Really Really Brilliant Grandparents

What is the role of the grandparent? Rob Parsons and Katharine Hill, long-respected for their work with Care for the Family, answer that question in this little, easy-to-read and altogether delightful book.

Half the book is made up of 30-second comments, raided from their experience and notes of talks. This results in gems of wisdom and humour. The other half consists of cartoons by David McNeill. I defy even the most sour-faced reader not to smile at these.

It’s a ‘dip into’ book rather than a ‘read from start to finish’ book. Full of fun and laughter, it holds a mirror up to our lives and relationships and stresses the need for grandparents to connect with their grandkids whether in person, online (and there’s a lot of humour about that!) or even by letter.

It does reflect the situation of stable middle-class families, rather than those with lower incomes. But it has a great deal to say to them, and has plenty of valuable spill-over to others.