• An interview with Jesus

  • I strongly disagree with the Christians who are refusing to sell their house to a gay couple

  • 5 better sermon illustrations than spitting in someone’s face

  • This Christian tweeted a Bible verse. Now they’re on trial for ‘hate speech’

  • 3 prayers for Christian unity

  • What your church can learn from Wetherspoons

  • If you're upset by Partygate, it's Christian outrage you're feeling



The biggest world events to be praying for in 2022


A Christian futurist and Bible teacher looks at the year ahead and explains what issues Christians should be praying for


If Christians don’t stand up for the rights of other religions, we’ll lose our own freedom


Religious intolerance is growing, warns Tim Farron MP


What Christians can learn about courage and trust from Strictly’s Rose


Rose Ayling Ellis is an inspiration. As Strictly goes on tour, what lessons can Christians learn from her example?  


Is online church fit for purpose?


If online church is going to be sustainable and fruitful, Christians have some serious questions to ask themselves, says Chris Goswami

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Martin Smith: The former Delirious? frontman on how Covid-19 has changed him


Martin Smith opens up about his insecurities and explains how the pandemic has changed him for the better


Rachel Gardner: The ‘God Sex Lady’ on why the Church needs to get better at bedroom talk


Ahead of Valentine’s Day, Rachel Gardner says discussing sex may make us squirm, but not talking about it is far worse



Daughters of Eve: This documentary exposes misogyny in the Church


This film deserves an audience far wider than just those who are already critical of the Church’s patriarchal past, says Chine McDonald


Don’t Look Up has divided audiences. Here’s a uniquely Christian way of watching it


The Netflix hit is a biting satire about climate change and the end of the world. But for Christians, there's even more to the story, says our reviewer


Looking Back-Hands

The Daily Examen: How this ancient practice could refresh your prayer life


Want to re-connect with God? Try praying the Daily Examen. Amy Boucher Pye explains how you can give it a go 


Van life: How Jesus’ counter-cultural lifestyle inspired me to quit my job and live on the road


Why would a married couple trade their comfortable careers for a year of wild camping in Europe? Oliver R Moore-Howells explains how following Jesus turned him into an eleutheromaniac


Greg Boyd: The progressive preacher on spiritual gifts, racism and Covid prophecy


Three years before the pandemic struck, Greg Boyd received an unusual prophetic word, which prompted him to move his church’s material online. We asked him about this seemingly unique warning about Covid-19, and how he feels about being labelled both ‘charismatic’ and ‘progressive’



From drug-addicted bouncer to Jesus-loving youth worker

This self-described “tattooed freak” was addicted to cocaine and working as a nightclub bouncer when God kept putting Christians in his path…

Fr Foley (2)

From rock musician to orthodox priest

Part of American rock band, Luxury, Chris Foley was a Christian musician who struggled to reconcile his faith with his creativity – until he discovered Eastern Orthodoxy. He tells his story of how he became an Orthodox priest


From satanism to saving grace

George Bearwood was immersed in the punk rock scene before getting caught up in satanism and becoming addicted to drink and drugs. A brush with death led to him getting clean before, one night, the voice of God called out to him

Louise grey

‘Losing my husband to cancer led to us both finding Jesus’

Louise Blyth was just 33 when her husband, George, died of bowel cancer. For many people, experiencing such a tragedy would cause them to question the existence of a good and loving God. But for Louise and George, it was the beginning of a miraculous journey to faith

Brittni De La Mora

How Jesus rescued me from a life in porn

Brittni De La Mora was one of the porn industry’s biggest stars. Through a series of divine events, she began to encounter the love of God and now leads a ministry to the sex industry


I was a Muslim, but Jesus woke me from a coma and healed me. Now my whole family believes

A record number of Muslims are converting to Christianity across the Middle East. Jamila tells her story of meeting Jesus while paralysed in a Syrian hospital

Chaz Image

I was a heroin addict but Jesus turned my life around. Now I'm helping others make a fresh start

Chaz was sexually abused as a child, addicted to heroin and has spent twelve years in prison. Yet thanks to a fresh start at a Christian housing project, he has turned his life around. Now, he’s doing the same for others


Thomas Johnson: How a slave became the first Black student at Spurgeon’s College

Thomas Johnson was a slave who became one of the first Black men to study at Spurgeon’s College. This is his amazing story