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    ‘I heard the voice of God’


    Joy Ogeh-Hutfield was an award-winning businesswoman when a cancer diagnosis turned her life upside down. Hearing the audible voice of God moments before her surgery reignited the faith that had grown dim

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    Activating the Voice of God in Your Home - Matt Holman


    Matt Holman’s book is the product of many years honing his gift of prophecy and teaching it to others. The result is a well-constructed yet simple book, full of practical advice. Each section is themed, with a biblical base and activations. In many cases, everyday items ...

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    Born free - Katharine Hill


    Few of us would say that we strike the right balance when it comes to daily rhythms of work and rest, the result being that we allow the hurried pace of life to drown out the voice of God. For many, the pandemic provided time for introspection ...

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    The Church who hears God’s voice - Tanya Harris


    It is a rare to find an academic and prophet with a down-to-earth approach. It is even rarer to have them write an in-depth, yet accessible book about hearing God’s voice today. Tania Harris weaves a fascinating narrative, highlighting key points in history where the pendulum ...

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    Why you should stop saying ‘God told me’ in 2023


    RT Kendall explains why your New Year’s resolution should be to drop this common phrase