds away from ending his life when an unexpected interruption, followed by a dramatic revelation of Jesus’ love for him, changed everything


‘I saw Jesus while on ayahuasca’


Was I bathed in white sound or swimming in loud light? With a crystal bowl vibrating all my cells, I couldn’t tell the difference. And why were the words “child of God” in my head vibrating even louder?


‘I thought only stupid people believed in God’


Guillaume Bignon reveals how a series of improbable events, and an awakening of his conscience, helped move him from assured atheist to confident Christian

Pastor Tony 3

'A simple invitation to a brilliant Christian camp changed my life'


A simple invitation radically altered the course of Tony Uddin’s life


The Profile: In depth interviews with hundreds of inspiring Christians

The Profile podcast features in-depth interviews with Christians from around the world.

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