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  • The Cross-TheMonk
    Magazine Features

    What really happened to Jesus on the cross?


    RT Kendall reflects on the emotions Christ experienced at Calvary

    News Analysis

    The fall of Ravi Zacharias


    The woman who first made accusations against Ravi Zacharias was slandered and sued by his ministry for years. Now, upon the release of an independent investigation that confirmed the apologist groomed multiple victims with impunity, she has been vindicated

  • David-Oyelowo-main

    David Oyelowo: I have built my life on the rock that is Jesus Christ


    The British actor opens up about his faith, his doubts and why handling critical reviews is so tricky for him 

  • JeffLucas-Pharmacy
    Regular Columnists

    A note to the unnoticed servants


    It happened at the end of one of the ten-day trips that Kay and I lead to the Holy Land. We’d all had a wonderful time; there is something special about being in the place where the big story of God unfolded. When you stop by Jesus’ ...

  • Celtish 32

    Celtish Home - Nigel Cameron and Julie Cameron-Hall


    Back in the noughties, West Sussex based singer and fiddle player Julie Hall was making folk-styled music and recording critically acclaimed albums. Meanwhile a Belfast singer, flute and whistle player, Nigel Cameron, was finding his musical niche – recording everything from Celtic-styled rock to children’s music. After ...

  • Departures 32

    Departures - Jon Foreman


    There aren’t many Christian bands who have enjoyed a successful career outside of Church circles. And for those who do ‘make it’ in the mainstream, it’s a hard line to walk. Talk about your faith, but don’t be preachy. Be in the world, but not of it. ...

  • What good is God 32

    What Good is God? - Eds Roger Abbott & Robert White


    This fascinating and challenging book on global sustainability contains a series of contributions made by Christians who are experts in their fields. Chapters include: ‘Disasters: Natural or Unnatural?’, ‘Disasters, Injustice, and the Goodness of Creation’, ‘What Good is God?’. The penultimate chapter deals with the global and ...

  • Closer 32

    Closer - Adrian and Celia Reynolds


    There aren’t many Christian books that focus just on sex. Adrian and Celia Reynolds, who believe couples should view sex as a “holy discipline”, begin by looking at sexual union in the sweep of scripture. Then the book gets practical, quickly moving on to identify five key ...

  • The Unveiling 32

    The Unveiling - David Fellingham


    The Unveiling by worship songwriter David Fellingham is a short but sweet look at the book of Revelation. At 165 pages, it’s an accessible dive into this notoriously challenging book of the Bible. The author begins by explaining his own interpretation of Revelation, which is a combination ...

  • Journey to Freedom 32

    Journey to Freedom - Sergei Ovsiannikov


    Sergei Ovsiannikov was imprisoned in Soviet Russia as young soldier and, alone in a cell, had to face fear head-on. When all other supports were stripped away, he had an encounter with a God he knew nothing of. Inspired by his experience, this book contains a series ...

  • Sins of Fathers 32

    Sins of Fathers - Michael Emmett


    Growing up, Michael Emmett suffered from the impact of both sexual abuse and having a father who was a career criminal. He was drawn into a chaotic life of crime, violence and drug use. Arrested and sentenced for twelve years for drug smuggling, Emmett began a journey ...

  • DIB-thumb
    Regular Columnists

    Ask, Seek, Knock: Why we’ve misunderstood Jesus’ teaching on prayer


    One evening, my wife was reading out the recycling rules and said: “Why not do it right now?” Feeling somewhat aggrieved, I asserted (rather too loudly) that I had already been doing it right, but she cut me off. “No,” she said. “Why not do it right ...

  • AnsweringMuslims-Illus-April
    Magazine Features

    Which God tells the truth?


    When I was growing up, I remember being told: “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” Sound advice to give a child. But when I read through the Bible I discovered God operates a little differently. For instance, how would Adam ...

  • ChrisLlewellyn-Amen
    Regular Columnists

    It used to be easy to recite the Lord’s prayer. It isn’t anymore


    Even before I was a follower of Jesus, I would rattle off the Lord’s Prayer. Emanating from our school assemblies, the sound could be described as ‘reluctant unison’. There was a sleepy and contented cadence to it, which perfectly matched my 9am energy levels. I liked that ...

  • My Story-SaraFlanner

    From addiction and despair to freedom and hope


    Sara Flanner explains how Jesus transformed her life during lockdown

  • EmotionalCost-Bubble2
    Magazine Features

    The emotional cost of lockdown


    ‘If we pull together everything will be OK.’ That was the message politicians gave us when the pandemic began. But, more than a year on, serious questions are being asked about the cost of lockdowns. Claire Musters takes a closer look at how months of isolation have affected us all 

  • InvisibleKingdom-Nabil2
    Magazine Features

    Invisible kingdom: What happened when an agnostic journalist met an evangelical pastor


    The open, but agnostic journalist Duncan Evans meets evangelical Middle Eastern pastor Nabil Zakhary A storm hangs over the city as the train pulls out from Redfern Station. Sydney’s Inner West rolls by, a damp and dense collection of workers’ cottages, terraced houses, apartment blocks and corner ...

  • platitudes-main
    Magazine Features

    I don’t like your platitude: The case against Christian cliches


    Christian cliches. We all know them. And we all use them. But are they more than harmless sayings? Nick Page wonders whether there is more danger in them than we think 

  • RealLife-Raymond Koh
    Real Life

    ’I get very emotional every time I see that video. What did they do to my husband?’


    Pastor Raymond Koh was violently abducted in Malaysia four years ago and hasn’t been seen since. His wife Susannah Koh believes the police were complicit and is leading the campaign for his release

  • Culture-Wandavision
    Magazine Features

    What the world’s most in-demand TV show teaches us about grief


    In tackling the subject of grief, Marvel’s WandaVision is resonating with millions of viewers. But what can Christians take away from the series?