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  • london-1018629_1920

    Welcoming the stranger: How your church can become 'Hong Kong ready'


    As thousands of Hong Kong citizens move to the UK, Dr Krish Kandiah urges us to provide a warm welcome

  • Porn Secret-Hero
    Magazine Features

    What porn users need to know


    It isn’t just Christians who are campaigning against online porn. Shocking revelations about the industry are causing those outside of the Church to take action too

  • Prophets-photos2
    Magazine Features

    When prophets fail


    Respected leaders in the American Church were convinced God had told them Donald Trump would be re-elected president. Dave Roberts analyses why so many got it wrong, and seeks trusted voices to help us understand the role of the prophetic today

  • CL Mind 300 B
    Regular Columnists

    Mindfulness: Why Christians have nothing to fear and everything to gain


    Illustration: Flix Gillet I used to sneer at ‘mindfulness’. As a Christian, I thought I was automatically an expert when it comes to the interior, ‘spiritual’ life and there was nothing I could learn about it from the secular world. I used to think mindfulness was a ...

  • NTWright
    Regular Columnists

    Does God suffer with us?


    Q: You’ve said that God ‘laments’ with us during the pandemic. But I thought God was ‘impassable’. Does it make sense to say that God is also suffering with us in this? God’s ‘impassibility’ means that God doesn’t experience emotions the way humans do. It comes from ...

  • FaithAfterDoubt

    Faith After Doubt - Brian McLaren


    Brian McLaren’s latest book is an absolute must-read. From the first page until the last, Faith After Doubt is a gripping, honest and practical book for Christian who is experiencing doubt. This in-depth exploration of the subject is divided into three main parts: the first section explains ...

  • TheReset

    The Reset - Jeremy Riddle


    Jeremy Riddle knows a lot about worship music – the former Bethel Church songwriter has spent his adult life working and ministering in that world – and so when he suggests that something is deeply wrong, we should pay attention. His short book packs a punch, as ...

  • Awake-Alive

    Awake & Alive to Truth - John Cooper


    The frontman and bassist of the Christian hard-rock band Skillet has aimed this book at those who are confused about what is true. John Cooper describes a culture driven by postmodernism, relativism and fake news, drawing attention to the dangers of identity politics and cancel culture. His ...

  • WhatIfJesusWasSerious

    What if Jesus was serious? - Skye Jethani


    What if Jesus Was Serious? is a fun book with a serious message. It is clear, concise, snappy and challenging. The content is entirely based on Jesus’ teachings on the Sermon on the Mount, and a lively illustration accompanies each point. In unpacking Christ’s teaching in a ...

  • Really Really Brilliant Grandparents

    The Little Book For Really Really Brilliant Grandparents - Rob Parsons & Katharine Hill


    What is the role of the grandparent? Rob Parsons and Katharine Hill, long-respected for their work with Care for the Family, answer that question in this little, easy-to-read and altogether delightful book. Half the book is made up of 30-second comments, raided from their experience and notes ...

  • revisitingthisplanet

    Revisiting This Planet - Kevin Max


    This is what happens when one of the biggest-selling artists in Christian music reworks the genre’s first landmark album. Dealing with whether to re-record it straight or reinvent it, the former dc Talk singer Kevin Max walks a fine line. He respectfully keeps the original spirit of ...

  • HighestPaise

    Highest Praise - Sincere Praise Gospel Choir


    Under the leadership of director and principal songwriter Jennifer Griffith, the Sincere Praise Gospel Choir has been steadily building a following in the UK’s gospel scene (and a number of eastern European countries) since the release of their debut album, Hold Fast, in 2006. The choir is ...

  • pray-2558490_1920
    Regular Columnists

    Is your faith real? Try this test on for size


    Drawing on the book of Daniel, Jeff Lucas shares a lesson about unconditional faith

  • Perpetua
    Magazine Features

    5 martyrs every Christian should know


    Catherine Pepinster shares the inspirational stories of Christians who were willing to face death because of their faith

  • RealLife-Josh
    Real Life

    How an answered prayer led this Christian businessman to deliver 2 million items of PPE


    24-year-old business owner Josh Parker wanted to help the national effort to stop the virus, but he didn’t know how. So he asked God. Within weeks, an unexpected phone call led to him partnering with the NHS to deliver 2 million PPE gowns

  • Dan Walker

    Dan Walker: My Christian faith is what makes me tick


    One of the most recognisable faces on television talks to us about his faith, handling criticism and what makes a person remarkable 

  • cancelled-main_article_image
    Magazine Features

    You’ve been cancelled


    The rise of ‘cancel culture’ has led to people losing their jobs simply for expressing their opinions, says Heather Tomlinson  

  • addiction-main_article_image

    I was addicted to heroin and deeply in debt. Then Jesus changed my life


    Dave Meek explains how an encounter with Christians Against Poverty (CAP) helped turn his life around 

  • tim-hughes-main_article_image

    Tim Hughes: How Covid-19 is changing the way we worship


    The songwriter says it's time to kill our "obsession with excellence"

  • covid-main_article_image
    Magazine Features

    12 months that changed the church


    A global pandemic, which no one was expecting, has had drastic and far-reaching spiritual implications. In speaking to a host of different Christian leaders, Tim Wyatt uncovers three important ways Covid-19 has altered every congregation in the land