It is a rare to find an academic and prophet with a down-to-earth approach. It is even rarer to have them write an in-depth, yet accessible book about hearing God’s voice today. 

Tania Harris weaves a fascinating narrative, highlighting key points in history where the pendulum swung between two opposing opinions: all saints do have the ability to hear God speak, and all saints cannot hear God speak. It’s a rollercoaster ride that takes the reader on a journey from Augustine to Luther, all the way through to the modern-day Church.

Often referencing academic research (including her own), Harris uses numerous stories to illustrate the practical implications of her arguments. She is transparent about prophecy gone wrong, suggesting reasons for why it happened and identifying how we may avoid future missteps. 

Harris concludes: “We can neither make God speak nor make people listen, but we can create a place where people are encouraged to believe that God will speak and know what to do when he does.” This book will help anybody who has the longing to create such a place.