• The death of Christianity in the West has been greatly exaggerated

  • A luxury Lenten retreat for £950? Come on, Canterbury Cathedral. You can’t be serious…

  • Jesus said do not be afraid of rumours of wars. Here's how you should live instead

  • Millions saw an advert for Jesus at the Superbowl. So why are Christians upset?

  • Should Christians attend a same-sex wedding?

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The Christian faith of Alexei Navalny


Alexei Navalny fearlessly fought against corruption in Russia and was poisoned, imprisoned and now, allegedly murdered by the state. Dr Krish Kandiah asks what we can learn from the life, death and faith of the activist was also an atheist-turned-Christian


The death of Christianity in the West has been greatly exaggerated


The tide is turning on belief in God. There’s a growing interest in the Christian message, says Stephen McAlpine


A luxury Lenten retreat for £950? Come on, Canterbury Cathedral. You can’t be serious…

2024-02-15T12:55:00+00:00By 1 comments

Fergus Butler-Gallie suggest some other ecclesiastical-themed breaks that could also come with a hefty price tag


Jesus said do not be afraid of rumours of wars. Here's how you should live instead


Amid growing conflict in the Middle East and continued aggression in Ukraine, rumours of a third world war and conscription abound. How should Christians respond in a time of deepening international crisis?


8 top tips for wise Christian dating

2024-02-14T09:25:00+00:00By 1 comments

Just because you’re on a Christian dating site doesn’t mean that everyone you meet there will share your views on love, sex and marriage, says Abigail Thomas. In fact, her research showed just the opposite


How Valentine’s Day and Lent both point to God’s perfect love


Valentine’s Day and Ash Wednesday fall on the same date this year. But what do a commercialised day celebrating romance and a period of religious fasting have in common? A surprising amount, suggests Andrew Bunt


How to be a good witness in a modern, multicultural society

2024-02-13T12:19:00+00:00By , LICC

Christians may be in the minority, but we can still work for the good of wherever we are, says Sam Brown. If we do so, we’ll bring God’s shalom to a disillusioned and hurting world this Lent

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Millions saw an advert for Jesus at the Superbowl. So why are Christians upset?

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Communicating the Gospel in 60 seconds was always going to be a tricky task, says Sam Hailes. Did the He Gets Us campaign miss the mark on repentance? Was it a colossal waste of money? Or was its message of grace, one our culture desperately needs to hear?


Jennie Allen: 'If the internet cancels me, I'll be fine'


The author, podcaster and leader of IF:Gathering on platform, preaching to men and why she’s as happy teaching the Bible in her living room as she is to thousands


Miriam Cates MP: ‘The Conservative Party Conference is a bit like New Wine, but with more wine’


Political newcomer and social conservative Miriam Cates MP on faith, family life and her rapid entry to the House of Commons

John Mark Comer Practicing the Way

Practicing the Way: A life changing guide to being a disciple of Jesus

2024-02-16T09:53:00+00:00By 1 comments

When Covid-19 gripped the globe, John Mark Comer’s The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry became a worldwide bestseller. Four years later, his next book offers a transformational approach to walking with Jesus, says Chris Goswami 


One Life: A heartwrenching true story of the man who rescued children from the Holocaust


The baptised Anglican, Nicholas Winton, rescued hundreds of Jewish children from the concentration camps. A new film pays tribute to his life


“Poverty has been cut from our family tree”

By Compassion UK

Noirine Khaitsa is the Senior Manager of Sponsorship Product Support at Compassion International. She was herself born into poverty and here shares her first-hand testimony of how one local church and one sponsor equipped her to become a university graduate bringing change to children in poverty on a global scale.

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Brand-new Christian venue opening this summer…­­

By Christian Conference Trust

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The Power of God’s Word

By Ede Ebohon

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Light up Lives: Stories of faith from Zimbabwe, Southern Africa

By Sarah Bennington, Communications Manager at CBM UK

Nothing had prepared me for seeing CBM’s sight-saving work with my own eyes.


From brutal legionario to lover of Christ

When Mark Gee went AWOL from the Spanish Foreign Legion, he was sent to their notorious penal work section as a punishment. There, a dramatic encounter with an effigy of Jesus turned his life around 


‘Gladiators brought me fame and fortune, but the gospel set me free’

Warren Furman went from being homeless to overnight fame, starring as Ace in the hit 90’s TV series Gladiators. As the reality TV show returns to our screens, soon-to-be Rev Furman, who was once engaged to Katie Price, tells the story of how he found God and turned from bodybuilding to building the body of Christ

Bombshelter Bible Translation

‘Russian rockets could kill us. So we’re translating the Bible in bomb shelters’

As the war continues in Ukraine, life is indescribably hard for the millions still living there. But bringing the word of God to people in their heart language is more vital than ever, says Steven K*, however dangerous

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Charlie Mackesy’s ‘Jesus at the Door’ illustration is changing lives


Scott McNamara explains how his ‘Jesus at the Door’ evangelistic card, birthed on the streets of Northern Ireland and illustrated by Oscar award winning artist Charlie Mackesy is reaching thousands with the gospel

Gladys and Miracle at Kasangati CSI 0Y7A7492

‘No one believed a baby found in a ditch could survive’

When baby Miracle was found discarded in a drain in Uganda, local resident Gladys feared the worst. But thanks to the support of neighbours and a local Compassion-run project, a new family is learning to thrive 


The fashionista: ‘The fashion industry is my ministry field’

The Church is made up of Christians from a myriad of different professions, and yet their ordinary tales of God at work rarely get told. In this series, we bring you stories of faith on the frontline 

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‘Losing my wife led me to people with leprosy’

When Jonny’s wife Rachel died suddenly, aged just 39, the grace of God and the support of his local church community carried him and their three young boys through the darkest days of their life. Now he’s working to ensure that those with leprosy get the same support

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5 Christian heroes who rescued Jews from the Holocaust

Ahead of Holocaust Memorial Day, Heather Tomlinson reports on those honoured as the “Righteous Among the Nations”