The Dog Walker’s Guide to God: 52 musings on companionship, divine and canine is a wholesome collection of reflections for dog walkers to think about while taking their furry friend for their daily exercise. 

A round of a-paws please for artist and Anglican minister Henry Martin, who compares the pure and unconditional love between human and canine with the relationship between Christ and us. In one beautifully written reflection, Martin compares the reunion with your dog after a long, hard day with the reunion that will happen when we ultimately meet our maker. 

It is a simple read that sometimes verges on the shallow (see the discussion on spiritual housetraining). But the book makes for an obvious Christmas gift for dog owners – it’s bound to unleash (!) all kinds of joy. It is written in relatable, down-to-earth language, with no airs and graces. You could even say it’s a mutt-read.