Matt Holman’s book is the product of many years honing his gift of prophecy and teaching it to others. The result is a well-constructed yet simple book, full of practical advice. 

Each section is themed, with a biblical base and activations. In many cases, everyday items and activities, such as the TV or being out in nature, are suggested to help the reader try prophetic activation for themselves. These are illustrated with stories from the author’s own life and his children’s, which are inspiring and reassuring. 

Prophecy is not a straightforward subject, yet Holman writes gently, rooted in scripture and firmly focused on Jesus. Those who are nervous about the supernatural will find confidence in his writing, which also deals with the difficult subject of what to do if you don’t hear from God, and the importance of safeguarding our kids in this area.

While the book states that it is aimed at families and the younger generation, it has a wide appeal. It could easily be used as a workbook for a church small group, or for individual study. It makes a good, basic introduction to this notoriously tricky subject.