What if Jesus Was Serious? is a fun book with a serious message. It is clear, concise, snappy and challenging. The content is entirely based on Jesus’ teachings on the Sermon on the Mount, and a lively illustration accompanies each point.

In unpacking Christ’s teaching in a way that makes sense to the modern reader, Jethani proves how relevant the Bible is today. His engaging style of writing (and drawing) makes the book accessible and a pleasure to engage with (this reviewer consumed the entire book in a day, and is now going back through it).

The book encourages the reader to look within, and ask searching questions. It also highlights how Jesus knows exactly what is in our hearts as he knows us better than we know ourselves. The highest praise a book like this could be given is surely that it deepens the reader’s relationship with Jesus. This is testament to Jethani’s biblical knowledge, his engaging style of writing and his sympathetic tone. Highly recommended!